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Nearly 7 Out Of 10 People Support Medical Marijuana In North Carolina


north carolina marijuana welfare drug testingMarijuana is medicine. Marijuana opponents can dispute that claim all they want to, but science is very clear that there are numerous medical benefits to consuming marijuana. Marijuana opponents will try as hard as they can to make it seem like legalizing medical marijuana is bad public policy, but medical marijuana supporters think it’s bad public policy to let sick people suffer and force them to either use harmful pharmaceuticals or break the law. Medical marijuana is gaining support in North Carolina. The last three years polls have shown a significant increase in support for medical marijuana in North Carolina. Per North Carolina NORML:

According to a Public Policy Polling survey – conducted in January of 2015 – 69% of the state is now in favor of legalizing medicinal cannabis for card carrying patients. This polling data shows a 6% increase each year since 2013.

The 2015 poll also showed 21% of the state is opposed and 10% undecided. Opposition to medical marijuana dropped 7% and the number of those who are undecided rose 3% since 2014 (63/30/7%). This trend suggests that, given time, people tend to realize the benefits of legal medical cannabis far outweigh the risks. These numbers improved significantly since 2013 (58/33/9%).

Those randomly selected for the survey were asked, “Do you think doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana, or not?”

Medical marijuana reform is overdue in North Carolina, and in every state that doesn’t have a legal medical marijuana law. No patient should have to suffer and go without a proven medicine because of politics. Anyone who says otherwise lacks compassion and logical reasoning skills. If you live in North Carolina, make sure to contact your legislators as often as you can and provide them with studies and testimonies regarding medical marijuana. And if you are able, make a donation to North Carolina NORML so that they can keep up the good work.


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  1. I see Colorado took PTSD off their list of eligible conditions. I guess the tens of thousands of suffering veterans, et., al. can now go out and get drunk and drive home, instead. Good thinking, once drunk we become angry. This will certainly keep the police in business. Everybody smoked pot in Vietnam. Once home, we were handed handfuls of pills by the VA. The side effects turned us back to pot, the only and best “coping” cure. Watch out, I’ve heard “chronic depression” could be next. The old white guys in suits will decide for us, those who “need” it. 43% of our homeless are veterans. Many want to be left alone because those who haven’t aimed a gun at a living person and pulled the trigger just don’t understand. Freedom has a different flavor for those who defend it.

  2. In my humble opinion, I think the whole reason behind the Cannabis law not passing is all due to the General Assembly and Legislators in NC. Statistics obviously suggest that the majority or at least 60 percent of all NC have voted towards it. The General Assembly and lawmakers are obviously too lazy to put policies into place to regulate the legalization. I understand there are numerous concerns when putting laws into place, but saying there isn’t enough science to prove Cannabis isn’t harmful is just plain dumb. 24 of the 50 states have already legalized it medicinally or for recreational use. Not to mention all the other states putting bills into place. We aren’t waiting on the people, we are waiting on the few people in our State Legislature. Imagine all the profit, Imagine all the savings from the prison system, Imagine the job market, and lastly Imagine all the NC debt we could pay off. (i.e. Unemployment and welfare)

  3. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    This is why the bill did not pass. http://christianactionleague.org/news/medical-marijuana-consideration-should-go-beyond-compassion/

    Read the man behind the forced end of human right. This guy is more proof church and sate can not be one in the same. he linked Cannabis to the devil. Read this line here. Also point out the man believes medicine should be FDA approved in pill form. lets count how many FDA pills can kill. now lets count how many grams of Cannabis can kill.

    “It’s the same tactic the Serpent used on Eve when he told her that eating the forbidden fruit would make her wise and as God himself. First, he intellectually planted a doubt about whether the forbidden was really a bad thing, and then he illegitimately appealed to Eve’s emotions, which precipitated her foolish choice that turned into a chain”

    The bill killed


    A person on Facebook wrote this about it.

    “The chair owns an alcohol distributing company, the vice chair owns a bail bonding company and our asshole ARP is involved with Pain Management clinics, hospital sales and ?. He is supported by Glaxo, Smith..etc. I have to make an appointment shortly. Will be working on this later”

    Do you smell the corruption yet? This is pure ignorance. I feel for those stuck here in NC. My travels are taking me to BC, the laws are almost like Colorado.

  4. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I wonder if the wait was because of this “United States Senators To Introduce Historic Medical Marijuana Legislation” One day before NC will vote.

  5. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I got my mother and father to support Cannabis and they are evangelicals. Notice how anti-depressants killed me vs Cannabis, I could function. One pastor told me I was going to burn in hell for supporting cannabis. Its mind blowing how ignorant this world can be.

  6. Sorry to hear it brother man. Do what you can to demand others to step up and change this debacle in your home state. Get in touch with the local NORML chapter and see what you can do to help. It is going to take stories like yours to bring the issue home for some folks. Compassion for problems people can relate to is how things change a bit more quickly.

  7. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    I feel like death. God I hope my life is given rights. 2015 hope government gives me rights. Even God in the bible gave freewill. Why is it so hard for humans to give freewill? In the house for 9+ years from depression and constant pain. When I smoked cannabis my depression was gone and I could sleep, work and function.

    5 years ago doctor tried to get me on Antidepressants and it made me feel horrible. So I have no options other then shift threw the darkness alone. My brother got me cannabis back in the day and like i said before, I could function. I’m tired now waiting for freedom of the individual… Was last told I could have PDST.

  8. If the Cherokee get up there high horse we cut have legalization by tomorrow . Make you wander what is the holdup. It is completely legal for the Cherokee to plant and sale, forcing the governor and the politicians to step a side.

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