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Neill Franklin At The 2014 Missouri Cannabis Conference


Below is video footage of Neill Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, speaking to attendees at the 2014 Missouri Cannabis Conference held on Saturday, November 15, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Saint Louis. One of my prized possessions is an autographed picture of Neill that he was kind enough to send me. Neill is easily one of the most influential people in the cannabis world, and the war to end drug prohibition in general. If you are not familiar with his work, you should be:


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  1. This man is a great hero.

    He should be the next “Drug Czar.” Then we would be making progress.

  2. The man who was speaking initially was quite right regarding credibility and Mr. Franklin. Those who have been on the front lines, seeing the issues unfold before their very eyes, and knowing that something needs to change, then telling their stories to the undecided is what begins the alteration of how people listen to the information presented.
    He is not an academic, he is not a philosopher, he is a man who has searched for a way to remove the dangers of the drug trade while simultaneously fighting the war. His answer is not only simple [as many of us already knew], but it is the only true course of action that can be taken to remedy this ridiculous situation we find ourselves in.
    Mr. Franklin said something I have not heard anyone else say regarding usage; This issue is a health issue. I can only hope more like Neil continue the fight for freedom from corruption and bring this wonderful country back to its senses. Drugs aren’t going away, so we might as well learn to live with them and put a few more dollars in the tax revenue coffers while we are learning.

  3. LEAP has a seriously clear view of the war on drugs. All these retired cops are telling the (public) truth and should be presented to all prohibitionists everywhere. ALL of the activists come together at ONE point: the Repeal of Prohibition. Period.

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