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Multiple Marijuana Bills Expected During Next Legislative Session In Maine


portland maine marijuana legalizationThe Maine Legislature is going to be busy this next session when it comes to proposed marijuana legislation. I have Maine high on my list when it comes to states that are likely next to legalize. The Maine Legislature may become the first legislature in the nation to legalize marijuana on their own. All previous marijuana legalization victories at the state level came via citizen initiatives. Per SFGate:

Lawmakers will consider at least four pot-related bills in the new year, including one that will help law enforcement determine if someone is too stoned to drive.

Democratic state Rep. Diane Russell, of Portland, says she will introduce a bill to tax and regulate the use of recreational marijuana.

If the Maine Legislature doesn’t step up and legalize marijuana themselves, there are two citizen initiatives that will be collecting signatures to put marijuana legalization before voters during the 2016 Election. One effort is being led by the Marijuana Policy Project, the other by Legalize Maine. Hopefully Maine’s Legislature saves activists and organizations time and money by doing what’s right and legalizing marijuana during the next session.


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  1. Look up “cooperate”. Get the basics passed first then refine as necessary.
    I’ve talked with some that are on the fence about deregulation and their response has been: Why should I back either of these proposals if they can’t even make up their mind what they want?

  2. I’ve mentioned this before: Why can’t these initiatives cooperate and consolidate their efforts???
    UNITED we stand – divided?…

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