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National Institute on Drug Abuse Denies Marijuana Is Less Toxic Than Alcohol


marijuana alcohol national institute on drug abuseYesterday the National Institute on Drug Abuse released a statement denying that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol. How a federal agency can look at all the science and facts and make such a claim is beyond me, and I’m sure TWB readers are pretty blown away by the blatant disregard for the facts too.

“Claiming that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol cannot be substantiated since each possess their own unique set of risks and consequences for a given individual,” According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The fine people at Politifact.Com researched the claim by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and concluded the following:

  • Deaths or even trips to the hospital are much more likely due to alcohol;
  • Scientists could not find any documented deaths from smoking marijuana;
  • A study found the safety ratio for marijuana (the number of doses to cause death) is much greater than compared to alcohol. Put another way, marijuana is 100 times less toxic than alcohol.

“Overall, we rate this claim Mostly True.”

PolitiFact cited a study by Robert Gable, an emeritus professor of psychology at Claremont Graduate University, which showed that “marijuana is about 100 times safer than alcohol….”

“Our federal government has been exaggerating the harms of marijuana for decades, but at this point it has gone off the deep end,” Tvert told The Huffington Post. “NIDA’s statement that marijuana can be just as toxic as alcohol would be on par with the FDA announcing sushi is as fattening as fried chicken.”

“This is gross negligence on the agency’s part and should be addressed immediately by the White House,” Tvert continued. “It is one thing for our federal officials to convey their opposition to marijuana policy reform. It is an entirely different and more disturbing situation when they are conveying opposition to scientific evidence.”

Whenever I think that the federal government can’t get any worse with their approach to marijuana policy and science, things like this pop up and my opinion of the federal government sinks even lower. How do TWB readers feel about these statements? I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Will you vote for anything but a Republican or Democrat is the question.

    They are betting you’re too afraid to. That is the game. Scare you. Dangle a myth of security so you don’t see that the blue skies and green grass ONLY exist if you have green grass…

  2. Nothing from the NIDA should be considered to have a grain of truth. They are deeply entrenched in the addiction and psychiatry research of drugs NOT the health effects.

    Their research is geared towards identifying how to addict specific genetic groups with specific addictive substances.

    All of our Government actions are pro-war, pro-aggression. That is their business. Peace is their enemy.

  3. Closed minded people see what they believe because they believed the ScrypNosis they saw.

    Sandy Hook
    Boston Bombing

    All come to mind.

    With ScrypNosis it isn’t hard to program exactly what they believe and Script the story line. This is where hemp nutrition comes in.

    In the absence of proper nutrition (ordinary American diet) the human brain cannot function to critically think.

  4. Those who live it know.

    I smoked dope and cigarettes together for 17 years. Now on just pot, Harvard & UCLA studies tell me my lungs are healthier as a pot smoker than people who DON’T SMOKE AT ALL.

    No need to tell me that. I eat hemp seed and the albumen in it lowers blood pressure. Who’d a thunk low blood pressure is healthy? Well when I go ride 100 miles on low blood pressure I’ll tell you. Low blood pressure doesn’t mean SHIT.

    What matters is the SHIT THEY put in food that is killing your blood. Pressure is irrelevant if the blood is the healthiest humanly possible.

    Hemp Seed is 22-25% Globular Albumen
    Human plasma is 65% Globular Albumen

    NEWS FLASH: Hemp seed will help ANYONE with blood issues.

    The medical community really has one chance to evidence they are not complete quacks…recommend that Adult Prohibition be Lifted and a Prescription required for Minors to Decraboxylate.

  5. Exactly. This is a sales pitch to the 23% who run the machine for them.

    1st Revolution was in 1776
    2nd Revolution was in 1860 (the Civil War is their cover for eradicating Hemp – check the Census from 1840-60)
    3rd Revolution is 2017 after the people elect a NON REPUBLICAN NOR DEMOCRAT yet those groups install Hillary Clinton as “their” winner with plans for 8 years of Clinton then wheeling out George P. Bush in 2024.

    Sadly for the DuPont, Rockefeller, Barclay, Rothchild, Bush, Walker clan I just laid out their plans for all to see.

    Believe it or not!…

  6. PS Research the Bush-Walker Wedding in 1921. It is the clear integration of the two-party system into one. Top Republicans (Samuel Bush) did business with top Democrats (George Herbert Walker) from that time forward.

    The Bush clan even named three of their legacy after the greatest democratic financier of ALL TIME, George Herbert Walker.

    Coincidentally, George Herbert Walker was the source of financing on Gen. Fernando “Pancho” Villa’s “bad” arms deal that led to the attack on Columbus, NM.

    So here we have:

    Bank financed weapons to Side 1 (Pancho Villa).
    Weapons sales to Side 1
    Script basis for War by Rockefeller, DuPont, Walker, Bush etc screwing Villa with bad product.
    Bank financed weapons to Side 2 (Gen Pershing)
    Weapons sales to Side 2
    Depletion of weapons inventory on both sides (War)
    Bank financed replenishment of depleted weapons inventory by Side 1
    Bank financed replenishment of depleted weapons inventory by Side 2

    So WAR is really just finding a sucker to take a bank loan and purchase weapons until they run out or people to sell weapons to. Then they trigger false flag events until war breaks out. They can’t even do this anymore, so they just start them.

    Regardless, once the inventory is gone. The Government shills go back to take more loans, buy more weapons, build up both sides. Wait for the false flags…then deplete the inventory.


    War is just a business transaction to ALL of the power base of America.

  7. I think that is termed “accessory to murder” in a court of law.

    Their laws are but one set of rules.

    I live by the laws in the personal edition of the BIBLE my creator, evolver or naturer directly inscribed in my DNA.

    I don’t need fat guys like Gov. Christie or New Jersey telling me what I can or can’t eat.

  8. It is time to FIRE ALL REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS. End these ridiculous agencies that are all lying about facts.

    A government that patents things, publishes the patents and then mocks the people is a cancerous entity.

    The cancers in the U.S. government are the Republicans & Democrats.

    Change will come with hardship, but hardship is nothing like lying to your self that these groups are not the only two responsible for EVERYTHING wrong with in America.

  9. “They say there is no medical value in thc, yet they make synthetic thc”

    Everyone knows it.


    The average American is suspended in a traumatic state. You yourself are still in this state. You are beginning to wake up. You still think there is a two-party system though. You can’t imagine the WHOLE THING BEING A CHARADE.

    But that is exactly what it is. With a entertainment, religious, academic AND corporate divisions.

    Why else would:

    Academia (Modern Medicine’s educator and curriculum provider)

    ALL be silent about Hemp which CANNOT be used as a drug?

    A perfect complete food and Government, Academia, Religion AND Corporate ALL agreed to remain SILENT about it for over 75 years.

    Hemp is in fact on the list of strategic items for National Security for both Food & Fiber yet illegal to grow in the U.S.

    It is called ScrypNosis. The citizenship is lulled into an Unconscious Unaware state via food, chemicals in the water AND epileptic imaging in video games, movies, TV etc.

    So since the Operation Paperclip brought 50,000 NAZI Scientists into these four groups: Government, Academia, Religion & Corporate – these 50,000 freaks have been working on hypnosis of the nation. Likely successful by the late 50s.

    So lets assume everyone in America born after 1960 is basically hypnotized and NOW they are being SCRIPTED.

    Only those who have stimulated critical thought with adequate nutritional diet can even begin to fathom this.

    Open your eyes Neo. It can ONLY be a figment of one’s imagination.

  10. Fortunately for us, they are wrong.

    The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report AND Laguardia Committee Report both came to the same conclusion.


    Alcohol & Tobacco are BOTH more harmful in MODERATION & When ABUSED than Cannabis.

    So like usual. The Government just makes shit up. They broadcast it the biggest, first & fastest, but we are like SAP.

    Like Hemp Sap the Hemp Activist “sticks around”. Why, because ‘he’ can…because ‘he’ is healthy and full of critical thought.

    The hemp activist will out last the opponent just like hemp has lasted thousands of years! :)

  11. I got Blue Cheese my favorite strain from rastaseedbank. com i got my order in 6 days
    tracked right to my door freebies were great and unbeleiveable prices i highly recommend

  12. Just shows how much our country doesnt care about its own citizens. Our “leaders” are too old and still believe in ghost stories. DC needs new younger faces in the congress who know the struggles of today. I think we are secure enough, now lets help our fucking people……people.

  13. Come on people, is it really that surprising that our gov’t lies about marijuana. I just finished reading a book YOU ARE BEING LIED TO ABOUT MARIJUANA. I wish everyone that believes the bullshit our gov’t has feed them would read this book!!!! They say there is no medical value in thc, yet they make synthetic thc (marinol). It’s time our gov’t stops wasting billions of dollars every year and stop jailing hard working innocent people. I just wish I had a bigger voice and could be heard. I suggest everyone read this book. Free the weed, plant some seed!!!

  14. Jean Anne Lewis on

    I just sent The White House a post on twitter telling them that this is not based on facts. Please help by taking whatever action you can. Let’s tell them we believe facts not fiction!

  15. Not only are these agencies totally lying about marijuana, they continue to lie to the faces and watch people die from prohibition of marijuana because they have their hands caught in the cookie jar of big pharmaceuticals pockets.

    Our Federal Government really doesn’t care if we live or die, but if they did, they would rather see us die before we can collect social security.

    Our Federal government is like the “Titanic,” going down under water because of whom we have in charge and our congress is the worse congress in history and continues to decline.

    They will continue to fight against the legalizing of marijuana, just as they did in the war of Viet Nam and other wars and say we won. NO idiots you lose and we all lose because of your incompetence and poor governing.

  16. the prohibitionist profiteer’s are enjoying the financial benefits of the peoples suffering..PROHIBITION IS THE CRIME

  17. just more propaganda, they are running scared and grasping at straws . Do they really think that the US public is still that uninformed ? TIME FOR A REVOLUTION FOLKS STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. !!

  18. That’s right, deny til you die. I know the truth, you can’t die from pot, or I would not be around. Hell, anyone who has been to a frat party with a 6′ bong knows that! What knocks ’em down? Booze, not bongs. I wonder if they even know what they are fighting for. Kind of like the blind rhetoric you get for making out with another guy in the back of a Pentacostal church in ‘Bama. So I hear.

  19. C’mon guys! This is weak! If you’re going to create propaganda, at least make it a little bit believable! This statement from NIDA only makes your agency look like pathetic head-in-the-sand losers, and we don’t want that, do we?

  20. This is stunning for them to put out such a balled face lie like this. How can they spew this dreck with a straight face??? I’m so sick and tired of this government and there denial that MJ has far more positives than negatives. It’s all about money. Pharmaceutical companies and the DEA are trying to save their phony jobs with this propaganda. It ain’t going to work ass heads. This cat is waaaaay out of the bag.

  21. I’ve always thought it would be fun to throw a hand full of seeds around Washington DC and see what happens. Wouldn’t it be a funny headline “Cannabis plants found growing in front of DEA headquarters.” I’d like to stay out of prison though so it’ll probably just stay a dream. The more studies like this that come out the better for the movement. They just look ludicrous at this point because EVERYONE knows weed is safer than alcohol.

  22. If it wasn’t believable it would be unbelievable. Is it time to sue for our rights or to allow them to be trampled upon. The worst thing cannabis has done is made the users lax about the abuse they permit themselves to endure. Where is the justice? Let’s put down the bong for a little while and take some action!

  23. This only further discredits this agency which is a total waste of taxpayer money. It is so absurd is it laughable. Desperate attempt to confuse the flock, Even brainwashed older folks know this is total tripe. They are losing the battle and they know it. Victory is ours Brother and Sisters! Unite!!!

  24. White Widow 2007 on

    They are so full of shit, their eyes should be brown! What BS!!!! Read the real facts and open your frickin’ eyes!

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