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Mute Autistic 9-Year-Old Speaks For First Time After Consuming Cannabis Oil


red cross marijuana leafI used to think marijuana was just a plant that got me really high and was fun to smoke with my friends. I didn’t realize its medicinal benefits until I began studying the plant as medicine extensively four years ago.

Now, thanks to cannabis-and specifically CBD oil-I believe the plant produces miracles. The latest proof of CBD as a miraculous sorcerer’s stone that aids those previously without a “cure” comes out of Puerto Rico-and it’s a tear-jerker.

Thanks to a rare form of cancer resulting in “severe, non-verbal autism”, Kalel Santiago lived the first nine years of his life without uttering a single syllable. Then, recently, his parents discovered the newfound miracle plant: CBD oil, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that cures epilepsy and saves lives.

His parents administered the oil on Kalel, and the result was the boy’s first spoken words in his lifetime-and it only took two days of using the medicine to begin seeing the results.

They took home the tiny sample bottle of spray and began giving their son twice daily doses, as directed on the label, right into his mouth. And the results, they say, were startling: Kalel started talking — in just two days.

He surprised us in school by saying the vowels, A-E-I-O-U. It was the first time ever,” Abiel says. “You can’t imagine the emotion we had, hearing Kalel’s voice for the first time. It was amazing. The teacher recorded him and sent it to my wife and me and we said well, the only different thing we have been doing is using the CBD.” Soon thereafter, he adds, Kalel started using consonants to connect his sounds. “He said, ‘amo mi mama,’ ‘I love my mom,'” Abiel says. “I don’t know how to thank [the CBD oil makers].” [Yahoo]

All you need to do is read stories like Kalel’s and realize that marijuana and CBD have the power to truly change lives and alter the history of this world.

And it’s powerful.

Source: The Smoker’s Club – syndicated with special permission


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  1. I really need to get some of this for my beautiful autistic daughter at least to give her a chance at speech help me please where can I get oil from thx Tony

  2. I have a non verbal autisic child that has spoken no more than two words in his entire life . I am looking into obtaining the CBD oil to help him . Does anyone know what oil is used on children with verbal and cognitive learning disabilities . I have heard of a CBD oil called ” Charlotte’s Web . Thank you

  3. My son is 11 years old and can not take yes he has autism he gets mad at school and home I wish I can get the oil but can not buy it in Oklahoma. It well be nice to hear my son I love you mommy. Thank you for listening.

  4. I have been taking CBD oil from hemp for about 2 weeks and am surprised that like my friend told me, my aches and pains would get less – and they have. My friend is giving it to her child with autism and she has seen life changing benefits including her son’s first spoken word. Does anyone else have experience with CBD oil? Can it be this simple? Thanks.

  5. And to think it is still classified as a scheduled one drug with no medicinal value. Finding your voice for the first time? This is beyond medicinal value!

  6. The bestpost. With such type of article which describes the live examples of cannabis plant advantages encourages the people to take advantages of cannabis plant to get rid from dangerous diseases. Brandsy a sales and marketing consultant for cannabis offer the best services to make your cannabis brands popular in the concerned market.

  7. We’ve studied opium intensively. It has literally *hundreds* of different psychoactive chemicals in it, and has been the source of thousands of medications.

    Because of the ban on studying cannabis, we haven’t found out what pscyhoactive chemicals there are in cannabis. We’ve found two so far (THC and CBD), and one of those very recently. But there could be a hell of a lot more. We need to take it seriously as a source of medicine, like opium. We don’t know what all we could discover; it could be truly revolutionary.

  8. newageblues on

    That’s a powerful post, Kj. It deserves to reach a large audience, it might wake up some of the people who are still sleepwalking when it comes to MMJ, and marijuana in general.

    It’s insane that recreational cannabis is prohibited, but banning medicinal cannabis is far worse, it’s a murderous crime against humanity. Given that support for medicinal cannabis in the U.S. is now over 80%, and that some patients just can’t wait, it seems to me it’s time to start making persistent and systematic demands that this war against medicine stop. This war on a vital medicine is the equivalent of the Vietnam War, except opposition to that crime never reached 80%.
    The courts have a helluva lot of gall for refusing to end this nonsense over a lifesaving medicine. Wimpy, wimpy courts, handmaidens of the war on selected drugs, brought to you courtesy of America’s drugs, killers alcohol, tobacco and prescription opiates.

  9. Drugs are like high fructose corn syrup and cheese whiz; they are not natural, they are highly processed, and they may or may not have dangerous long-term effects. Cannabis is an herb. It is not a drug. It does not come from a factory.

  10. Cannabis: it’ s not a drug but rather a complex plant with the intelligence of over 900 compounds acting synergistically; its not just medicine but is the quintessential medicine; its not just safe but heals the harm done by FDA approved drugs. We have only just begun to comprehend what this amazing plant is and what wonders
    it can perform.

  11. Karen Ferguson on

    I wish you had CBD oil when you were a kid, too. And, if I could have helped, I would have.
    Thank you for your poignant post. I am most appreciative.
    Hug from CA.

  12. Karen Ferguson on

    When in grad school, I worked with kids with ranges of autism….I gasped when I read this caption. Then the thought dropped into my head “Of course it works, its leaf!” We get to uncover all the ways it works, I’m not waiting for the data when I opt for an herb over a pharma drug. That’s just been my inclination for a long time. These are exciting times. Thanks for this information….it brightened my day immensely!

  13. Im a child of war and I was shell shocked at the age of 4-5 and I didnt speak for most of the time and when I did I would stutter really bad and couldn’t pronounce any words, it was embarrassing for me and I was very depressed as a child. Kids and people would mock me, even my parentd sometimes(they were embarrassed too). They took me to all kind of doctors and even throat specialists and they couldn’t figure it out. I started experimenting with cannabis at the age of 15 and I didnt realize until later that my speech is getting better. I still stutter.. but very little now. When I consume cannabis its nonexistent.

    I wish I had this cbd oil when I was a kid. Couldve saved me a lot of crying and embarrassment. I wish doctors and politicians would wake up and actually start helping children instead of funding wars to kill them.

  14. newageblues on

    The legacy of unnecessary suffering being left behind by prohibitionist thugs keeps getting larger and larger. Good work, boys and girls!

  15. So unfortunate that most families with disabled children don’t look to CBD, becuase of how mj is so deminized. This is a touching story

  16. Nattyrem420 on

    This is nothing new. HAHAHAHA I cured my wife of Multiple Sclerosis back in 09 with RSO. goggle rso oil on you tube for Christ sake.

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