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NAACP Conference Endorses Colorado Amendment 64


colorado amendment 64NAACP Conference Endorses Colorado Amendment To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

By Brian Vicente, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

We have some big news, and I wanted you to be among the first to know:

Today, the Yes on Amendment 64 campaign is proud to announce the endorsement of the Colorado/Wyoming/Montana conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

The endorsement of the NAACP, a group with such a long history of advancing equality and civil rights, highlights that the enforcement of Colorado’s marijuana laws disproportionately impacts communities of color and low-income individuals. And it affirms that taking marijuana off the streets and instead regulating it like alcohol would go a long way toward fixing this problem.

Please click here to read more about the NAACP endorsement in the Denver Post.

With 75 days until Election Day, it’s so important that we continue to build our coalition of support for Amendment 64 — not only from established organizations like the NAACP, but from folks like you and me. So once you’ve finished reading the article, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

And please take a moment today to reach out to any Coloradan you know who may be on the fence about Amendment 64. That conversation today might make all the difference on Election Day.

Thanks for all that you do.


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  1. At the time there were 3 different ‘groups'(when Ca was having their own ‘Like wine’) with different ideas on what should be the best proposal going forward(legalization forms). Like any situation involving money, with the attendant ‘interests’, support is held till signatures are collected, or ‘best proposa’l to come forward. Personally I believe the best that can be expected to ever happen after about 80 years of demonization is a ‘like wine’, but that is just me…. the society first, then the growers, Wall Street ect. This political decision(due to attendant ‘special interests) from non-profit or social orientated orgs to not support any reasonable proposal as soon as signitory process come out, hurts any movement. As their interests are not the heart of the issue. Even the NAACP wishes to be on the individual winning side in a selection of proposal for advancement in rewriting this prohibition. Rather than simply stating, approval for any advancement at this stage of 7-800,000 arrests per year, mostly of non-whites(their majority of constituacy) for use. Stating, approval early keeps the pressure on anti prohibitionist movements. Alas we do not see the same pro groups move forward as one, with the presumption of what is touted as their mandate, protection of the individual…till it is ‘safe’.

  2. Good question. I didn’t know they did not support ‘Like Wine.” Are you sure they didn’t?

  3. I had a job gathering signatures , I never got to work. The rules for these signatures was really constrictive.Last minute gathering is risky.
    They have to be validated, and to many invalidated could lose the vote.
    I still want to get signatures, sit out in front of trader joes and harass stoners to sign.
    The other part is funding , A lot of wealthy people donate to the cause , these people wait also to donate.
    Prop 19 was projected to fail , “not the right time” public opinion ,all that bullshit. Medical advocates fought against prop 19 splitting the canna industry in half.
    Oregon should unite and get all initiatives on the same page.

  4. Where has the NAACP been this year as the ‘Like wine’ has struggled already and was not endorsed in early on in Ca.?
    Some of these Orgs seem to be sitting the fence till too late for signatures to be collected.
    It’s almost like they do not wish to risk funding by choosing which side of the fence to set apon. Kinda like politicians and autocrats.
    Guess this condition was inevitable. Even the once devotely democratic nonprofit Orgs sway to self advancement versus affecting causes, by coming into the issue untill well after being of possible influence.

  5. This is great news and now establishes a pattern, since the NAACP signed on to support California’s Prop 19 to re-legalize marijuana in 2010.

    Another sign the long national nightmare of the war on marijuana consumers is coming to an end!

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