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National Patients’ Rights Association Wants Input On Michigan Medical Marijuana Policy


michigan marijuanaNational Patients’ Rights Association Seeks Input On Michigan Medical Marijuana Policy As It Relates To Dispensaries

The National Patients’ Rights Association (NPRA) — a Michigan-based coalition of leading medical marijuana advocates working to protect patient rights — today announced it is seeking input from both members and all other interested parties to identify and discuss practical legislative framework that specifically addresses formally legalized medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Michigan. According to the NPRA, more than three years after Michigan voters approved the medicinal use of cannabis, patients in many parts of the state still have no safe access to it. Those seeking to contribute thoughts and ideas should indicate their interest by emailing: info@NPRAusa.com or by calling 855-444-6772.

“Our goal is to create a spirited dialogue between all interested parties and seek constructive input for potential marijuana dispensary legislation that could finally provide clarity to the public, to law enforcement officials, and to medical marijuana patients,” said Farmington Hills, Mich., attorney and NPRA spokesperson Robert Mullen. “We take the approach that Michigan needs to honor the wishes of its voters when it comes to medical marijuana and appropriately regulate its use and access. Specifically addressing a fully-legalized medical marijuana dispensary model fills a need that would directly benefit individuals who do not have the physical ability to cultivate medical-quality cannabis at home or have access to a caregiver.”

The NPRA is backed by patients, caregivers, businesses, and a range of other supporters. Collectively, the coalition is working to broaden awareness, reach legislators in a targeted manner, and help mobilize patients and caregivers who are affected by current and proposed medical marijuana laws. A key objective of the coalition is a push for definitive regulation in terms of standardization — ranging from safety and storage needs, document management requirements, privacy, and overall industry standards and procedures.

Background, news media coverage and links to other resources are available at the National Patients’ Rights Association website: www.nprausa.com . You can also call 1-855-444-6772 for information on how to contact your state representative or senator.

SOURCE The National Patients’ Rights Association


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  1. It is important to protect the patient-grower as an independant source of marijuana that may transfer his overages to other patient-growers. As seemingly logical this process may be, there are forces of big money wanting to monopolize the industry into the control of the few. Beware, as big money has a way of motivating politicians more than people’s votes.
    It’s been 3 years plus since the MMMA took effect, but resistance to the law has been obviously politically motivated, money motivated, translation: how does the politician get his cut from this potentially lucrative market?
    They haven’t figured out how, yet, so watch out on this dispensary business, where they may totally restrict the patient-grower out of the market in favor of big money enterprises to control and limit the transfer of medical marijuana. 

  2. Fosterslandcare on

    Don’t fear your government and do nothing, we already fear their laws, stick together and change things , contact your congress person , it may fall upon deaf ears , if it does , then don’t re) elect them , let them hear your voice some way. It would be great is this site could compile the results of who voted in what manner , and how they stand on MMM issues. I wrote my congressman, Greg MacMasters , he responded back that he would keep my views in mind should these issues come to vote , I don’t see any change in wording if the bills he sponsored concerning MMM ,

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