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New Jersey Doctors Must Try to Wean Patients off Marijuana


New Jersey sure has had a rough time with its new medical marijuana law, and although I mentioned this in last night’s SFL, I wanted to write an article about it. New Jersey’s newest speed bump comes from Gov. Christie’s administration proposing that when the law goes into effect next year, doctors will have to “make responsible efforts” to wean their patients off marijuana at least every 3 months. Christie’s administration claims these routine evaluations are to ensure that patients are not becoming addicts.

One of the law’s sponsors and a lobbyist for the medicinal marijuana program expressed surprise and disappointment with the proposal, calling it the latest assault on the law Christie inherited when he took office in January.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) and Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) have sponsored a resolution awaiting a floor vote that would repeal the medical marijuana program rules as written by the Department of Health and Senior Services. They claim the rules – which include stricter limits on the drug’s potency and how many may outlets shall grow and sell it – would make it too restrictive to benefit those who really need it.

Scutari said he would consider moving to repeal these rules too. He said he expected doctors would be monitoring their patients’ marijuana use, but didn’t want them to discourage its use at every opportunity.

“It should be treated like every other medicine,’’ Scutari said. “I did not envision doctors would have to be told to stop writing prescriptions. They know how to treat their patients.”

Roseanne Scotti of the Drug Policy Alliance of New Jersey said she believes the Christie administration is “bogging down the law with so many completely unnecessary and outrageous regulations, it won’t be workable.”

“I don’t know of any other medication where a doctor is required to wean patients off. There are many other drugs that have such a higher potential for abuse and addiction,” Scotti said.

Health Commissioner Poonam Alaigh has defended the strict rules to guard against the state from becoming too lax, like California and Colorado. The program is designed “to ensure that a physician has an ongoing relationship with a patient and that medicinal marijuana is only available to those patients who truly need it.”

This is just another attempt by ignorant people to stop marijuana from becoming socially accepted. You all remember how hard it was when you were a kid to accept that Santa wasn’t real? Well imagine that your whole life you have been told that Santa is real and then when you are in your 40’s someone tries to explain to you that he doesn’t exist; of course you aren’t going to believe them! Look, I know it’s hard for some people to believe that marijuana can be so beneficial and harmless after they’ve been told their whole life that it kills brain cells and causes cancer, but you can’t deny it any more! Stop making stupid rules and regulations to try and clog up the system, and stop treating marijuana like a Schedule I drug. It greatly improves the lives of the people that need it, so cut the bullshit and let them have their medicine.


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  1. I had a really long blog ready to launch and this damn computer did something and I lost it all.Just to show how pissed I am about the ‘mmj’ crap going on in New Jersey behind Gov Christie,I’m gonna’ try it again.How can one person in this day and age hold so much power that he can take a legally propogated law and just say,OK,we’re not going to do this and get away with it.Pleeze people of the ‘420 community’ help me here.It’s not just the ‘mmj’ issue,but also how one elected official can hold up ‘due process’ and stop the implimentation of a law that was voted on and passed by the NJ lawmakers.Our ‘mmj’ bill was passed more than 6 months ago and we still have people suffering when they should be getting relief from this innocuous little weed.If my spelling is off please forgive me,I’m not typing w/one hand and holding a dictionary w/the other.First,as we all know already,Rutgers U who was originally supposed to grow our ‘mmj’ in greenhouses dodged the bullet by saying that they would lose federal grant money if they did it.Was Gov Christie maybe whispering in their ‘collective’ ears to convince them that they wouldn’t make as much money on growing and selling ‘mmj’? Maybe or maybe good ol’ ivy league Rutgers U has opted out of the whole program for it’s historical sake.Maybe it’s all of the rich,right wing ivy league alumni,that will cut off their money! What we need here is the support of our ‘420’ brothers and sisters.If this was California the whole west coast ‘420’ movement would be up in arms,but who cares about New Jersey,,,they’re a joke anyway.Well,if we’re such a joke,why are there no comedians using our predicament in their acts.NJ has a lot of shit thats laughable and this should put us over the top to be beaten down w/comedic stage act regularity.NJ the landfill,mafia body dump that can’t even take advantage of laws that were voted into the books only to find out that this “Farenheit 451” Gov Christie is burning all the books behind him.I really wish that I could remember what I typed in the first edition of this comment.I was eloquent,wise and a lot more pissed off than I am now.This is where it’s at.NJ ‘Compassion Care Bill’ was passed by our lawmakers about 6 or 9 or 5 months ago and w/the help of our Rutgers people,,all ready to be taking care of legal ‘mmj’ patients.Just to calm your jets and stop you from thinking that I’m only a proponent of this action ’cause I want to get high,know this.I smoked my first joint on May 26,1970,the day after I arrived in Thailand where I could fix OV-10 Broncos so that they,in turn,could fly over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and North Vietnam and kill all the little yellow people that they could find.I started the day after I arrived in Thailand and been on a roll ever since.OK? Now,I suffer from hepatitus ‘C’ and do qualify to be one of these patients.I knew,from self medicating that I got relief from this little weed.I was successfully treated for my hep ‘C’ about 10 years ago,but if you know anything about hep’C’,you know that you are never completely healed of this liver eating malady.It has been flairing up again and I am back in my doctors office at the Veterans Hospital.Since the VA has come to be the first federal entity to give their OK for ‘mmj’,VA doctors can make recommendations for their patients who need it’s relief.I think that ‘mmj’ is in my future.I’ve already spoken to my VA doctor about this and he said that he would make the recommendation for the edible form because he feels that smoking it would be just as bad as smoking cigaretts.I’ve been smoking cigaretts for about 5 yrs longer than I’ve been smoking marijuana.I can thank the military for putting me in a position to start smoking weed when it was just in it’s beginning stages in the states and now it should be up to this military offshoot to give me relief from my hep’C’ ills.So am I qualified to be a proponent of this treatment.I surely hope so.So how ’bout all of you west coasters give us Jerseyites a little politico help in getting Christie off of his throne and get our ball to rollin’.They don’t say that we’re not going to get it,but every time the sun starts to shine,Christie finds a way to rain on our parade.Any ‘420’ proponent who reads this agrees w/me I know,’cause only ‘stoners’ read this.What I want is actions! Help us write to the people in NJ that count the votes and let them know just how much this law that their playing with has done to all the qualified people that get treated in the western states.People around here don’t even know how to get a good rally or demonstration going.If you can read this in Washington Mr Representative Scott Garrett,how ’bout taking this on as a cause for you to get behind.I’ve come to you before,I thought that we were buddies.I even voted for you ’cause I think that your a stand up guy and someone with an eye toward the future.While we’re at it,how ’bout getting Marijuana off of the DEA schedule 1 list? It does have a medical use and doesn’t belong up there w/heroin,qualudes,cocaine and crank! What about you NinjaSmoker,any ideas? How ’bout maybe a jujitsu blunt or karate kush? This comment is not even close to the one that my ‘puter ate,matter of fact it’s mostly on me and my whys,but forget about me and help get some help for others that are worse off than I am.Ya’ know NJ is the “Garden State” and we have a lot of corn fields that could be turned over to cannabis/hemp cultivation.These farmers would gain more revenue from hemp than corn and NJ is perfect for a thriving hemp industry.We can not only gro it,but also have a lot of landfill to build factories on and lots of abandoned factories that could be modified to produce oil,down where we have refineries already.Help us go for it pleeeezzee???

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