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NBA Legend Invests In Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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There are two efforts to legalize marijuana in Ohio right now. One of them has drawn much more attention than the other, for both good and bad reasons. ResponsibleOhio is seeking to legalize marijuana (recreational and medical) in Ohio, but wants to limit the amount of people that can grow marijuana to just ten entities. The campaign has received quite a few donations, with arguably the highest profile donation coming from NBA legend Oscar Robertson. Per the Columbus Dispatch:

Also on Friday, ResponsibleOhio released the names of about a dozens individual investors, including Robertson, an All-American at the University of Cincinnati and former pro-basketball star. Robertson said in a statement that he decided to invest due to the need for medical marijuana. “It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t help someone suffering from cancer or another debilitating medical condition — I know from personal experience. But medical marijuana can give our loved ones relief. I’m part of ResponsibleOhio because I want to be part of making this change a reality.”

Lepore, the sister of state Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan, D-Youngstown, explained in a statement why she was investing. “This is an incredible opportunity for places like my hometown of Youngstown to generate significant dollars for things like road and bridge repair, which in turn will create thousands of needed jobs.”

Other investors include campus real estate developer Rick Kirk, NFL player Frostee Rucker, Cincinnati radio station owner Frank Wood, entrepreneur Sir Alan Mooney of Columbus, Cincinnati sports agent-businessman James Gould, philanthropist William Foster, finance executives William ” Cheney” Pruett and John Humphrey, real estate developer Bobby George, and Cincinnati philanthropist Barbara Gould.

The group needs to gather 305,591 valid signatures to put the initiative on the ballot, which would legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. While I support an end to marijuana prohibition in Ohio, I don’t like a model that puts all of the cultivation into the hands of the elite. I haven’t seen any polling for the initiative yet, but I’d imagine since it’s such a limited model that it polls better than if there was a home cultivation provision. But I can’t say for sure, and I’d liked to have seen a more balanced initiative.


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  1. “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” — Thomas Jefferson

    Every tax, every regulation comes with an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

  2. Despite their limitations, especially the no personal growing allowed in WA, I was in favor of the WA and CO initiatives in 2012, because I thought it was so important to get some wins on the scoreboard regarding the right of adults to legally possess cannabis. But I think I’m with you now, I don’t think I can vote for anything that doesn’t allow for personal growing. Anything less is faux legalization, legalization only for people who have the bucks. Only if I was confident that the issue of personal growing would be revisited within a very few years, might I consider voting for it.

  3. Oscar getting into the fight huh? More power to him and more power to the movement by having a notable figure head donating. If more ex superstars and persons of note would put their stamp of approval on these measures this fight would have been over a long time ago.

  4. I’ve called everyone that I can think of to help me get my foot in the door with all of my problems at an very young age. Plus to top it all.off. I am allergic to a lot of pills. Things that can help me. I can not have. I think all.of these pills that doctors are giving us is the gate way drug. If it wasn’t 1st 10 different pills at a time bc everything needs something else. Why not just smoke weed when it’s one drug that can help and fix so many things. But no they don’t look at these things. Doctors are for weed. More Ohioans r for Marijuana. So why wait until November 2015 to pass. Why not just pass it now. Bc yes I smoke. And no I’m not going to stop. Bc I was told that my migraines that I get that last up to 3 weeks now straight. Plus 2 young kids. And no one to hand my kids off on when well.needed. or take a pill that can kill me knowing I’m allergic to just about everything. Marijuana is the only thing helping me but I also have all.of my doctor records reports and disc to prove everything wrong with me. And I’m not stopping. I’ll grow my own be it hits to that point. So grow some dawn balls. Live in my shoes for 1 year knowing a simple migraine can kill u. And live with it everyday. Not counting all.of the other major medical problems with me. And everything else that soon to come with me too. Sick it up. Man the hell up. Grow some darn balls a ready and pass it. I’ve already started slowly packing to move to the next state to get help. Bc I’m not going to kill myself just for you or the state of Ohio the backwards laws that keep getting worse lol. I’ll put all of my papers on the table. With a lot of doctors. And then argue the matter. Or pass it already and stop collecting more of our money bc u all want to bull shot around with it so I hope u r not getting paid good money during this time. Bc that would even be more messed up. So what’s going to happen. More Ohioans going to die on u r watch bc u don’t want to pass it. Or pass it so more people can live longer and pain free. At least for some to a point. Hmmmm. How stupid things can pass me off. And yes not one of these people has yet to call me personally or tempted to want to hear and see my story. So if u ask me. Maybe they should ware some of other ppls shoes for even a month. And then maybe they will see and tempt to understand a Lil bit more. Bunch of money hungry pricks and just want more free money. Our tax dollars. And to top all.of this off. My father has cancer for a 2nd time. And this time it’s in his bones. Maybe they should all stay with my dad for a week. And see where there heart takes them from there. Or maybe even them self. It would be a different story. Or even a close loved one. But until that happens. It all about the money in the end. Knowing Ohio is one of the most poorest states there is. Oh well another time of waste of my breath. But it took 1 person the band smoking cigarettes in places. It took 1 person the take the bible out of school. So one of us has to be the one to finally pass this. Broke as hell and all lol

  5. This oligopoly idea makes me really angry, but this is the way things have to be done in Ohio unfortunately… We couldn’t get legal gambling here until a similar group of rich people paid to get an initiative on the ballot.

    I hope marijuana activists don’t try to sabotage this effort, because this is the only chance we will have to legalize here for a long long time. The 2016 initiative is unorganized and broke and has a 0% chance of making the ballot.

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, This initiative is much better than nothing. We can always tweak the law and legalize personal grows later.

  6. I just can’t go off on every wealthy person that wants to throw money at this. I agree that we all should be able to grow it and use it as we wish, but if we all only support “make it legal so everyone can grow it” at this time, I’ll be dead before legalization ever happens.

  7. If you can’t grow it it ain’t legal. You can bet this circus monkey thinks that if he financially backs the initiative for only a few “elite” cultivators, that they will allow him a grow licence. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. Same rules for everyone!

  8. Hey, we will take what we can get. bring on any and everyone who will fight for what is right. Legalization is the way.

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