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New Gallup Poll Shows 58% Support For Legalizing Marijuana


marijuana legalization support gallup pollIt’s a great day to be a marijuana activist. For the first time a clear majority of Americans (58%) say marijuana should be legalized. Compare that to 1969, when Gallup found only 12% favored marijuana legalization. It takes a long time to fix people’s minds when they have been brainwashed for so many decades. In just under a year support for marijuana legalization has grown 10 percentage points.

Excerpts from the Gallup Poll:

Independents Fueling Growth in Acceptance of Legalizing Marijuana

Independents’ growing support for legalization has mostly driven the jump in Americans’ overall support. Sixty-two percent of independents now favor legalization, up 12 points from November 2012. Support for legalization among Democrats and Republicans saw little change. Yet there is a marked divide between Republicans, who still oppose legalizing marijuana, and Democrats and independents.

Young Adults More Likely to Support Legalization

Americans 65 and older are the only age group that still opposes legalizing marijuana. Still, support among this group has jumped 14 percentage points since 2011. In contrast, 67% of Americans aged 18 to 29 back legalization. Clear majorities of Americans aged 30 to 64 also favor legalization.

marijuana legalization support gallup poll


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  1. The numbers are up……. FOR NOW! Just wait. Its all downhill from here. Watch what happens next year when Alaska and Oregon tries to legalize marijuana and it fails thanks to that new anti marijuana organization.

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  3. Pessimism causes wrinkles and anxiety. You cannot change how people feel about what SAM (or Sabet) has to say. (I assume that Sabet and SAM are connected.) You can only passionately inform those willing to listen to both sides.

  4. Why am I so pessimistic? Just wait till the next round of states in 2014 and 2016 vote on Marijuana legalization. Im scared the voters are going to fall for what SAM is going to say.

  5. Sabet needs one of those 420 babes to change his mind (or to obtain information to blackmail him). (just kidding, sort of…) Bring this dude into the fold man, let’s stretch out our arms as wide as we can and give him a big, fat hug. We love you Kevin! Walk into the light, honey, the light won’t hurt you, nothing to be afraid of here in the light! All are welcome, all are welcome (famous movie line).

  6. Since I don’t watch or regularly read CNN news, I appreciate the info. Also, people who are interviewed by mainstream media can look like bullies if they are too aggressive, no?

  7. I watched this story on CNN yesterday. The woman prohibitionist who spoke against marijuana spouted the same old lies that Sabet promotes. The spokesperson for MPP was too kind. While I appreciate the work MMP does, I believe it’s time to be a little more aggressive when given the opportunity to dispel the myths on mainstream media shows. They need to step it up and stop worrying about offending people.

  8. The Tea Party, as it has devolved, has celebs that also travel all over they county spreading their word, and despite Ted Cruz saying “The American people think ____”, ” The American people want ___” it doesn’t mean they are a majority, or even a large group of people.

    My point is, they don’t represent the mainstream of America no matter how loud they are. So it is with prohibitionists as well. The numbers show support is up for legalization, and the mainstream of America now, boomers and gens xyand z, are not going to go back to believing the government created cannabis lies that they know to be false from their own experiences. More true information will trump the made up shit. Things are changing, but SAM is a just bump in the road.

  9. How can you feel so pessimistic, with the numbers as they are? Every talking point Sabet has can be refuted with facts. He is fighting a loosing battle and is not as effective as you give him credit for. If anything will tumble the roll “pro-marijuana” is on, it will be the realization that a litigious society such as we are, is going to cause all sorts of nightmares for legalization.

  10. Once again, I agree. The numbers of people worldwide that believe the War on Drugs is working is very low and receding daily. And as more stories come to the light of the mainstream media about the lives marijuana laws have ruined, the better off we’ll all be on this side of the controversy.

  11. Check out sabets op-ed on CNN, the comments were not turned off, last I checked, it had over 3500 comments, I glanced through over 200 of them, there was not one comment in support of his position that I saw. I am sure he was not happy about comments being left on.

  12. New blog about this poll from “the joker” on the Huffington Post.

    Lo and behold, the comments section is DISABLED. This is not the first HP blog entry he’s been too chicken to allow comments on.

    Have fun! May I suggest the title “Kevin Sabet fails at his job.”

  13. If you look at the trends overall, it would seem that (while it took a long time), the War on Drugs might actually be (partially) responsible for changing negative cannabis attitudes into positive ones.

  14. Winning this war requires a miracle. One out of at least 3 things must happen.

    1. The entire team of SAM mysteriously dies. It could be a plane crash, car crash, slipping on ice, choking on food, getting a heart attack or whatever that is.

    2. All their doomsday predictions blow up in their face. Meaning fewer kids use marijuana, fewer stoned driving wrecks, crime drops, workplace productivity increases, the economy improves.

    3. Every single one of the 25-30 million or so regular tokers in America treats the Marijuana issue the same way NRA members treat the gun issue. This means that all of you are going to have to join NORML, all of you are going to have to become monthly dues paying members, all of you are going to have to vote in every single election as a bloc for marijuana legalization year in and year out. All of you are going to have to complain about what Project Sam is doing and how theyre disguising total marijuana prohibition as this smart new approach.

    If none of those things happen, its OVER!

  15. Most people havent heard of them but theyre growing fast. Theyre traveling all over the country. Everywhere they go, you lose another supporter. They got a bipartisan coalition so you and your people are gonna be so extreme that both parties will be fighting against you equally. It wont be long before marijuana legalization supporters will be as marginalized as NAMBLA if things dont change quick.

  16. Hey, it’s my favorite concern troll, Vuttomundo-Alkoholokaust-Dummycrap-Yukuloot-what’s your latest sock puppet name, Joe Voll? Whatever.

    Take note: Before Project SAM existed, 48% of America supported legalization. After one year of Project SAM, 58% support legalization. Keep up the great work, Project SAM!

  17. yes, most conservatives favor individual freedoms… so remind them that consuming cannabis IS a freedom issue

  18. Wer NOT out of the woods yet! We still gotta deal with this new opposition (I wont name who), but you can take a guess. Its the guy that says maintaining marijuana prohibition is “smart” and is traveling all over the country to get the general public to support his “smart approach”. He says “you can be against legalizing marijuana without supporting incarceration”. He’s scaring people about a legal marijuana market “targeting kids and black people”, like the tobacco companies. If these people get their way you wont be able to possess any amount of marijuana without large fines and forced treatment. You wont be able to grow your own marijuana for your own use without the risk of incarceration. You wont be able to buy marijuana from a store. You would be forced to rely on criminal black market drug dealers to buy marijuana. None of the protections allowed in Colorado would exist if they get their way. Thats what they want……………….. Unless a strong majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana, treating it like alcohol and think adults should be allowed to buy, use, possess and grow marijuana with no penalties despite what they say and despite more kids using marijuana, I remain pessimistic about the future. Any negative marijuana incident like “more kids using marijuana” or “marijuana candy passed out to kids on halloween”, or “stoned car wrecks”, theyre going to jump all over it. Unless marijuana advocates could overcome this new threat for sure, I remain pessimistic. This could be a repeat of the 1980s coming soon.

  19. I believe it has medical value and I believe it can save lives. Years of keeping it from our sick people and from being fully researched is the real shame I feel.

  20. I am working on conservative friends who have declared affiliation with the R’s. I have pointed out that prohibition is a big government policy. It is also a individual rights and state rights issue, both something R’s stump for. Point this out to your right wing friends and see what they say.

  21. OK, I will admit it. I am an independent, and I have bashed both Rs and Ds on other sites. But when it comes to the issue of cannabis legalization, this site is sacred. I invite all people of every persuasion and race to gather under the tent of legalization. I will hold my tongue while under this tent, and just give you a big hug.

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