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Nevada Voters Will Decide On Marijuana Legalization In 2016


regulate marijuana like alcohol nevadaThe 2016 Election is going to be the biggest election in the history of the marijuana reform movement. As many as 16 states (by my count) could be voting on some form of marijuana legalization. One state has already put marijuana legalization on the ballot. That state is Nevada. Organizers gathered enough signatures to put marijuana legalization before the Nevada Legislature, and since the Nevada Legislature failed to act on the proposal, it now automatically goes on the 2106 Election ballot. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Under the terms of the initiative, the state Department of Taxation would oversee rec businesses, including vendors, growers, manufacturers, wholesalers and testing labs. A 15% excise tax would be applied to wholesale transactions, while retail sales would be taxed at already-established state and local rates, according to Marijuana Policy Project.

Zoning may still be an issue for some if the measure passes, since local governments will maintain control over locations for cannabis companies.

I hope we don’t see a situation in Nevada like we are seeing in Oregon. Similar to what happened in Nevada, Oregon lawmakers had a chance to pass their own version of marijuana legalization prior to voters passing legalization. Now they are scrambling after the fact to try impose their will and overturn the will of the voters by gutting the initiative. That’s unacceptable in Oregon, and would also be unacceptable in Nevada, or anywhere else for that matter. If politicians want their version of marijuana legalization to become the law of the land, they need to take the opportunity afforded to them, or step aside.


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  1. Southern Wine and Spirits has paid off legislators in the State of Nevada to control distribution. So if you own a cultivation and dispensary license, you must sell to Southern Wine and Spirits or Big Alcohol then buy back for dispensary. Its pretty fucked up

  2. Hear, hear!
    In fact, I’ve got a gentleman’s bet that Idaho will legalize before CA because of the greed of the growers (in CA) and the divisiveness of the differing “decrim/legalization” groups combined with the apathy of many of the CA users who can’t be bothered because of the “I’ve got mine” attitude.

  3. It’s already passed because all the Casio’s are getting involved and wanting to please their gamblers and the people really want it, it’s idiot’s in Cason City who do not want it

  4. The Other LA on

    DC is on the East Coast and has already beaten California on adult use legalization. Vermont and Rhode Island maybe set to do the same via their legislature. East Coast is not as far behind as you think.

  5. Malcolm Miraż on

    Fingers crossed for Nevada and California winning legalization in 2016. I can not wait to go back to my mother land of Northern California. Love the East Coast but it’s years behind the West when it comes to things like Liberty and Freedom. I guess it’s always been that way.

  6. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    People can champion freedom in days. Corruption is built on useless ideologies, that is funded by crooked men and blood money.

    America’s 12th richest person and chairman/CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Adelson, contributed $4.93 million of Drug Free Florida’s $5.8 million raised. Drug Free Florida is the organization leading the campaign against medical marijuana and is headed by former Reagan drug czar Carlton Turner.

    Only 15 percent of the no movement’s money came from in-state donations. According to recent polls, support for the yes vote is outweighing opposition, even with all of the money that Adelson threw at the campaign


    This is why I believe cannabis should be free now! The only people locking up freedom, represent scum and disinformation. Shame on those who ruined countless life’s for a corrupted law.

  7. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Sheldon Andelson. Putting in the money to stop amendment 2 in Florida. Now your gunna have full rec in your back yard. HA

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