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MPP Wants 27 Medical Marijuana States By 2014


Our recent victory in Delaware brought the count of medical marijuana states up to 16.

Today, I’m happy to report that we’re also making incredible progress in other states and — with your support — we will remain on track to reach our goal of making medical marijuana legal in 27 states by 2014.

– We’re raising money to place a pair of medical marijuana initiatives on the November 2012 ballots in Arkansas and Idaho. The Arkansas signature drive has already started, and the Idaho drive will hopefully start in September.

– We’re now just a couple votes short of passing our bill in New York state, and the governor has recently improved his position. We’re ready to re-start our lobbying campaign in Albany as soon as we raise the money.

– In Illinois, our bill fell just three votes short in the state House. We’re now actively organizing to pick up those three votes, and we already have the support of the governor.

– Here in the District of Columbia, the city government will soon be accepting applications from business entrepreneurs who wish to grow and dispense medical marijuana. We’re now so close to having five dispensaries in our nation’s capital!

– In Maryland, the governor just launched a commission to formulate a medical marijuana bill that will be acceptable to key legislators and other powerbrokers, and one of MPP’s staff attorneys has been appointed to that commission.

I’m going to be blunt: MPP will be incurring $100,000 in monthly expenses to keep this “27 states by 2014” strategy on track. But it will be worth every penny.

Just to put this into perspective … if you and 970 other friends each donate between $5/month and $2,000/month on your credit cards, we’ll reach the goal of generating $100,000/month for the “27 states by 2014” campaign.

Changing laws isn’t easy, but that’s why we’re here. Please start (or increase) your monthly credit card donation today to help make the “27 states by 2014” plan a reality.


Rob Kampia thumbnail (master)Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.


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  1. no legal weed yet in PA… please help people.. let your voices be heard.. we gotta flood the net with intelligent posts about the legalization of medical marijuana

  2. Anonymous4Now on

    If marijuana is rescheduled it could be 50 states by 2014. The light that shall drown out the darkness of ignorance is near!

  3. oh man, oh man, oh man……… IM all outta weed and i ant got no money, what do i do? what do i do? i might have to car jack someone, or rob someone, or maybe pawn all me stuff, or i could always sell my horse’s or maybe my ss camaro.. just messing with you all.. once again i just spent 55 bucks on a nice bag.. yep.. sorry pa.. but i may have just helped the cartels yet again..maybe someday we can get together and ill share my wealth with you

  4. Hey, you nice people just be patient legalization will happen. I only pray that the laws are changed we have too many non violent people sitting in prison for possession of pot. It really amazes me that a person can be convicted of molesting a child and serve 2 yrs. Then a person caught with a few harmless ounces of smoke and serve 5-10 years! WAke up america!!!

  5. jim bo says it all and I agree with him 1,000,000% We are not the criminals; we use it for medical and relaxation !!! It needs to be legal in all the states…………………

  6. make it legal already so cops can focus on the violent criminals.. do you people really think the 2 to 3 shootings every week in williamsport are over alittle green.. wake up people. i live close to williamsport. ive seen the KIDS out in the streets and on the corners clearly and fearlessly selling there crack rocks and meth for their parents. while the 44 cailper hand gun that their dad gave them is stuck in there belt, pulling their pants down to their knees .. weed is safer then drinking yet i can go to the local bar, get completely smashed because the bar tender is also drunk, and then be on my marry way home behide the wheel trying to stay between the two WHITE lines. weed can creat so many jobs. make the state so much money, and many many other benifits maybe someday ill feel safe again going into williamsport… please PA, lycoming county legalize the green

  7. well, went to work again today, made myself, the state and the feds some real good money, came home, played with kids, helped the wife with making super, then me and the family went on a nice peaceful bike ride down the back road. then kids jump in tube and i was off to the back deck for alittle smoke and toke. just another night, just another bowl filled with some fine green… and i must say, that the only one that got hurt is the big glass of milk and the oreo’s that i just killed. thats right i just killed blacks and whites in one shoot, i drowned all the bitches in a huge glass of milk, THEN I EAT THEM.. PLEASE GOD FORGIVE ME OF MY SINS i am such an eveil person.. hahaha… KISS MY ASS All YOU HATERS.. i LIKE, NO, I LOVE WEED,, ill smoke weed when i want, where i want, thats how its gonna be

  8. hell yes it should be legal. ive live in PA my hole life. ive also smoke strong weed (nuggs) everyday for the past 14/15 years. i can honestly tell you all that weed is the ONLY drug i do.. i dont even drink.. so i dont understand why people say is a gateway drug.. thats all bull shit and im the living proof. a couple things i DONT do, i dont rob people, i dont car jack to get my weed. im not a con artist. i dont shoot/snort dope or hit the crack pipe. i do however have a great job. i do go to work every day. i do pay my bills and taxes. i also have 2 extremly smart and healthy kids and a loving wife. i own 7 acers of land here in PA.. and on my spare time i help out on the local dairy farms. i would say im doing ok for being only 30. (YET I FEEL LIKE A CRIMINAL) i wake up every morning and thank god for all i got and that im not in jail for smoking alittle weed after work instead of drinking couple beers and crashing my car. well im fed up with feds and cops they can all kiss my white azz. im smoking some fine weed right now and ill be smokin later tonight and tomorrow after work.. if u wont me, come and get some!!! come on PA get your shit together. 99.9% of stoners are peaceful, polite people (WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT CRIMINALS) again PA please come to your senses

  9. I HOPE THE SMOKE IS THICK AND THE EYES ARE GLOSSY well me again, jim bo, just thought id tell you a story my wife just share with me. she is a nurse here in PA, she is currently working at an elderly home. this is no bullshit. about twice a week she comes home and tells me about how these foks are always begging her to bring them some weed. well she knows she can not help them so she has learned to just make a joke and go on with her duties. but last night she was approched by a younger (middle aged) man that asked her, hey lets say, i was to bring in some weed for my dieing mother, is there somewhere we can go smoke or do i gotta sign her out and go for a car ride? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! its so sad that we have foks in homes in their 80’s and 90’s that want to smoke so bad they have their kids ask the nurse this question. well i dont think nurse’s should have to deal with these questions (LEGALIZE IT) she has tons of other things to worry about at work. let me just say if my mother is dieing in a elderly home all alone and just wonts to smoke. ill be sure to help her out and get her some weed. NOW lets say that was your mom. would you help her out and find her some weed for the pain. then smoke, chill, have a few last conversations or would you just slap another morphine patch on her arm or in her IV and watch her faid away like so many elderly foks are being forced to do right now… true story… come on PA get your shit together

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