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New Effort Launched To Defend Oregon Marijuana Legalization


There are numerous attempts underway at the Oregon Legislature to rewrite Oregon Measure 91. Politicians are trying to go against the will of the 56% of voters that approved Measure 91. I voted for Oregon Measure 91 because it didn’t allow local sales taxes for marijuana. I voted for Measure 91 because it specifically stated that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program would not be changed by the passage of the initiative in anyway.

I voted for Oregon Measure 91 because it allowed municipalities to ban marijuana if they desired, but only if it came from a vote of the citizens of the municipality, not because a small handful of elected individuals want to impose their personal views on residents. Those are just a few. There are so many bad bills in Oregon’s Legislature right now targeting marijuana, that it’s very important to keep elected officials accountable right now and make them hear our voice.

Fortunately New Approach Oregon is fighting to see the initiative implemented in the form that voters voted for. Below is video footage about New Approach’s new campaign:


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  1. James DuMouchel on

    This is about way more than the “right” to get high. How about the right to live in a neighborhood free of a violent black market created by fear-of-freedom laws? What about taxes we pay to fund cops and courts, diverted from keeping us safe from real threats? Why are we deprived of the benefits of a thriving domestic industrial hemp trade? The list goes on and on, whether or not one is herself a toker.

  2. Dairy farms and porno hubs? That’s what you compare to growing marijuana? All tender shoots are food to wild mice as my early corn sprouts have been eaten in spring. A regular garden is much more inviting to small mammals. Should we ban them also? Also measure 91 was written to protect mmj. Why are you so down on marijuana?

  3. So you’re saying its cool if I start a dairy farm where ever I want no matter what the neighbors think? How about a pornography distribution hub with full service technicians?

    Yes, growing edible crops attracts rats and vermin. Cannabis stalks are actually a treat for small mammals and they have disturbed my past clandestine crops more than deer.

  4. It didn’t pass because most people don’t focus their lives around the “right” to get high. There was Constitutional Amendments up for signature gathering at the same time as M91.

  5. You mean like me…a felon for running OMMP cannabis without a license? I need a world where only qualified, competent, honest people sell products in the market. I need, especially, to not be subjugated to inferior “owners” or otherwise be subjugated to people with inferior skills and/or understanding.

  6. M91 passing wasn’t a promise by the legislator to not modify OMMP. OMMP has been a backwards law since its inception. I couldn’t believe people passed a law which causes black markets by stocking shelves and forbidding otherwise normal business income.

    Stop confusing legislative action with the letter of an initiative. M91 was not a measure to stop any changes to OMMP, it merely states that the measure itself does not change OMMP statutes. If it was, it would have been a Constitutional Amendment addressing OMMP directly.


    HB 3460 was instituted before M91 was passed btw.

  7. Whyiowa4medical on

    Hope you got my message Johnny. It seems that there is a lot we took for granted when we won. Especially, when the fundamentalist minority pushes it’s weight around. I do not understand this when they are “Jewish by adoption,” and the Jewish have been using it as medicine since approx. 500 BCE. They even went to the priests to get it as recently as Israel’s national medical legalization in 2014. If there is any possibility of getting 3/4ths of the states using medical cannabis, we could then force a Constitutional Amendment declassifying cannabis 100%. Then all these people who took the risk to get cannabis to us, illegally, all these years; with some doing life in prison and others with the rare death penalty under federal law can be freed!!! After all the many successes that have been accomplished, now it seems there may be steps backward coming. We all want to see the silver lining, and my hope is for the silver lining, but we have to remember there are powerful enemies out there. California bothered so few, with their perceived lifestyle, the enemies didn’t think enough about it, but now cannabis is coming closer and closer to the “Bible-belt” and they are throwing money and influence into reversing all the battles we have won. The mega-churches could have billions to use abroad, and to feed our poor, plus half of the world, but the Pastor’s mansion, fleet of cars, and lifestyle more befitting a rock star are throwing money and influence into the issue. I have caught these organizations with powerful friends, a big tendency to lie, and feeling they must police the world and our every behavior – even in our bedrooms and our bodies. Living in my illegal state where I’m lucky to scrape out a gram every couple months, I get so steamed I want to break every confidence I ever had with conservative churches in the early 1980’s. I know their game, as a medical professional (and in psychiatry in those days) I can out their form of hypnosis, their lies, the same stories I heard, verbatim, only local associate pastor names were inserted. Then their were the abortion films (shown to all but those in medicine) as what they depicted is physically impossible. Now they are only slightly distracted by a chance to overturn Roe v Wade, but we are coming on their radar fast. They have reported cannabis killing those smoking oils and dabs, and the old exploding stomachs from those forced to eat so much pot. I am seriously tired of America, as I will not call America the United anything until basic human rights are recognized and restored. If George Washington could smoke the exotic Asian Indian blends, then I should be able to as well!!!

  8. I hope that the voters hold those asshole legislators accountable. WTF? They had a chance to write their own legalization but somehow they weaseled out of it now they want to rewrite what the people came up with?

  9. I just wanted to say thanks Johnny for keeping this site up to date and for the useful hyperlinks and information.
    On another note, I sure wish we would have passed a constitutional amendment instead of an initiative. We could have avoided all this additional work upfront as opposed to keeping the wolves at bay after the media has conveniently checked out.
    It is quite a bit more difficult to rally the troops when there are less outlets discussing the issue. The cities and counties know that and they are doing their best to unravel a well designed law.

  10. Its not only the state legislature that’s trying to change what people voted for. Many cities and counties are trying to keep marijuana out. Scappoose and Columbia county are who I have to deal with.In an article in a local paper a county commissioner stated that he had heard that growing marijuana ‘attracts rats and vermin’!! MY GOD where and when is this guy from! There might be a proposal to stop a person from growing if neighbors don’t like the smell or say they are allergic. Scappoose wants to extend the moratorium on dispenseries. This in a county where highway 30 is littered with death markers (crosses) mostly caused by alcohol. Where there is a bar right across road from the high school called The Varsity! What message does that send to teens? Marijuana is legal now. The hypocrites need to stop trying to get arround what we voted for. I for one am making a list of the persons stomping on the laws we voted for. I’ll refer closely to it come next election. I’m not alone! 52% of the county voted in favor of legal marijuana. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

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