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New Jersey Supreme Court Decides 5 Years Is Fair For MS Patient Growning Marijuana


John Ray WilsonFamily, senators and community seek pardon from Governor

Multiple sclerosis (MS) patient John Ray Wilson is preparing to resume his 5-year prison sentence after the state Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal on January 20. Attorney William Buckman called the result “wrongheaded and a vicious travesty.”

Wilson was arrested on August 18, 2008 and charged with “manufacturing” 17 marijuana plants that he used to treat his MS. Wilson faced 20 years in state prison for this crime.

The jury was not allowed to hear details about Wilson’s condition, essentially removing his only defense. In December 2009, Wilson was acquitted of the most serious charge but convicted of a second-degree charge of manufacturing marijuana. He was sentenced to five years in prison on March 19, 2010. Members of the community protested outside the courthouse in Somerville.

On July 26, 2011, an appellate court ruling affirmed the conviction and sentencing. The court agreed with the trial judge there was no “personal use” exemption to the charge. They agreed that five years in prison for this crime was an appropriate sentence.

Governor Chris Christie ignored appeals from state Senators Nicholas Scutari and Raymond Lesniak seeking a pardon. The official pardon request to the Office of the Governor remains active.

“This is further proof that there is no justice for medical marijuana patients in New Jersey,” said Ken Wolski, RN, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ).

MS is a qualifying condition for marijuana therapy in New Jersey according to the two-year-old Compassionate Use Act, but the state’s Medicinal Marijuana Program is not operational yet.

The National MS Society confirmed that standard therapies often provide inadequate relief for the symptoms of MS and that marijuana helps with MS symptoms such as pain and spasticity and could limit disease progression. An estimated 15% of people with the disease use marijuana for symptom relief.

Chris Goldstein on the Board of Directors at CMMNJ said, “How many more seriously ill residents are we going to pay to send to prison? We call on Governor Chris Christie to demonstrate his compassion for qualifying medical marijuana patients and his commitment to a new stance on non-violent drug offenders by issuing a pardon for John Ray Wilson.”

For more information about this release, please contact Ken Wolski (609) 394 2137 or Chris Goldstein (267) 702 3731.

CMMNJ, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is a non-profit educational organization.
Coalition for Medical Marijuana–New Jersey, Inc. www.cmmnj.org
219 Woodside Ave., Trenton, NJ 08618


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  1. meanwhile 50,000 americans have been killed by illegals since 9/11. and those mutherfuckers get a slap on the wrist and a free bus ride home. something for that fucked up judge and law enforcement to consider while they put law abiding people in jail for growing a weed.

  2. Someone please tell me why the good citizens of this country are unwilling to take up arms against the legislators who wrote these oppressive penalties into law and the court justices willing to impose such sentences against the citizens. There could be no more obvious an example of why our revolutionary Founding Fathers gave the citizens of the nation the right to bear arms.

  3. They get us addicted to talwin a type of heroin, they hook people on oxcycontint, but that’s ok. If we want to use a natural remedy one with no side effect to aid in our suffering we go to prison with merders for wanting not to suffer so much that is f upped. We r the government. We want to be respected, don’t treat us like were dumb, we are not we are getting stronger everyday. We only want natural remendys. Only a ogler would want people to suffer. Let’s do what is right. If anyone had ms they would understand suffering, do not allow someone who’s life is a living hell to suffer more for no good reason. Let’s free our sick disabled and suffering American people once and for all. God bless

  4. David McElwain on

    I am amazed. No, I am not amazed. The US judicial system works in utterly mysterious ways. That a man’s medical condition is considered irrelevant in a case like this where it is blindingly obvious that Marijuana alleviates spasticity symptoms and he is a man with MS is like saying that a man saying f*** you to a cop because he has Tourettes is unable to use Tourettes as a defence. Go figure….. as a person with MS myself I have followed this case over the last while and I think this is a gross violation of Mr Wilson’s rights and a decision made with legalistic logic in mind and absolutely no humanity. Shame!

  5. This is so ridiculous and saddens me that at this day an age the government is ruining peoples lives who already are suffering. I pray for this man and know in my heart something good will come out of this. I suffer from a debilitating disease and mm has given me hope.and i will stand by this till the day i die. Those people will pay in the end for there heartless,cruel and inhumane ways. John i will pray for you and god has a plan.

  6. This is shameful. I’m so embarrassed to live in a country where 17 healing plants equal 20 years behind bars. :(

  7. It doesn’t take much to see who the real criminals are here in this case. And it isn’t this guy that is battling MS. These Godless, clueless, govt morons will surely go to Hell….

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