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Mothers Who Use Marijuana


By Alizeh Siddiqui

ABC Nightline News reported:

When Jane West and her friends get together, the laughter rolls, trays of food and stories are passed around. But instead of splitting bottles of wine, these women like to unwind with artisanal marijuana.

In fact, these mothers with young children are regular marijuana users who are “unapologetic about getting high.” Moreover, some, including West, have made it their mission to make the use of marijuana as socially acceptable as having a glass of wine or a cocktail.

“If other people were willing to talk about it, instead of saying, ‘Oh, my God, I was so drunk last night,’ then more people would be talking about it just as openly,” West said.

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  1. These women should be an example to everyone who uses weed. Sometimes I believe we are our own worst enemies because we help promote the stereotypical cheech & chong type stoner and allow it to be accepted as normal. These women don’t do that. When more mainstream weed users step up as these women have, the stereotypes will begin to fall away. As a MMJ blogger myself, I am amazed and dismayed when I post something related to medical marijuana on facebook, that soooo many people I know who will privately agree with me won’t even “like” an informative post about weed because they are afraid to. While I understand this to a point, it worries me.

    People are afraid to step out. Even Jane, when asked if she thinks it’s okay to be high around her kids, hesitates and talks around the answer. Yes, it is ok, and can even enhance your time with your children. In contrast to the parent who gets home from work and is so tired and stressed out they can hardly face their youngsters, a parent who takes five minutes or less to retreat and take a toke will be renewed, relaxed, and ready to play. Is unwinding with cocktails better? Is just being so stressed you are a dick to your kids better? Of course not. And this needs to be known.

    Step up and be heard, parents. Bravo Jane and friends.

  2. Say That shit again theres nothing wrong with marijuana. I have family ages 16+ that smoke weed and they get better grades in middle school, high school, and college etc. Even though im slowing down on smoking doesnt mean i dont support the legalization of marijuana. I do support it. But the country that we live in says marijuana is bad from studies older than me. For example, a reporter would say “20 years ago so and so studied” (buzzer sound) let me stop you right there. I agree with tom DISINFORMATION ALERT!!! Weed quality has probably changed signifigantly over the years. If you Politicians and Officials would smoke it once. maybe youll understand why we smoke it. most people are against it bc they got laced or they had bad experiences. But that shouldnt affect other poeple smoking. Just dont smoke it yourself, and leave other people that enjoy marijuana to smoke in the comfort of there own home. I could understand where smoking in public is debatable. But just like alcohol, you cant drink in public places that are not authorized. Such principles should apply to marijuana. We should be able to smoke it because of the mind relaxing, and euphoric feeling that we experience once we smoked our product. I am a proud supporter of marijuana legalization.

  3. Some value good food, smiling, and memories without the after effects of poisoning. Those are great values to have a healthy family.

  4. Hey Moms have been smoking weed for 44 years now glad to see you have found that being high is better than being shitfaced and not remembering what you did the night before and yes girls I was so high last night I went vertical and enjoyed just resting

  5. Thanks for citing that study and pointing out that the enlargement of those particular areas of the brain is not necessarily a negative thing.
    Humans have the largest cerebral cortex among all animals and this is considered to be a good thing. So why is a larger amygdala (the primary role is to consolidate memory) a bad thing?

    The nucleus accumbens facilitates learning new behavior by pleasurable reinforcement. A damaged nucleus accumbens can lead to loss of motivation and depression. An enlarged one would lead to what?

    Carl Sagan regularly smoked cannabis for decades. He wrote more than 20 books under the influence of cannabis. He credited cannabis with giving him deeper insight on the subjects he was writing about.
    His enlarged amygdala and nucleus accumbens contributed to his being a very successful astronomer and popularizer of science.

    If cannabis caused those areas of the brain to atrophy and become smaller than you would have a problem. But then it doesn’t, it does the opposite. Cannabis facilitates the optimization of all our bodily systems. It supports the endocannabinoid system which maintains homeostasis (health and well being). In truth, cannabis is probably the single most import nutritional supplement there is. And yet it is illegal throughout the world. How insane is that.

  6. Exactly my sentiments. Not only does cannabis not harm brains, developing or otherwise, but it is in fact very neuroprotective. The most dramatic evidence of this is found in very young children suffering from Dravets syndrom who experience hundreds of grand mal seizures a month. None of the standard anti-seizure drugs gave them relief. To the contrary, they caused adverse reactions on top of the seizures.

    The only thing, on this planet that has ended their seizures was cannabis in the form of a high CBD oil. A plant, not a drug, gave these children their life back. A plant with 932 identified compounds all working synergistically to safely and very effectively assist the body’s own endocannabinoid system to restore and maintain health and well being.

    Cannabis is not a drug; it is a plant, the herb of herbs.

  7. Yes I agree the study did not show damage it show a part of the brain that was somewhat larger but did not prove that is a bad or negative thing. For there to be an accurate assessment of the study it would have to have been much broader covering people that are alcoholics and religious nut jobs as well. Here is what the study said:

    Study on Marijauna and Kids Brains

    Jodi M. Gilman, John K. Kuster, Sang Lee, Myung Joo Lee, Byoung Woo Kim, Nikos Makris, Andre Van Der Kouwe, Anne J. Blood and Hans C. Breiter.Cannabis Use is Quantitatively Associated with Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala Abnormalities in Young Adult Recreational Users. Journal of Neuroscience, April 16, 2014 (in press)

    In the current study, Jodi Gilman, PhD, Anne Blood, PhD, and Hans Breiter, MD, of Northwestern University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to compare the brains of 18- to 25-year olds who reported smoking marijuana at least once per week with those with little to no history of marijuana use. Although psychiatric evaluations ruled out the possibility that the marijuana users were dependent on the drug, imaging data revealed they had significant brain differences. The nucleus accumbens — a brain region known to be involved in reward processing — was larger and altered in its shape and structure in the marijuana users compared to non-users.

    The nucleus accumbens — a brain region known to be involved in reward processing — was larger and altered in its shape and structure in the marijuana users compared to non-users. The team of scientists compared the size, shape, and density of the nucleus accumbens and the amygdala — a brain region that plays a central role in emotion — in 20 marijuana users and 20 non-users. Each marijuana user was asked to estimate their drug consumption over a three-month period, including the number of days they smoked and the amount of the drug consumed each day. The scientists found that the more the marijuana users reported consuming, the greater the abnormalities in the nucleus accumbens and amygdala. The shape and density of both of these regions also differed between marijuana users and non-users.

    What this study says or implies is that it is a negative thing. Why is this a bad thing. How about a study using the same controls for Alcohol, Bath Salts, and Religion on the same region of the brain. I want to see that study because we don’t have a full understanding of the brain it leads to fear based conclusions that may not indicate a problem.

  8. I don’t believe Cannabis harms developing kids brains. And I don’t believe is is any real crediable science behind that or the elites would be shoving those studies down our fucking throats! That was some bunk ass disinformation this lame-stream reporting is trying to sneak in there. DISINFORMATION ALERT

  9. Everyone should pay attention to these ladies, these are not 18 to 22 yr olds these are women who have adult experiences and jobs. They are wiser than a lot of people.

  10. There’s no reason any parent should feel guilty about using one of the safest substances known to man. Perhaps it could even help a parent more fully connect emotionally with his or her children.

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