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New Mexico Board Rejects Petition To Remove PTSD From Medical Mariuana Use List


A petition aimed at removing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the list of qualify conditions for the New Mexico medical marijuana program failed last week. The fact that someone felt the need to try this BS right before Veteran’s Day shows such a lack of compassion towards veterans that it makes me want to cry.

“The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board unanimously ruled Wednesday to reject the petition by an Albuquerque psychiatrist who said there was a lack of scientific evidence proving medical marijuana helped those with PTSD. The board voted 7-0 to recommend that interim Health Secretary Brad McGrath reject the petition despite the claims. About 3,300 New Mexicans used a PTSD diagnosis to qualify for a license.” according to The Daily Times.


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  1. NMPatients'Alliance on

    We were there and we showed that quack that he CANNOT attempt to take away our medicine without a lot of angry patients showing up and supporting the program. Thankfully the Medical Advisory Board is compassionate and educated and made a decision to support veterans and people with PTSD.

  2. There is no “scientific” evidence that Marijuana helps any condition because the federal government won’t allow legal clinical studies.All recommendations are made because those who have tried cannabis KNOW it works.We need to elect leaders who are willing to agree with common knowledge instead of following the old rhetoric established by the likes of Nixon,etc.

  3. So one “quack” decided on his own that veterans didn’t need to be treated with cannabis? There’s no logical reason not to use weed as far as safety goes so he just didn’t like the idea that someone may enjoy their treatment. That’s what I get out of this story.

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