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New Hampshire House Passes Decriminalization Bill


The New Hampshire House voted 214 to 137 to decriminalize marijuana today, after recommendations from the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. However, the victory will be short lived (see link). Governor John Lynch has already said he will veto the bill if it makes it to his desk. The bill would have made possession of less than ¼ oz of marijuana a civil citation ($200) for people over 18. Currently the offense is a misdemeanor crime, punishable by a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. This isn’t the first time that the House passed this type of legislation. In 2008 the bill passed the house, only to die in the Senate after threats by the Governor’s Office that it would be vetoed.

When asked why Governor Lynch would veto the bill, he said, “Marijuana is a controlled drug that remains illegal under federal law. I share the law enforcement community’s concerns about proliferation of this drug. In addition, New Hampshire parents are struggling to keep their kids away from marijuana and other drugs. We should not make the jobs of parents, or law enforcement, harder by sending a false message that some marijuana use is acceptable.”

Rep. Joel Winters, D-Manchester, felt the bill was needed in order to keep prosecutors from pursuing small possessions. He said, “Prosecutors aren’t going to be able to threaten jail time for small amounts of marijuana.” Rep. Winters also pointed out that there is a provision in the bill that would require parental notification if a minor was in violation. Gov. Lynch vetoed medical marijuana legislation seven months ago, citing concerns over distribution and cultivation and the potential for abuse. Medical marijuana supporters said they would reintroduce the medical marijuana bill in 2011. I hope when Mr. Lynch is up for re-election, the voters of New Hampshire stick it to him. What a dick!



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  1. Cigarettes kill more people a day than pot, there legal because feds make money. Rest easy good people it will be completely legal once they figure out how to tax it and legalize without pissing people off. When I was younger My buddy and I once tried to commit suicide by smoking a half ounce of pot one joint after another ( wink wink ) still here today. Here’s a thought walk into any police, government office and do a truly random drug test talk about, think about it. Police today have there hands full with all the crime Murder, Rape etc. Time to move on and get with the time. so in that LIGHT-EM IF YOU GOTTEM

  2. the almighty put in on earth to be enjoyed and help you relax, it is the one and only drug that is pure there’s not else to it. even alcohol it a proses but will marijuana you just pick and go. if people want to talk bad about it maybe they should learn more about it. the only way that well get lynch to change his mind is to have him smoke some and see how it feels to have your mind the way it is naturally when you are born calm and relaxed.

  3. I want what Fe is smoking! My knee hurts where my leg used to be. Are narcotics safer than cannabis? Because cannabis works and gives me an appetite.
    Lets see, the nicotine content in cigarettes has been classified as a narcotic substance by the FDA and cigarettes are still legal. Does Governor lynch smoke cigarettes like President Obama? How about any of the other politicians that oppose legalization? Do they smoke cigarettes? Seems like a hypocrisy to me. Even second cigarette smoke has been declared a carcinogenic for those who are forced to inhale against their will. Yet, cigarettes are legal.
    I believe Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use, enjoyment ( like cigarettes) and for medical purposes (unlike legal cigarettes). for individuals at least 18 and over. I think that the same common sense with respect to driving and voting for politicians that oppose total legalization etc. should apply of course.
    Time for a snack.
    Bud Greene

  4. The point to decriminalize weed is to make room in jAil for all the perverts and actual criminals who actually deserve to be there not so ppl can toke when they want

  5. wait so I’m 16 and if it does get decriminalized whats the point we still get fined i mean like damn whats the point if your decriminalizing it just make so if you get busted with more than 1/2 ounce just fine $400 and if you get busted with less nothing then shouldn’t do a thing. I just cant wait till they legalize it and if they don’t I’m moving to Maine or Mass or even Cali just so i can grow and toke without giving a fuck

  6. Lynch is a bit of a shyster and im tired of it. Im an honorably discharged combat veteran with issues including PTSD. This guy has had the oppurtunity to Let the Med Marijuana Pass and he squashed it. NOW THIS LYNCH!!! Im gonna crack and when people start cracking weve got issues. Instead standing in the way of a functioning democracy Lynch should just resign. The idiot has really helped but NH in the hurt box and every chance he gets he sticks it to small NH businesses. All because he couldnt balance a budget even b4 the recession. This guys almost seems republican????

  7. He’s not only going against the will of the people, but also against all the Democrat representatives which support the bill. Lets make sure John Lynch feels the pressure and changes his mind on the issue. If you click my name you’ll go my marijuana video blog where I’ve included links to the Democratic Party of New Hampshire as well as to Governor John Lynch. Take a few minutes and let them know how you feel about this man, and his desire not to uphold the will of the people.

  8. Way to tow the party line, Governor Coward. NH does have great prices on booze, though. I see that evidence whenever I go to Hampton Beach and see all the loaded teens. Dishonest politics from top to bottom. Live Free or Don’t.

  9. I always find it amusing when a NH politician talks about “proliferation” of drugs when the State spends money to advertise its low liquor prices in the Boston Market…Someone has deep hooks into Lynch as he vetoed the Medical MJ after even the right wing Union Leader newspaper came out in favor…time for a Citizen’s Initiative

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