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Most Republicans In Congress Don’t Want To Stop DC Marijuana Legalization


gop marijuana conservatives rand paul bryan fischerIt didn’t take long after the historic marijuana legalization victory in Washington D.C. before people turned their attention to Congress because Congress has a say in how things moved forward. Would Congress trample on the will of the voters and attempt to block marijuana legalization from being implemented in D.C., much like they had done with medical marijuana for so many years? Eyes were especially on Republican members of Congress, who historically have led the charge against marijuana reform. It appears that there is little interest on that side of the aisle in Congress to meddle with the recently approved law. Per the Washington Post:

“To be honest, that’s pretty far down my list of priorities,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), who was maneuvering late last week to force a vote on U.S.-Iran nuclear talks.

“I haven’t given it one thought,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who CNN reported Friday was mapping out a presidential run.

“Focused on other things,” added Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who will lead Senate oversight of the country’s military campaigns in Iraq and Syria when Republicans regain control of the chamber in January for the first time in seven years.

One Republican member of Congress is even going as far as to urge fellow GOP members to embrace marijuana reform. From a separate article from the Washington Post:

The Republican congressman who represents the land of Reagan, however, wants marijuana legalized. After winning reelection in a landslide last week despite that well-publicized position, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher returned to Capitol Hill on Thursday with a message for his party.

“To my fellow Republicans,” said Rohrabacher, a former Reagan press secretary and speech writer, “Wake up! . . . The American people are shifting on this issue.”

Marijuana reform is here to stay, in Washington D.C. and beyond. Marijuana is mainstream, and is more popular than just about anything and everything in America, including most members of Congress. The 2014 Election saw marijuana reform get more votes than just about any high profile candidate, which is something that supporters have pointed out numerous times since Election Day 2014. Politicians like to cling to failed policies, but not as much as they like staying in office. It wasn’t that long ago that supporting marijuana reform was a political liability. Now days, it can boost your approval rating if you declare that you are on the right side of history.


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  1. If the republicans reverse there stand on Marijuana it will hurt the Democrats really bad. The Democrats in CO had a chance to endorse legalization completely. However, democrats only have supported. Now a bunch of republicans have been elected, if they wanted to hurt the Dems all the would have to do is endorse and promote A64 in ways that Hickenlooper has not. Then life the ban on the homeless, and firearms. That would be it Democrats would not be elected in the state at least 12 years. I personally think Republicans are too dumb to do this they will do what they always do the opposite of the will of the people.

  2. I certainly disagree with that assertion. Throughout our Country’s entire history the Feds follow the States. E.G. When the debate in Congress over the proposed Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 began 46 of 48 States had already criminalized cannabis for enjoyment.

    The 21st Amendment was ratified in December 1933. At least 9 States had already repealed their State level laws and Maryland had never criminalized. New York in 1921, Montana in 1926, Massachusetts by ballot initiative in 1930, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington by ballot initiative in 1932, Ohio by ballot initiative in July 1933. The populations of those States combined were in excess of 50% of the population. Also, the 21st Amendment is the only Constitutional Amendment that was approved in a process which included a vote by the citizens so the Feds were still following the States.

    It will happen but it will mark the end of this ordeal, not the start.

  3. most of them are not treasonous traitors?
    how comforting, most of them are not mean, just some of them

  4. Cannabis has to be removed from the Scheduling List first – and then, as now, it’ll be in the hands of individual states.

    Just think… No federal regulation, no DEA bugging local law enforcement and taking time away from fighting real crime… States can be their own boss again. Sure, that means less money from the feds to fight the failed drug war, but there’s always funding to fight terrorism – law enforcement won’t starve.

  5. Doctors don’t need to be included in most medical decisions… After all, we’ve got the internet now. And the internet knows more than most doctors.

  6. I believe that politicians will say anything to get elected, and what they say depends on who’s asking and what croud is in front of them at the time. When it comes to voting or introducing legislation, it is a different story. Until the time comes when the people wanting legislation are also the people throwing money at their campaigns, we can’t depend on them for anything. The 2008 elections and the aftermath is a perfect example. (This isn’t a political arguement ), Obama won with a huge majority, but you didn’t see his opponents saying “well, the American people are shifting, so now we should take that into consideration”. No, quite the opposite happened. Nothing, for years and years.

  7. Hmm, I wonder who’s been sneaking out the White House back door and meandering down the street for some “relaxation” in the evenings.

  8. I KNOW what he says in public. But he’s MY Senator and I’ve got letter after letter from him saying “he thinks there needs to be more research before we legalize anything! Legalizing marijuana WITHOUT that research is irresponsible.” THEN, in the next breath will vow “…MORE funding for the NIH & FDA.” The 2 agencies STIFLING the research.

    Haven’t you learned, ESPECIALLY in the last 2 weeks that politicians will say ANYTHING to get ELECTED, RE-elected or to PASS a bill? His WORDS are ONE thing, his ACTIONS are ANOTHER! He’s repeatedly stood in the way of marijuana legislation reform. He STILL votes against “Industrial Hemp” because, “… it looks too much like marijuana and police would be confused.” This guy’s Prohibitionist through and through! Don’t let that ONE statement fool you! I DEAL with him ALL the time on this issue. Several times a MONTH. That’s what I DO!

    Do some research on his wife Cindy Hensley McCain. You see where her WEALTH came from and you’ll understand his opposition to legalizing! “Hensley Distributing” (Liquor & Beer distributorship). Research HER problems with addiction and you’ll understand the ole saying… “Happy WIFE equals Happy LIFE”. Don’t let ONE statement of his FOOL you!

  9. Captain Obvious on

    Medicinally, I would hope that if I get cancer anywhere in the 50 states, I would be guaranteed cannabis as a right to life from the US Constitution. Unfortunately, when people get sick, they cant just easily go to another state as is often suggested, patients are broke thanks to big pharma and legit organic disease. When this is the medical standard in most states soon, all the red states will be forced to comply. It will be cruel and unusual not to.
    Recreational laws are better for patients in general too. Patients should not have to register with a government like a Jew getting papers in order to be a public spectacle of harassment and endless profiling to appease the sick 3 ring circus sideshow fantasies of sociopaths. We wouldn’t make the users of SSRI antidepressants or opiates register separately despite high morbidity; just what they need to have a worse outcome and additional needless anxiety. Even the Merck Manual says the setting in which cannabis is used can effect the results.

    All medical decisions should be between you and your doctor of your choosing with the medication of your choosing, and that is the ultimate right to life and liberty guaranteed to all 50 states from the US Constitution.

  10. Captain Obvious on

    It looks like he may be expanding his portfolio. Nixon groupthinker’s can easily be swayed by money and economics. When hemp drives up land values and farmer’s coffers while providing better and cheaper products, they will claim they were all for it all along with such questionable authenticity. Better late than never, I guess.

    Tobacco, Pharma, And Alcohol Companies Plan To Enter The Marijuana Industry


  11. Why in the world would you think the two concepts to be mutually exclusive?

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand why there are people sitting on this side of the table who want nationwide laws that are the same every place in the Union. It’s specifically that thinking that got us into this mess.

    Why in the world should the people of Alabama have any say in how the people of California choose to live?

  12. Any Republican with at least half a brain doesn’t want to ruin their career going against two thirds of the voters in DC.

  13. McCain’s bought and paid for by the prohibitionist movement. His wife is a recovering PILL addict as well as an HEIR to the “Hensley Liquor Distributors” fortune! He’ll NEVER vote for it. HE and I’ve gone round and round on this issue. He’s a tried and true Prohibitionist!

  14. DC legalization could be the start of a watershed 2015 legalization year …..

    How can DC where our White House is, be legal but not the balance of the Nation …..

    Just curious?

  15. Graham, Portman and McCain are all a-holes. They will take a neutral (and I’m being here) stand on reform until their favorite lobbyists lean on them to commit. Graham and McCain especially might favor reform more if the tax returns were earmarked to build more bombs.

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