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Most Americans Say You Can Smoke Marijuana And Be A Responsible Adult


One of my biggest pet peeves is when a marijuana reform opponent automatically assumes that because someone smokes marijuana that they are some lazy loser that lives in their parents basement. Not all marijuana consumers are lazy. Not all marijuana consumers live with their parents. In fact, most marijuana consumers are hardworking, responsible adults that just happen to choose a product that is safer to consume than alcohol.

According to a new poll released by YouGov.commost Americans agree with me. According to the poll, “The latest research from YouGov shows that most Americans (59%) think that it is possible to occasionally smoke marijuana and still be a responsible adult, though 28% disagree.”

Do you consume marijuana? Are you a responsible adult? I have always felt that people that are lazy and unproductive are that way regardless of if they smoke marijuana, or really anything else. Lazy people are lazy. Unproductive people are unproductive. Marijuana consumption doesn’t add to that or take away from it. What do readers think?

Stereotyping marijuana consumers as being lazy bums has been a ‘go-to’ tactic for marijuana opponents for a long time. This form of propaganda has been successful for many decades, but those days are gone. Marijuana is mainstream, and people are more educated on the topic than ever before. Marijuana opponents know it, whether they want to admit it or not.

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  1. I am 28; going to college, working two jobs, and raising two kids. Without pot I couldn’t get through the day. From a few hits before bed, to smoking a fatty as a way to help me control a panic attack,the green plays a huge part in my pursuit of happiness. So why is it that all these burdens are so heavy in my case? Why do I “have it so hard?” Because I live in my parents basement. These other posts point to that as an archetype of laziness, much as those who look down on the grass do. My parents are in their 70’s, and one of the main factors in my living in their home, something that most adults would prefer not to do, is that I help take care of them. Because of the educational gap in what pot really is and does, I can’t be honest about the only medicine that helps me control a diagnosed anxiety disorder. My mom refuses something that could ease her arthritis and glaucoma. So, I am here to speak for those of us who seek a bit of liberty, freedom from being trapped in a cage most thought to escape after high school. Liberty from a federal government that turns a deaf ear to its citizens calling for real representation. Wherever you live, whoever you are, ” Be kind, everyone you meet it fighting a hard battle.”~ Philo

  2. If we were lazy bums the effort to bring enough common sense and education to the public to change their opinions on cannabis policies, laws and legality would have gone nowhere.

  3. As someone that’s battled alcohol for over 30 years all I can say is that alcohol (and prescription drugs) robbed me of my teenage years and put myself, my family and friends through absolute HELL. Smoking a moderate amount of cannabis daily has changed me in a big way, physically, mentally and spiritually. I also have a bad back and find that I don’t need to take large doses of opiates anymore. Life is far more stable and happy !!

  4. College Student on

    I would say that the use of marijuana can help with productivity. For example, I am currently a college student, taking three 300-level classes, working a part-time job, and volunteering as a committee member at a regional business organization. Surprisingly enough, I actually wouldn’t enjoy using cannabis and, for example, going straight to work; similarly, I probably wouldn’t use it right before going to class (although some people might, and that is simply their preference). Instead, I prefer to use it for more relaxed activities; for example, before going to the gym. (By “relaxed activities,” I mean activities in which you are not required to do a particular task, and can perform things at a more autonomous pace). By using cannabis occasionally while engaging in more relaxed activities, I have found that my perspective on more structured activities (like going to school, or volunteering on a committee) has significantly improved, allowing me to enjoy them much more.

  5. 54 years old. Have smoked for over 30 years. I run 2 successful businesses, volunteer at our local food bank 3 days a week, and led ran both a cub scout den (5 years) and a girl scout troop (13 years). Lazy? I think not.

  6. I was forced onto disability & the entire spectrum of opiate painkillers. Couldn’t work if I wanted to, moved back to Or., and now use Medical Marijuana that I grow. If not for the huge variety of uses for this medicine, I really would probably be dead from an accidental (possibly not accidental) overdose by now. I’ll stick with Marijuana thank you, I like life, in fact I love life when I’m medicated naturally! Huge difference in attitude vs. medicated pharmaceutically. I may not move as fast or get as much done, but that has nothing to do with Marijuana. Yes, I could do more & move faster on opiates, but that’s what they’re designed to do; they don’t take away the pain, they just make you forget you had pain. That’s why so many people end up either re-injuring themselves (by over doing it because they forgot they were injured) or never healing in the first place. Moving slower reminds me that I do have an injury and it is the right thing to do to move a little slower, and that’s okay, it doesn’t mean I’m not a productive adult that uses Marijuana in my parents basement!

  7. I smoke one kind of weed to get up off my lazy ass and be productive, and another kind to set my ass down and keep me there for a rest or sleep. See…something for everyone.

  8. Using medical marijuana ENABLES me to work the 80+ hours a week I need to put in to make a living.

    The only alternative is heavy doses of narcotics which makes me UNABLE to work.

    The more the “uninformed” speak….the more everyone can tell that they are “uninformed”.
    Let them speak…they will prove to all how stupid they are.

  9. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but doesn’t seam like all the myths about canabis are true about alcohol, use and abuse
    I am convinced the torch of oppression has taken hold of canabis and found it too easy a tool for their causes. Nixon wasn’t the first, but did the most damage to this plant to hide his miss use of power and corruption. Where would mankind be now if not for the waste of prohibition, my life would have been very different.

  10. James Bradrick on

    Many myths surround cannabis in general and in particular the consumption of it. IMHO the weed community needs to address public education before any significant inroads can be made to dispel these myths.

  11. I agree 100% I am 21 years old, I do not depend on my parents, I work 2 jobs and am able to pay my bills and rent and I smoke weed every day 2 or 3 times a day. Weed makes me forget the stresses and enjoy the good things in life and makes me overall think better. LEGALIZE ITTT

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