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Nevada Bill Would Protect Medical Marijuana Patients From Unscientific DUI Law


Nevada Marijuana dui duii drivingLast week, legislators in the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services heard compelling testimony on Assembly Bill 351. This modest and sensible bill would exempt Nevada’s medical marijuana patients from the state’s unscientific limit on how much THC they can have in their systems while driving.

For medical marijuana patients – who can legally consume marijuana – prohibiting small amounts of THC from showing up in blood tests is patently unfair. Active THC can remain in the bloodstream for days after consumption, even when it does not affect a person’s ability to drive. In effect, many medical marijuana patients are prohibited from driving because of this unfair law. Assemblyman William Horne aims to change this in his bill.

Nevada’s patients should not be prohibited from driving simply because they benefit from the use of medical marijuana. DUI’s should be based on impairment – not whether drivers have a legal substance in their bloodstream.

If you are a Nevada resident, please send a message to members of the Senate committee and voice your support for this bill!

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  1. Krymsun Gorean on

    Why does most everyone automatically jump to the impulsive knee-jerk, FALSE assumption that cannabis impairs drivers much the same as does alcohol? Why let uninformed opinions be the basis of new laws? It took me very little time to do a search, and find actual scientific studies which indicate just how incorrect such an assumption is.

    See: http://norml.org/library/item/marijuana-and-driving-a-review-of-the-scientific-evidence

    Per Se Drugged Driving Laws and Traffic Fatalities concluded that, as currently implemented, making it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with drugs (or drug metabolites) in the system, has no discernible impact on traffic fatalities.
    See: http://ftp.iza.org/dp7048.pdf

    Driving High on Marijuana Is Safer Than Driving Drunk [ or driving sober ]
    See: http://blogs.lawyers.com/2012/04/cruising-the-high-way-safer-than-drunk-driving/

    For some Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Users Are Safe Drivers
    See: http://www.theweeklyconstitutional.com/news/headlines/1035-why-you-should-always-spark-up-before-hitting-the-road

    Marijuana By Itself Not a Significant Factor in Fatal and Injury Crashes in 2012, DPS Data Shows

  2. At least the bill is a good start. After living and driving here for over 7 years with dirty blood (aka most likely over 2 ng/ml most mornings since my meds are pretty strong) I look forward to being less of a second class citizen soon.

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