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New Jersey Legislature Passes Bill To Improve Medical Marijuana Access


new jersey medical marijuanaNew Jersey’s medical marijuana law has shown itself to be overly restrictive and flawed in many ways, but fortunately, the legislature has approved a bill that would make a few significant improvements.

S2842/A4241 was drafted on behalf of two-year-old patient Vivian Wilson, who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome but has not been able to benefit from the state’s the program. The bill, which has been supported by our allies at the Drug Policy Alliance, would make three significant changes to New Jersey’s law:

* It would remove the requirement that an alternative treatment center may only grow three strains of marijuana.
* It would allow medical marijuana to be distributed in edible forms and other forms approved by the Commissioner of Health.
* It would remove the requirement that minor patients with serious illnesses must receive a recommendation from a pediatrician and psychiatrist in addition to the treating physician.

This bill passed the Assembly Monday in a 55-13 vote after having previously been approved by the Senate, 24-14. However, Gov. Chris Christie has not indicated whether he will sign the bill, and in an interview last month, he said he’s “not inclined to allow” minors to have access to medical marijuana.

If you are a New Jersey resident, please call Gov. Christie today and urge him to sign this bill.

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  1. No access for minors?! Well I’m sure oxycotton is SO much better. Not to mention the other 10-15 more pills to take for other reasons that may work but destroy your body. Stupid people.Stupid.

  2. This should wake the people up in N.J. Christie isn’t gonna do anything til obumer gives him the nod. This is a prime example of polititians putting their career ahead of the people. I can’t believe the piece of whale shit would stand in the way of a child getting a medicine that would help. I’m not blowing steam, I’m stating a fact from my personal experience with using canna-oil as a medicine. CHRISTIE, YOU DUMBASS, IT WORKS. Grab a twinkie and go sit in the corner.

  3. Would Chris Christie rather see a 2 year old prescribed like 20 different meds. Physically addicting opiates and all sorts of chemicals. Not good.

  4. This Governor sounds like a real asshole. A 2 year old child needs help and the Gov. says no…

  5. Thomas Lonardo on

    I have a question for Governor Christie What would you do for a Klondike bar Mother fucker

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