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MPP Upgrades Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, And Bernie Sanders In Voter Guide

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The nation’s largest marijuana policy organization has upgraded Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders in its report card-style voter guide to the 2016 major party presidential candidates. The voter guide can be viewed online at http:// mpp.org/president.

More changes could follow the Republican candidate debate scheduled to take place Wednesday in Boulder, Colorado, where the candidates are likely to discuss the state’s laws that regulate marijuana for adult and medical use.

“Marijuana policy came up during the Democratic debate in Nevada, where a law similar to Colorado’s is set to appear on next year’s ballot,” said Mason Tvert, MPP’s Denver-based director of communications who co-directed the 2012 Colorado marijuana initiative campaign. “It stands to reason that the subject will come up in Boulder, where the victor would be free to celebrate with marijuana instead of champagne.”

“Polls show that an even stronger majority of Colorado voters support the state’s marijuana laws now than did at the ballot box in 2012. The candidates need to be very clear about where they stand when it comes to the tension between state and federal marijuana laws. Will they protect our state’s decision to establish its own marijuana policy? Or will they use federal resources to interfere with it?”

MPP boosted Mike Huckabee’s grade from a “D” to a “B-“ this month after he said that, as president, he would not attempt to interfere in states such as Colorado that have adopted laws regulating marijuana for adult use.

“[L]et’s let Colorado have at it for a few years and let’s see how that works out for them,” Huckabee said during a televised interview on KCCI in Iowa. “I’m willing to let states operate under the 10th Amendment, and I’m willing for the states, if they think that marijuana and the legalization of it is a great thing, you know, I’m willing for them to experiment and find out. And it if it works and it turns out that the presence of recreational marijuana makes them a more prosperous state…well heck, we may just all want to reach out there and grab that.”

MPP has also upgraded Bernie Sanders from a “B” to an “A” after he became the first-ever major party presidential candidate to express support for legalizing and regulating marijuana for adult use. During the Democratic candidate debate earlier this month, Sanders said he would likely vote in favor of a ballot initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Nevada. MPP also upgraded Hillary Clinton from a “B-” to a “B” after she expressed a heightened level of support for medical marijuana legislation.

“Coloradans rightfully want to know whether the candidates would attempt to roll back the progress that has been made here over the past decade,” Tvert said. “If they intend to shut down hundreds of state-legal businesses, put thousands of people out of work, deprive the state of tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue each year, and force marijuana back into the underground market, they better have a good explanation for it.”

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The Marijuana Policy Project is the nation’s largest marijuana policy organization. For more information, visit http://www.MarijuanaPolicy.org.


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  1. All I said is Sanders has stood up for legalization in the past. This is a fact. Also this is more than Clinton and Huckabee has said. This is also a fact
    . As for my comment being stupid. Really….your ignorance and lack of information is stupid.

  2. Your comment is stupid. Bernie Sanders gave an extremely weak answer, hes not on ur side. He said he supports legalization BECAUSE too many people are in jail for smoking it. That kind of response will only make Kevin Sabet happy, cause then he can go up to Bernie and say “you dont have to support legalization to stop arrests”, “we have a smart approach that doesnt legalize marijuana”. “legalization creates a big tobacco”. and all that shit to make Bernie Sanders change his mind like he did with Jimmy Carter.

    Instead Bernie should have gave a different answer that would go directly against Project Sam. like “marijuana prohibition is a failure just like alcohol prohibition” or “marijuana consumers should have the same rights as beer drinkers”. Whenever someone said they support legalization only because of arrests and jail, it means theyre not really on ur side and will bow to Kevin Sabets compromise.

  3. States rights for legalization could just as likely mean states rights for criminalization. Imagine if a Republican candidate refused to say they support gun rights but instead said let the states decide (which means states could make guns 100% illegal for citizens). The NRA would give him an F.

  4. I wouldn’t vote for Huck even if he promised free weed. A religious moron in the WH would spell disaster for this country.

  5. It’s interesting that his measure of the success or failure of our experiment in Colorado is an economic one. While it sure hasn’t hurt the economy, to say nothing of tax revenue, there are other important benefits. We are starting to see fewer deaths and health issues due to alcohol, for one. Any maybe it’s just my perspective (or imagination), but I think the people around me seem a little less stressed and generally happier than in pre-legalization days.

  6. I wouldn’t trust Huckabee, and Clinton on any form of legalization. I believe unless they are forced to it they will back pedal there statements if they become elected. Only Sanders has actually stood up for legalization in the past.

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