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Nevada: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measure Into Law


Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed legislation, Senate Bill 374, authorizing the creation of up to 66 not-for-profit [correction: facilities may be for profit] medical marijuana dispensaries.

Under the new law, state regulators are tasked with overseeing the creation of licensed establishments to produce, test, and dispense cannabis and cannabis-infused products to authorized patients. Nevada voters enacted a state constitutional amendment in 2000 mandating state lawmakers to allow for physicians to authorize qualified patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, that law did not provide for facilities where patients may obtain medicinal cannabis.

Approximately 3,800 Nevadans are presently authorized to grow and/or consume cannabis under state law.

Senate Bill 374 imposes limits on the home cultivation of cannabis if patients reside within 25-miles of an operating dispensary. However, patients who are cultivating specific strains of cannabis not provided by a local dispensary may continue to engage in the home cultivation of such strains. Patients who have an established history of cultivating medical cannabis prior to July 1, 2013, also may continue to do so until March 31, 2016.

The bill also amends possession limits from one-ounce to two and one-half ounces and increases plant cultivation limits from three mature plants to twelve.

Medical marijuana products dispensed by state-licensed facilities will be subject to standard state sales taxes as well as a 4 percent excise tax, of which 75 percent will be directed to education and 25 percent will be directed toward implementing and enforcing the regulations.

Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, and New Mexico have state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries up and running. Similar dispensary outlets are in the process of opening in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC.

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  1. Dr. Greenbeard on

    You have to have control over $250,000 in liquid assets to be eligible to operate in Nevada according to SB 374. Its all about to be for not because Nevada Supreme Court has been wrestling with issues since 2010 and will issue an opinion in September that could render all of this nullified. Wait til September but in the mean time…the cost of the program will decrease by 50%, usable amount increased from 1 to 2.5 oz, and plant count increased to 12 regardless of growth stage…

    But… They decided to make marijuana related crimes felonies again…and they have tried to copy an Arizona program that is going to have so many legal challenges it isnt even funny(this was by design btw)…so we shall see what happens…

  2. Now its not a matter of “IF” anymore its a matter of when all states will cave in on this issue. I have been a life long advocate concerning marijuana.
    The time has come for our corupted government, to put it to rest, one of the biggest lies they have been engaged in and come clean with the FACT, that marijuana is not as bad as they have been preaching since it was banned or made illegal.
    I live in Georgia and in 2014 it will be back on our ballot and since this movement has changed for the better, I believe it will pass with an overwelming vote. I participate every time this movement in Georgia comes up. I have wrote to our senators on both sides of the aisle.
    I have been on and off strong prescription drugs over the years for my ailiments and back in 2005, I sufford a stroke from one of those prescription meds I was on. I use marijuana to help me with my pain in my body with no bad side effects. I am doing my part, for the state of Georgia to decriminalize and legalize marijuana.

  3. I can’t help with any ideas cause I’m still in the bluegrass state but, I’ve learned horticulture the old fashioned way and will volunteer my services in anyway you could benefit. peace

  4. How can I open a dispensary to help these patients? I’ve been in the industry out here in humboldt CA for 20+ years Nd I fully understand the dynamics of a brick & morter possibility. And suggestions? I have about 150k in savings….-Lucas

  5. Michigan MC Patient #1253 on

    Lets keep the movement going. Legal medical cannabis should be legal in every state soon, and legalized everywhere, shortly thereafter. The time has come. Congrats to Nevada.

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