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National Cannabis Industry Association Joins Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference


michigan cannabis development conferenceA national marijuana industry organization, a candidate for Congress and a professor of law have all joined the speaker’s list for the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference. The Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre in Flint on September 26.

The NCIA, the nation’s most recognized trade association for businesses operating in the medicinal/adult use cannabis industry, is sending Bethany Moore from Colorado to speak during the seminar titled, “Networking With Business Outside Michigan’s Borders.” Ms. Moore carries the title Development Officer and Assistant to the Executive Director.

Respected criminal defense attorney and law professor Mary Chartier, of the law firm of Alane & Chartier P.L.C., will be conducting the “Marijuana Case Law Review” Seminar. The review, which is the Conference’s longest Seminar, will explore the ramifications of recent Supreme Court and Appellate Opinions, including the controversial cases of People v Hartwick and People v Tuttle, and their impact on patients and business alike.

Ms. Chartier is an adjunct professor of law at the Cooley Law School and a criminal defense attorney whose credits include winning three cases before the Michigan Supreme Court in a single year. Ms. Chartier received accolades for “being the first in the state to teach a Medical Marijuana Class”; she has “given presentations about the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to citizens and practitioners, including the Michigan Judges Association, Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan…” and multiple Bar Associations, per her bio page on the law firm’s website.

Other Conference announcements: The 2016 campaign of ‘George Brikho for U.S. Congress’ was secured as the event’s Primary Sponsor; attorneys Matthew Abel and Thomas Lavigne from the Detroit law firm of Cannabis Counsel will speak during the “Utilizing the Marijuana Consumer While Maintaining Federal and Local Compliance” Seminar.

The National Cannabis Industry Association’s website is www.thecannabisindustry.org

For more information on the Conference Seminars or speakers, or to register for tickets, visit: www.micbd.com


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Michigan’s next big marijuana conference is a few short days away! Join Rick Thompson for the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference on September 26 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre. Marijuana Case Law Update, Legislative Review, so many other topics! 9 Seminars in all.


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  1. I wish we weren’t inviting CO people to come and swing deals here in MI. There’s enough talent already here. I don;t see it all that different than Snyder signing up with Prairie Plant Systems from Canada last year, and making the whole MMJ movement sit on its’ hands.

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