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New, Bi-Partisan Medical Marijuana Bill In Pennsylvania


medical marijuana pennsylvaniaA new medical marijuana bill has been proposed in the Pennsylvania Senate by a longtime medical marijuana advocate, Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery), and a socially conservative senator, Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon). Sen. Folmer’s conservative history makes him an unlikely supporter of the bill, however, after a battle with cancer and meeting potential medical marijuana patients, he has a new perspective.

We’re not talking about banning Oxycontin, we’re not talking about banning Percocet, we’re not talking about banning Vicodin. If you’re gonna say that we’re afraid of the misuse of medical marijuana, you’ve gotta use that same philosophy and ban all the others also.

Do we want abuse of it? No, I don’t want abuse of alcohol, but that’s legal. This isn’t about somebody sitting around lighting up a doobie, this is about helping people who are sick.

Despite bi-partisan support in the Senate, some politicians are hoping the bill will fail. The opposition comes from other conservative senators as well as Governor Corbett. Despite increases in public support, new scientific studies, and the success of medical marijuana in other states, some politicians seem unwilling to consider the issue.

Erik Arneson, the spokesman for Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader, says it won’t change anything.

“I don’t sense any significant change in the views of the members of the Senate on the issue,” Arneson says. “And the governor remains clear in his stated intention to veto it if it ever were to pass. So we have no intentions of taking the bill up any time this session.”

Even though Senator Pileggi and Governor Corbett aren’t on board with this bill yet, there is strong support for bringing medical marijuana to Pennsylvania. A February poll shows that 82% of Pennsylvanian voters support medical marijuana.

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  1. Politicians that are so closed minded on this issue, yet intent on continuing their political careers, are committing political suicide. Kudos to these open minded and compassionate men who ARE stepping up in PA.

  2. John Hanger for Pa Governor! Please vote! Only 53% of Pennsylvanians want this, we need to have all our voices heard!

  3. Any general information on how your MS patients are working with high-CBD strains would be appreciated.

  4. Corbett’s ignorance and pigheadness on this issue is one of the many reasons he wont be re-elected next year. They will all act surprised when pro-cannabis candidate John Hanger defeats Corbett in a landslide in 2014. You just know that they will all say that they quitely & personally supported cannabis reform but didnt publicly support it out of political fear. They will all jump on the bandwagon and then we need to remove them from office. The only thing they support is their own interests. Thank you Senators Daylin Leach (AGAIN!) and Mike Folmer . Cannabis reform is way overdue in Pennsylvania. They all need to “grow a pair”.

  5. TheInvisibleHand on

    To deny a legitimate medicine that would alleviate so much suffering for people because of outdated prejudices is beyond cruel. 82% in PA WANT this. It’s time for PA residents to take back their government!

  6. Nowhere in America is it more obvious that elected representatives are out of touch with what the citizens want.
    How can these Pennsylvania Republicans refute legitimate polling that shows public support of over 80% and say something as uncaring as “it won’t change anything”.
    Conservative Republican Senator Mike Folmer rethought his position after having cancer himself, and I sure hope it doesn’t take a cancer diagnosis to bring the rest of these lawmakers around.

    Since being convicted of a felony for growing cannabis in my own garden to treat loved ones with cancer and multiple sclerosis, I’m not giving up on this one. And I’m not alone on this.

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