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New Legal, Over The Counter Cannabis Medicine Released For Pets


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Two veterinarians and an entrepreneur from MIT have leveraged the high CBD content of industrial hemp and determined the proper dosages for pets, releasing supplements specifically for the health and well-being of cats and dogs, under the name Canna-Pets, according to a press release sent out yesterday.

After seventeen years of research and development, and five years of clinical trials, these supplements are now available directly to the public, over-the-counter and without a prescription.

According to the organization’s press release; “Canna-Pet supplements are all natural, completely safe, and grant health benefits without any “high.” Sprinkling a tiny measured dose into a pet’s food daily will bring observable results in less than a week.”

They continue; “Canna-Pet supplements are legal and non-psychoactive, because they are refined entirely from industrial hemp, which has nearly zero THC. There are zero negative side-effects and no medical conflicts.”

“While medical testing continues to confirm the benefits of CBD in humans, we already know it has amazing benefits in small animals, so the time had come to release a supplement specifically for our favorite small animals – our cats and dogs”, says Dan Goldfarb, one of the founders of CannaSalus LLC.

He continues; “Over the past five years in our clinical testing we have observed remarkable benefits for pets with cancer, arthritis, diabetes, digestive issues, chronic pain, nausea, and those receiving palliative care. These benefits are apparent within just a few days… Over the long-term animals receiving Canna-Pet demonstrated.”

“We also find that Canna-Pet can be used as a supplemental therapy to reduce the side effects and cost of pharmaceuticals being administered to many pets.”

You can find more information on their website, by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. Conversation started today

    Sue Miller

    We make our own bud butter from pure raw coconut oil, and have been giving it to our 14 year old Border collie X with cataracts and various aches and pains. She gets a wee spoonful in each of her two meals, and in ONE WEEK, she is going up our 13 stairs to the bedroom and back down with ease. Her eyes are clearing up like a miracle, and she sleeps like a baby at night, no more fidgeting and constant ups and downs off the floor.
    Her appetite has increased, and her fur is gorgeous and shiney like a pup again.
    Just wanted to share a story from a fellow advocate.
    Cheerz from Toronto, Canada

  2. My dogs are the blunt-puffers, n they truly appreciate the smoke. Helped with regulating the temper/aggression problems with few of them in my kennel.

  3. But I don’t feel bad about squashing a spider. Or ants. (If there is a cannabis reference I can make with spider and ant, then I can’t think of it.)

  4. I had a dog who started to follow me when he knew I was going to smoke a bowl and would try to sit real close which was odd because he avoided the smoke for years prior. Took him to the vet and found out he had an exposed nerve in one of his rear teeth. After I had the tooth extracted he stopped wanting to smoke bowls with me,

  5. When a dog of mine was dying of cancer, DIngo appreciated the smoke. Helped with eating and resting.

  6. Some pet food has ingredients that are indigestible for humans. However, if you buy organic, I’m sure you could eat to your heart’s content. But don’t blame me when your pet pees in your bed because you ate her treats.

  7. Referring to your name, pain does not always accompany learning. And, well, I’m gonna confide in you that… I’m not a pet lover (gasp). So I think it is my duty (as a non-pet-lover) to extol on the virtues of dogs and cats whenever I can. Achoooooo. Is that dog hair?

    It seems you are willing to teach, so here’s a question. What other animals have endocannabinoid systems? How about dolphins, cuz I love dolphins. How about butterflies? I’d like to think that butterflies have one. Roaches (forgive the pun)?

    And while we’re gabbin’ here, can we shorten the term endocannabinoid? It’s hard enough to say, let alone type. Cheers!

  8. So it’s true. Dogs and cats really ARE people. And soon there will be a whole community of pets, chillin’ in a corner at the park, watching all the humans go by, and barking about all the ills of the world.

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