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New International Study: Herbal Cannabis More Effective Than Pharmaceutical Cannabinoids


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A new study published by the National Institute of Health, which is the most comprehensive of its kind, has found that natural, herbal cannabis is a more effective medicine than pharmaceutical medicines based, or derived from cannabis and cannabinoids.

“Cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, are the most important active constituents of the cannabis plant”, states the study’s abstract; “Over recent years, cannabinoid-based medicines (CBMs) have become increasingly available to patients in many countries, both as pharmaceutical products and as herbal cannabis (marijuana). While there seems to be a demand for multiple cannabinoid-based therapeutic products, specifically for symptomatic amelioration in chronic diseases, therapeutic effects of different CBMs have only been directly compared in a few clinical studies.”

For the study, researchers surveyed 953 particpants from 31 different countries, making this the ” largest international survey on a wide variety of users of cannabinoid-based medicine performed so far”, according to researchers.

While conducting this study, researchers found that; “In general, herbal non-pharmaceutical CBMs received higher appreciation scores by participants than pharmaceutical products containing cannabinoids.”

They conclude; “The reported data may be useful for further development of safe and effective medications based on cannabis and single cannabinoids.”

The study can be found by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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Johnny Green


  1. Scott Sherwood on

    Gotta be cops. I wrote to the publisher a few hrs. ago, haven’t heard back yet. No there are suckers born every second. I read some posts saying they got burned by x y or z from those adds

  2. Scott Sherwood on

    No, never worked for anyone, it was a $600 a month hoax trying to prove pig pharma could make something out of cannabinols But the new drug sustevex spray for MS works very well. It’s a nasal or sub-lingual spray.

  3. I don’t understand why they keep coming back. Do you think the marketing actually works? Or is it mostly cops?

  4. Hey Big Shot. Took Marinol for years too. Didn’t even work for nausea. But it might work for lightweights?

  5. Scott Sherwood on

    I always wonder how these rip off artists don’t get busted. They commit fraud if they take your money and don’t give you anything in return. If they do I can think of a bunch of illegal acts they just commited. If it is a licenced dispensary they won’t advertise here in “comments”, they buy space in the paper or blog.

  6. Scott Sherwood on

    Thanks for the informative post Johnny. Great things come from great weed, not some pill that is fake!.

  7. Scott Sherwood on

    Hi J. Pharmaceutical cannabinoid combinations are pretty much non-existent. For years Marinol was the only thing made by big pharma. It is very difficult to do a study like this with such a limited supply of pharmaceutical cannabinoids. I did answer a survey just like this one a few months ago. I used marinol until ’96 when marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes.

  8. The person in your stock photo (on this article) is not simply smoking “herbal cannabis”, they are lacing it with inhaled lighter fluid gas that is pouring out (mixed with flame) of that tipped over lighter.

  9. Marijuana, AKA cannabis hemp, can’t cause overdose because it is like broccoli. It is meant to be eaten raw and thrown into your salad, or mixed in the juices you drink. It does not get you high this way and gives your body tremendous unreal health benefits by strengthening your cannabinoid system, that is involved in regulating your body’s physiological processes. Hemp seed, and especially hemp seed oil is the most superior balanced Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 containing supplement. This also strengthens your cannabinoid system, which is a big reason why fish oil also gives you so many health benefits and reduces inflammation problems (like cannabis). The female plants can be isolated and grown for their resin, or oil properties. The resin can be enjoyed by anyone, and will provide further stimulation of this system. Overstimulantion this system will cause a brief period of relaxation, intoxication, and sleepiness. With daily use, these effects are reduced through tolerance and the resin simply goes back to becoming a regulatory stimulant for the user (this is why medical cannabis users with all sorts of varying ailments feel that cannabis makes them feel more “normal”). Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity and the facts already present and known will make their way into the eyes of the public. These facts cannot be suppressed anymore in the information age.

  10. From the study:
    In general, herbal non-pharmaceutical CBMs received higher appreciation scores by participants than pharmaceutical products containing cannabinoids. However, the number of patients who reported experience with pharmaceutical products was low, limiting conclusions on preferences.

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