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New Legislation To Legalize Medical Cannabis To Be Filed Soon In Wisconsin


wisconsin medical marijuana jon erpenbachCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Senator Jon Erpenbach and State Representative Chris Taylor plan to soon introduce companion bills aimed at legalizing medical cannabis in the State of Wisconsin. Although lawmakers in the state have rejected similar proposals in the past, the two remain optimistic that the change will be accepted in time.

“It’s really a situation where the Legislature is behind the general public,”  says Julie Laundrie, spokesperson for Senator Erpenbach. “Things will evolve and change here.”

The proposal, which according to Laundrie will be filed in the coming days, will bring forth a medical necessity defense for those who use cannabis for medical purposes, and will establish full arrest protection for qualified patients who become licensed with the state and possess up to 3 ounces, or cultivate up to 10 plants. The proposal is also expected to legalize state-licensed dispensaries.

Unfortunately Senator Leah Vukmir, chair of the Senate Committee on Health Services, where the bill will be initially placed, has express disdain for medical cannabis in the past. In 2009, during a public hearing for a similar medical cannabis proposal (the last time such a proposal has received a hearing in the state) she callously stated that; “What I resent most is this façade you are putting forth, using people who are dying of cancer, using people who have other illnesses, as your shield, and I think it’s something more than a ruse for you to move towards full legalization of marijuana”.

For those who find it ridiculous for someone to call medical cannabis – which benefits countless people – a facade, and want Senator Vukmir to stop standing in the way of reform, please contact her through e-mail at Sen.Vukmir@legis.wisconsin.gov, or by giving her office a call at (414)-453-0024.

Those in Wisconsin should also be contacting their district’s legislators (which you can look up by clicking here), urging them to get behind this soon-to-be-introduced legislation.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  2. They need to look at whats out there… There is alot more infor and videos showing the goodness of this medication!!! Sanjay Gupta was one that realized he was wrong for so long and changed his mind and made it public and thats why there is more info people are coming outta the shadows and showing what good can come of this plant!!! Theres so many uses for it so many disease curing benifits from it its mind blowing!!! Then next that should be legalized is hemp theres THOUSANDS of uses for that plant also and its a damn shame that these people aren’t realizing what potential this plant has and what a impact it will have on our country!!!! LEGALIZE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What I want to know is how much personal property has been confiscated over the years? What a cash cow for them!?! Thats theft. I dont care how you slice it. It seems if you claim some sort of moral high ground its okay, They need to be incarcerated!

  4. Oregon and Vermont sure have alot of reasons to be proud of their representatives. Iowa has grassley. Nuff said on that.

  5. I just cant believe how oppressive the laws are in Wisconsin. Its as if the state government has gone rogue and has no respect for the will of the people. I’m originally from Iowa. Thats a ridiculously oppressive state. I lost 5 years of my life in their system for marijuana in the late 1980s. Being inside a system gives you a unique perspective. Its so corrupt back there I could never live there again. Been in seattle since 1991. I’ll never leave.

  6. Yes. The Seahawks are in Seattle. (My home). No. Were not ploaying the pack again that I’m aware this year. . We just had that pre season scrimmage. However…. our quarterback hails from the u. of Wisconsin. Ironic.

  7. Julie Lassa was one of the big supporters that helped push through the new law that basically forces prosecutors to process and convict any amount of cannabis or synthetic marijuana regardless of any local ordinances. These so called elected by the people politicians are being pushed by someone other than the general public. Julie Lassa, Terry Moulton, Scott Walker are all in the business of continuing to criminalize non-violent otherwise peaceful people for a victimless act. Common law and common sense are outside their realm. They will as I warned Mrs. Lassa will all be on the wrong side of history. The people are not pushing for this agenda, so who is?

  8. Northern_Lights on

    Vukmir… she asserted just how corrupt and unethical she is… along with GOP wonderboy JB Van Hollen. Two pukes. Idiots who vote for Vukmir. Her and JB VH ruined this state’s open records laws. on a side note I did hit up, the wolf in sheep’s clothing Democrat, Julie Lassa to co-sponsor… I doubt she will as she was the one who stood in the way last time.

  9. This is the same state that recently introduced a bill to increase sentencing on marijuana? Wtf? The marijuana movement is a southbound freight train, loaded heavy, and baring down on the state of wisconsin. Those representatives that dont get out of the way will surely be run over. Funny. I have absolutely no pity for those who get splattered.

  10. People with cancer and other illnesses aren’t our sheild. We’re the banner carriers of justice, freedom, and our right to treat ourselves legally.

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