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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Eases Restrictions On Medical Marijuana Program


new jersey medical marijuanaAdvocates Applaud Sensible and Compassionate Action

Trenton, NJ— Gov. Chris Christie drew praise from medical marijuana advocates as he announced he would remove certain restrictions from the state’s medical marijuana program.

In a conditional veto of Senate Bill 2842 the Governor approved the lifting of the three strain limit on the types of medical marijuana that the state’s Alternative Treatment Centers can grow.  He also agreed to allow “edible” products for minors.  The edible products had been banned in the state’s regulations even though they are a more suitable form of medication form minors and in some cases the only way minors can ingest the medicine.  The revised bill will need to go back to the legislature for final approval.

“This is wonderful news,” said Roseanne Scotti, New Jersey state director of the Drug Policy Alliance.  ”We and the patients we work with are grateful that Governor Christie agreed to these common-sense and compassionate changes.  This will allow seriously ill children like Vivian Wilson another option for treating their often life-threatening illnesses.  And the removal of the cap on the types of marijuana that can be produced will allow real innovation and better options for patients. ”

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  1. God I wish we had that in NJ. Christie doesn’t want the program to succeed. In 3.6 years we have only 124 people that can get medical marijuana and now even they are on a 2 month hold while they build up the supply for the current 124.

  2. Actually, in essence he vetoed it. Even if the legislature makes the changes he says he wants he still has the power to veto the bill. Which of course he wont get until after his re-election in early November.

    Given how screwed up the medical marijuana program in NJ is I would not put it past him to veto the new bill. He has made the it clear by his hampering actions on implementing the 3.6 year old law. Currently a little over 1000 people have their cards, so far only 124 patients have been able to purchase the medicine. But, even now those 124 patients are on a two month hold while the dispensary rebuilds it’s supply so no one is getting their medicine. Also the state allows about 225 doctors to prescribe the MM but half of them have stated that they will not do so because they don’t want to wind up being a Dr. that has only medical marijuana patients. Doctors offices were overwhelmed with calls when the list of Doctors came out, lots dropped out then.

    There are tens of thousands of us with qualifying diseases or conditions that are waiting for the program to get going before we pay $800 for 4 doctors visits and $200 more for the 2 year card. If I got the card now it could very well be expired before the program gets going to the point that I finally could have medical marijuana in my hand.

    Come on Christie, get with the program and make it work. We live in the “Garden” state but you can’t seem to get a program that grows a weed off the ground!

  3. That is so unfair to those that cannot afford enough to properly medicate their respective conditions. Depending on the medical issue it can get really expensive. I use 24 oz a month in the form of tincture and edibles and some smoking. Thanks to prop 420 in cali I can grow up to 99 plants and possess 18 lbs a year for my medical needs.

  4. Seems like Gov. Christie watched the Sanjay Gupta special. That’s a good thing and hopefully we will see more of this kind of common sense pop up all over the country.

  5. Wow…. Common sense LEGISLATING for a change. THIS is how shit gets done! WTG Governor Christie

  6. Thank you Governor Christie for using your heart as well as your mind in doing the thing for your state. We need more common sense people like this in government. Good Job Sir!

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