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Most Americans And Canadians Want To Legalize Marijuana


canadians americans poll angus reid marijuana legalizationTwo Thirds Of Survey Respondents In Canada And The United States Say The War On Drugs Is A Failure

A new poll was released today by Angus Reid Public Opinion. The poll shows what TWB readers have already known – that it’s time to legalize marijuana. This is an excellent poll with perfect timing. As more and more states, provinces, and territories introduce marijuana reform legislation, it’s important that the decision makers see that the marijuana movement is growing, and it is starting to include people that are far from the ‘normal’ marijuana activists. Marijuana reform is a REAL political issue, and a REAL blight on both government’s policies. The sooner politicians fix the problem, the sooner we can get to working on real issues. Below is an excerpt from the poll, as well as a link to the full report:

“In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of Canadians (57%) and Americans (54%) support the legalization of marijuana. Most respondents in each Canadian region back the legalization of cannabis, including 64 per cent of Atlantic Canadians and 60 per cent of British Columbians. In the United States, respondents in the Northeast (61%) have the highest level of support for legalizing marijuana, while those in the South hold the lowest (51%).

In Canada, men (64%) are more likely than women (50%) to call for the legalization of cannabis, while there is no wide gender gap in the United States (55% male, 53% female). The bulk of support for legal marijuana comes from respondents aged 18-to-34 in the United States (65%) and those aged 35-to-54 in Canada (61%). The level of support for legalizing other drugs—such as crack cocaine, powder cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and crystal meth—stands at 11 per cent or lower in each country. Still, two thirds of Canadians (68%) and Americans (66%) describe the “war on drugs” as a failure.

Half of respondents (50% in Canada, 49% in the United States) believe cannabis should be legal in their countries, regardless of what other nations do about it. In addition, two thirds of Americans and Canadians (66%) expect marijuana to be legal in their respective country in the next 10 years. While two thirds of Americans (65%) say the United States has a serious drug abuse problem, fewer Canadians (43%) feel the same way about their country.”

Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology (PDF)


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  1. Those carcinogens are not naturally in the plant. We made cigs cancerous by using radioactive fertilizers and pesticides along with rat poison and adding many other harmful chemicals to soften the taste. They would be virtually harmless if it wasn’t for human interference.

  2. While it’s true those are plants, to make them drugs you have to alter them by using chemicals or other things. You only have to dry cannabis and cure it in a mason jar

  3. Wyndam Williams on

    Hello my name is Wyndam Williams,

    The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 needs to be changed. The ending of Marijuana Prohibition would present so many pros that would benefit the United States such as the six-billion dollar annual income from taxing the herb (Harvard Economist). The crime rate would lower and the money would we save from putting marijuana offenders in jail, which currently is more then an average of 850,000 people and a $97 per hour fee to in jail them. Also Marijuana is americas number one cash crop and has been since 2006; we could present some many great variables with ending the prohibition of Marijuana and taxing the herb. The legalization of marijuana in the united states has been an on going debate for many years, but it’s a work in progress of late. Medical Marijuana has been approved in sixteen states and the district of columbia. Also, my home state of Colorado has become the first state to successfully pass an amendment to regulate and tax marijuana. I hope that the United States will learn from Colorado’s decision and experiment with the outcome so it can benefit our country and individuals.

    Thanks and have a great day everyone.

  4. I don’t understand why it’s considered a ‘drug’ anyway. It’s the SAME as tobacco. It’s a plant. NOT a drug. In my opinion a drug is man made. Think about it. Cannabis is picked straight from the ground, dried and smoked or ground for other medical purposes, where as everything else requires humans to do something to it or add something to it. It’s a God given PLANT! And it makes a great spice to cook with too. Would they make Basil illegal if we decided to smoke it? rofl. I can understand the need to deal with heavy drugs like cocaine, meth etc. They are really bad for you and deadly. However, I’ve never read or heard about anyone dying from cannabis. I hear about people dying from meth, cocaine and even alcohol and cigs. But not from cannabis. And anyone that has ever smoked it will tell you pretty much all it does is mellow you out, make almost everything funny, makes you hungry later and for some, it even makes you horny..omg that’s such bad things lol. If they would legalize it, tax it like they do cigs…our nation could be out of debt within a year. It’s time. It really is.

  5. By 2016, the US Presidential candidates will have to answer us. No more laughing us off and brushing the issue aside.

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