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Nevada Gaming Control Board Says No To Medical Marijuana Industry


Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesNevada has had a medical marijuana program since 2000. However, because medical marijuana dispensaries haven’t been allowed, safe access to medicine has been an issue for Nevada medical marijuana patients. Earlier this year legislation was passed that created rules to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

As you can imagine, people from the gaming industry were trying to get into the booming medical marijuana industry by opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada. However, it appears that those plans have been axed, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued a statement declaring that no Nevada Gaming Control Board licensees or applicants can open a medical marijuana business. Per a letter from May 6th:

“Accordingly, unless the federal law is changed, the Board does not believe investment or any other involvement in a medical marijuana facility or establishment by a person who has received a gaming approval or has applied for a gaming approval is consistent with the effective regulation of gaming. Further, the Board believes that any such investment or involvement by gaming licensees or applicants would tend to reflect discredit upon gaming in the State of Nevada.”

I understand that protecting the gaming industry is important to the State of Nevada. However, so is helping suffering patients, as is generating jobs and tax revenue. Nevada was hit hard by the economic slowdown, and the medical marijuana industry would help the recovery process. I’m curious to see how thing shake out in Nevada.

Nevada has unique issues that other state medical marijuana industries rarely face. For starters, Nevada gets more tourists than most other states. Allowing medical marijuana patients from other states to use medical marijuana facilities would increase the customer pool significantly. At this time, Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries will not be allowed to serve out of state patients. Another factor is the desert climate of Nevada, which makes outdoor cultivation almost impossible, and even posses humidity related problems for indoor grow operations. These are among the many issues that the Nevada medical marijuana industry will have to face going forward.

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  1. Exactly! Try to imagine smoking a couple of good bong hits then heading for the blackjack table. Right. I’d be so distracted by all the lights and noises on the typical casino floor I’d just have to sit down and order a root beer. And some Cheetos.

  2. You say that the desert climate almost makes outdoor cultivation impossible. Not true. I live in a place with only 30 cms. (12inches) annual precipitation and I’ve just successfully harvested my first three plants. Granted mine are only for personal consumption and in a patio garden. Of course, it takes a lot of water, but there’s also mucho, mucho sunlight which outdoor plants need.

  3. WAIT A MINUTE ! You can gamble in a casino and get plied with gallons of FREE ALCOHOL all night long, but somehow being involved with cannabis would DISCREDIT the gaming industry ??? Apparently pot doesn’t get you fucked up enough to gamble and get fleeced by the casinos !

  4. I understand and agree that people holding gaming license should NOT be allowed to have license to open a medical marijuana dispensary, DON’T THEY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY ALREADY? Spread the wealth and let other people get in on the pay off! Why not have a co-op, owned and ran by the employees.

  5. Bad move Nevada gaming board, I’ve never known Nevada to not want to gamble especially when it’s a sure thing, I guess someone bought them up too.

  6. In your article, it states that “Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries will not be allowed to serve out of state patients.” This is false. Out of state medical marijuana license holders will be able to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries.

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