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More Than 100 Native American Tribes May Enter The Marijuana Industry


native american marijuana tribal tribeLate last year the Obama Administration issued a memo stating that if Native American tribes wanted to grow and/or sell marijuana on tribal lands, that the administration would not stand in the way. It was unclear at first just how many tribes, if any, would pursue marijuana cultivation and/or sales. Then slowly but surely news came out about tribes exploring the idea from California to Minnesota. Now it appears that over 100 Native American tribes are considering the idea. Per the Huffington Post:

More than 100 Native American tribes have reached out to FoxBarry Farms, a management firm building the nation’s first marijuana facility on tribal land, over the past month to express interest in the cannabis industry.

FoxBarry CEO Barry Brautman, whose company also works with tribes to build and operate casinos, told The Huffington Post there has been a surge of interest since the Department of Justice’s announcement late last year that tribes are free to grow and sell marijuana on their lands as long as they adhere to specific guidelines.

“I really underestimated,” Brautman said. “So many tribes are wanting to do this right now.”

Marijuana cultivation and sales would be a great thing for tribes that no doubt need jobs and revenue. Tribal lands are located all over the United States, including states that do not allow marijuana cultivation and sales of any kind. Any tribe in those states that started cultivating and/or selling marijuana would reap enormous benefits. People are already going to many tribal lands for casinos, imagine if they could also purchase marijuana. It would result in a booming industry for the tribes, and would provide even more recreational activities for tourists.

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  1. James Halstrum on

    Wanna-B Addict Rant

    “Wanna-B addicts choose to use”. Go back to the very first decision to use = that is where the answers will be found = what was going on at that time in your life? + If you don’t own your problems with addiction little can be done to stop the OD deaths of addicts. = Too many OD deaths will continue to be the normalized outcome = generation after generation.

    Organized Crimes dealers want your money and your silence + they are the only ones who see you / their victim addicts as assets – while pro-addiction governments / law enforcements / medical organizations / etc. see you only as liabilities = this must change in order to save lives.

    De-nile is not a river but you can be drowned in it. Take your life back from addictions.

    There are a great number of educational and recovery programs available = go into detox and then recovery ASAP . The best possible action is to choose not to use and to not become a Wanna-B addict.

    Globally all desperate Governments are pro-addiction and in bed ( bed bugs ) with organized crime for promised taxes and jobs = Marijuana, Tobacco products, Booze, Gaming ( Casinos and VLTs ), lotto, sex toy and smoke shops, bars, e-poker, e-gaming, etc. If any ill-eagle ( = sick birds ) activity could be regulated and taxed it would be legalized tomorrow by Governments at all levels ie: Towns, Cities, Provinces, States, Nationals, First Nations, etc.

    Self destruction has always been a Human Right + Equal Rights ( male or female ) provides the opportunity for one to be as wise or foolish as the other..=.Self Designed Failure for individuals, families, communities, etc..

    The bottom line or end game is the normalization of all destructive products and services for and by Organized Crime, Globally = ( a sign of the times ),

    “Wanna-B addicts choose to use” no matter what they say or who they blame, other than themselves.

  2. James Halstrum on

    “Globally it’s the brand of Small Town Mentality”
    ( The informal Pharmacy )

    All the boys in a row fraternally
    withhold and grant opportunistically.
    Surviving on the “no tell” philosophy
    developing the powers of dependance.
    Selectively affecting the destiny
    while bearing toxic gifts of gratuity.
    Globally it’s the brand of small town mentality
    Look behind the mask of the propriety.
    See through the window of opportunity.
    Around the view promoted politically.
    Past the misuses of history
    to the avoidance of present reality.
    You’ll uncover the local gentry.
    Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity

    The gentry laugh unceasingly
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    Users take it humorously
    while looking at the hypocrisy
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    Their victims aren’t always the enemy
    It has to be dealt with truthfully.
    Know what to look for you will see
    which of the pillars of the community
    hold the keys to the informal pharmacy.
    Living beyond their means materially
    toys for the boys can be costly.
    Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity
    Ironically victims possess the key
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    Votes of disapproval anonymously
    can close the window of opportunity.
    Spoken in united group harmony
    only your truth will set you free.
    Globally it’s the brand of small town mentality

    Strangers don’t go away accidentally
    seeking distant equal opportunity
    it’s just not their brand of insanity
    Author: James L. Halstrum ( The Stone Shadow )
    (C) 2015 Revised All rights reserved.
    “Lyric Publication and Promotion”
    P.O.Box 1326 Montague, PEI C0A-1R0

  3. How true. Commonly, women come to me when the narcs stop up the bowels and don’t control pain with their cancer. I give them some RSO that I make in the garage, real amateur hour I assure you, and they will take a grain of rice worth and report sleeping for 6-8 hrs for the first time in months and having pain relief. And the last one returned to work full time after months of lying around in bed dying. Works great for me for insomnia. My 2 cents. :-)

  4. You mean like Buffalo Bill Cody saved them one buffalo…no they shot millions and left them lay, taking only the hides. The REAL Native Americans have a right to be mad as hell and I don’t blame them if they take back America one nickle at a time in their casinos. They’ve been shoved off every bit of land they ever called home and relegated to some of the worst scrub lands that even the “white man” didn’t want. The Feds just want to TAX the hell out of their future marijuana sales just like they tried to strongarm them for taxes on their cigarette sales. The white man has an incurable disease when it comes to Native Americans. It’s called “the grabs” because they try to grab anything they can get their greedy hands on.

  5. I see the same problem, with Native Americans proclaiming “soverignity” Why should they follow white mans rules? In Mich. the tribals already control the casinos and are allowed by the fools that be to do as the white man did to their ancestors 200 yrs, ago, RAPE the deer and fish from the land in the name of “Original Peoples” I see a battle driven by GREED between NA’s and the powers that be, and a negotiated “LOCK” on another resource we all deserve to use. Case in point, did the local tribe in No. Mich., HAVE TO SEINE OUT ALL THE BLUEGILLS IN MY FAVORITE MUDHOLE, AND DO YOU REALLY NEED 5 DEER PER PERSON PER YEAR, CAN’T YOU SAVE ONE FOR ME, A WHITE MAN?
    You can’t have my state given right to grow my own, or use a caregiver OF MY CHOICE, and I will fight any MORON to the DEATH who thinks he can take it away,Native American or polititian!!

  6. I’m afraid to say, but I agree. This is the same gvmt that gave them “firewater” and small pox infected blankets in an attempt to destroy them from within. Could be plain and simple entrapment. Proceed with caution folks

  7. Jean Anne Lewis on

    The rich don’t want a piece of the pie, they always want the whole pie. The minorities can lick the crumbs off the floor for all they care. Sad, but true.

  8. I think this will fast track relegalization in all 50 states faster and better than anything that can come down the pike. The greedy overtaxed ‘legal’ states like here in Colorado had better pay attention. Any greedy politicians now will have to deal with the fact that they will have to compete.

  9. In the eyes of the govt you have to be at least 1/3 native American to be considered native american.

  10. Wait a minute – My family goes back to the Mayflower. Doesn’t that mean, for the last 11 generations my family has been native to America?! How many generations of family does it take before I’m able to grow my own garden, of sell the produce from my own garden?

  11. Any push forward towards legalization of a natural plant that does far less harm than any synthetic substance such as alcohol or prescription pills with a million side affects. I dont understand why its ok for native americans only to be exempt from the illegal status of marijuana…. I mean most of us tax paying americans are actually “native to america”. And if that isnt good enough, most of us are mutts, meaning a lot of us are part native american. I dont believe ot should be legalized simply for tax reasons, helping the states out. I dont think this natural plant should be taxed at all. And dont give me that crap about we havnt studied it enough…..cause guess what??…this plant has been used for eons!

  12. Lawrence Goodwin on

    As for the First Nations, this may give a whole new meaning to their offerings of Peace Pipes! I look very forward to the day when they invite Rastafarians for ceremonies. “One Love/One Heart/Let’s get together and feel alright”

  13. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I deeply share your concerns for cancer patients, Mr Deutsch, as well as for ALL patients who can benefit. I lost my father 5 years ago to that horrible affliction. Recently, another relative was diagnosed w/ a cancerous growth on the ear. His son reportedly gave him some cannabis oil and the growth “went away” after several applications. Yet, as a “scientist,” please use the scientific/botanical names for these plants: Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica (other plant varieties exist but are rarely used here for medical purposes). Please look into the history of doctors in the United States prescribing cannabis plant extracts, as medicine, for almost 90 years. The anti-“marihuana” Tyranny STOLE this medicine from The People, and I personally refuse to keep believing their lies & using their terminology.

  14. Real quick, here’s one litmus test for legalization in _______________ (your state).

    You’ve undoubtedly heard that here in Washington state we’ve legalized the use of cannabis and probably the tax heavy path the anti-market prohibitionists in charge here have chosen. All of that is well known and/or easily found out. So anyway and knowing all of that, just remember this when thinking of legalization in your state. This should be our new state’s motto:

    Washington state – how NOT to do cannabis legalization…
    Washington state cannabis legalization. It sounds a lot better than it looks…
    What does real cannabis legalization in Washington state and our famous & legendary Sasquatch have in common??
    Both are one of those things you hear a lot about but you’ll never actually see it (or one) either…

  15. The state of Washington is saying the same thing. Because apparently they haven’t heard that it’s against federal law to collect taxes on such a substance like they’re continuing to do with their “recreational” scheme for legal cannabis. They act like they have some kind of federal waiver or something. Maybe Patty “tennis shoe mom” Murray or Maria What’s-her-name had something to do with this??

  16. By the way, my heart’s broken knowing how much good Medical Marijuana can do for Cancer patients and how many of them are denied its benefits. There’s an old saying that there’s no limit on the amount of pain a person can withstand as long as they’re not the one going through it. I feel the pain of Cancer patients. Not to the extent they do, thank God, but just knowing what they’ve going through is incredibly painful. It is IMMORAL to leave Marijuana on Schedule 1 even one second long. Its one of the biggest MORAL issues of our time!

  17. God bless each and every tribe that does this. I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research. Its morally indefensible to keep Marijuana on Schedule 1 and to prevent Physicians from being able to prescribe Medical Marijuana to Americans who can benefit from it, especially Cancer patients. Any path to providing safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana to Cancer patients is an improvement from where we are today, but its frustrating that the simplest solution, the removal of Marijuana from Schedule 1 is so hard to get done. Physicians should have the right to prescribe it to their patients just like any other drug, and the ability to conduct large scale clinical trials to quantify how well it works compared to other medications. Scientists need to have ability to develop drugs derived from it. The current situation is incredibly frustrating. The day its removed from Schedule 1 can’t come soon enough!

  18. It’s a good thing I don’t gamble. Why is our government playing games? There basically saying it’s illegal to smoke, grow, produce Marijuana on tribal lands but don’t leave the reservation boarders. watch while the cops line up at the property lines just waiting for that big drug bust or in some cases confiscation (we all know what happens there) I am for everyone being able to make a choice and doing so without fear of persecution.

  19. Wish we had a tribe here in Arkansas. I think that would drive the state to legalize. all we needed last election was a few more percentage points. You know how rich people of privilege hate when minorities start making good money – without getting their hand into the wallet.

  20. The Yakima tribe here in cannabis free land (more commonly known as Washington state) awhile back came out swinging on this very issue but probably not the way you’re imagining. Just to show us all how much they know and how little we know about cannabis they made the grand announcement to the world that the Yakima tribe WILL NOT be partaking in the cannabis movement that has so enthralled the rest of our state. See for yourself by doing a Google search on “Yakima Tribe on Cannabis” and just look at all the wisdom that’s on display here. What’s really amazing about this if one bothers to invest any brain power is in thinking about the native American’s NATURAL relationship with all things in nature BUT especially in cannabis that goes back for countless generations. Yet these “leaders” of the Yakima tribe are so out of touch with their own humanity, spirituality and are so hooked on gaming profits that includes monies from WINE, BEER & SPIRITS undoubtedly along with CHEAP CIGARETTES all poisoning their own people, that they can’t even capitalize on something God put here for everyone to use & enjoy, not to mention possibly even being healed, all while making a reasonable profit. And now the jailer in Washington DC that has kept this and the other tribes locked up with welfare, addiction and too much govt has thrown them the proverbial keys to their cell door and the sad thing is they don’t even recognize how to unlock it and enjoy their new found….freedom. And apparently, like a typical addict, they’d rather keep the misery they know than use and enjoy nature’s bounty that God put on this green earth for all of us to use (& enjoy). Even the Yakima’s…

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