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New Hampshire Senators Crush Patients’ Hopes For Home Marijuana Cultivation


new hampshire medical marijuanaEarlier this month, patients practically begged the New Hampshire Senate Health, Education, and Human Services Committee to approve HB 1622, a bill that would allow them to grow up to two mature marijuana plants until a dispensary opens within 30 miles of their residences.

Sadly, even though this bill had already passed the New Hampshire House with 227-73 (76%) support, and even though all five senators on the committee had previously supported home cultivation, the committee refused to move HB 1622 forward. Only Senator John Reagan (R-Deerfield) spoke up on behalf of patients who can’t afford to wait for dispensaries to open, but his appeals fell on deaf ears. After very little discussion, the committee voted 3-1 to recommend the bill for “interim study,” which would effectively kill it for the year.

It’s clear that the Senate has no actual intention of studying this bill. Less than a week after the Senate refused to consider a House-approved decriminalization bill, senators are again attempting to avoid a vote on whether or not patients should be allowed to grow their own cannabis.

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  1. People please the best thing anyone an do for legalization is call and email your government politictions do this often. Be nice be polite. Remember they only get your vote if you vote for them. Which means you have to be more vocal the the ultra conservatives who take a blind eye to everything that does,not conform to there views. So rally your friends. Because only you can change the laws. Your vote counts so tell your politictions so

  2. I agree, that may be what it takes. These people are ridiculous. It’s so crazy that until these people see it close up and personal, everyone else has to wait.

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