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New Development In Attempt To Destroy Medical Cannabis Law In Washington


medical marijuana washingon medicineBy Anthony Martinelli, Sensible Washington

House Bill 2149, the proposal to gut Washington State’s medical cannabis law, failed to receive a public hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee yesterday, which was the deadline for the bill to receive one. This means that the proposal, in its current form, won’t be advancing. However, according to staff of the committee, the proposal will be implemented into an upcoming budget bill, which will be voted on in the coming days (sometime before the session ends on March 13th).

Senate Bill 5887, a similar proposal, was given approval yesterday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and now sits in the Senate Rules Committee

It’s now more important than ever that those in Washington State contact their lawmakers and urge them to oppose the regressive changes that these measures would bring. Some of these changes include:

  • Creating a mandatory patient registry
  • Shutting down all collective gardens
  • Drastically reducing patients’ possession and cultivation limit
  • Putting medical cannabis under the same tax structure as recreational cannabis (25% at three different levels).

Those who oppose these changes should call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and voice their opinion; They can also look up their district’s lawmakers by clicking here.


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  1. i know its off topic, but if youre going to title an article with “how to grow without getting caught” and the first comment is some good advice on doing just that, and then the comment gets “moderated” instantly, really makes me wonder about the true intentions of this “weed blog” and the ppl. running things there.

  2. WHOA! That’s outrageous! Is that what voters passed? I read a lot of I-502, and I myself add a voter would NOT have voted for that. Legalizing cannabis is one thing. Legalizing it and STILL getting screwed over it is ANOTHER! I would never have voted for it with a GUN to my head. I’d have just as soon taken my chances with the status quo. But I’d never vote for legalizing something and Terry still be allowed to be thrown in jail and having the product TAXED into oblivion by prohibitionists who don’t want it legal in the first place. Bad trade off IMHO.

  3. 25% from grower to processor, 25% from processor to retailer, 25% for retailer – plus a standard 10% sales tax for customers.

  4. The sore loser conservatives won’t heed the will of the People. I live in Michigan, and they are trying to get around the provisions in our law the same way. Stay vigilant.

  5. firetheliberals on

    Clearly, the corrupt wa legislature that has never voted for cannabis, always been forced by voter initiative, has tobhave their a$$ kicked again. I contacted my legislators..

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