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New Mexico Marijuana Legalization Bill Advances In Senate Rules Committee


new mexico marijuana2016 is the year of marijuana legalization in a lot of people’s eyes. Activists and campaigns have had their eyes on 2016 for a long time. There are a lot of states that are poised to vote on marijuana legalization initiatives in November, but a lot of people forget about states that are working on legalizing via legislative action. And even then, when people look at state legislators, they tend to look at states in the Northeast. However, New Mexico is ‘in play’ by all means, proven by the advancement of a legalization bill in the New Mexico Senate Rules Committee yesterday. Via NM Political Report:

A proposal to legalize marijuana advanced from the Senate Rules Committee Wednesday morning, in a fashion that even a key supporter found surprising.

The Senate Rules Committee initially voted against a do-pass motion, which would send the proposed constitutional amendment to the Senate Judiciary Committee with a recommendation to pass. The vote was on party lines with Democrats in favor and Republicans against; there were an equal number of each in the committee Wednesday.

Sen. Jacob Candelaria, D-Albuquerque, then asked for a do-pass with no recommendation. Sen. Ted Barela, R-Estancia, joined all Democrats present and voted for the legislation.

If you live in New Mexico, you need to contact your Senator and tell them to support this bill. You can find your Senator at this link here. So far no state has legalized recreational marijuana via legislative action. Will some effort and awareness, New Mexico could be the first, although many think that Vermont or Rhode Island are the most likely to do so.


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  1. Whyiowa4medical on

    What many do not realize is: the hold-out states do not give “We the People” the right to vote on legalization! Iowa is one and our Governor has the balls to tell our state Legislature that he will veto any expansion toward legalization. Each State has individual constitutions as to how to override Federal law. We are still waiting on the first “Non-States Rights” area to begin legalization. Minnesota is the one to watch as is Missouri. Iowa will only accept CBD oils for Dravat’s Syndrome and this carries a catch-22, it is a federal smuggling charge to bring it to the state, it cannot be made in Iowa, and there are no pharmacies or dispensaries to sell the semi-worthless oil. I developed a strain in 1985 that my seizure patients were able to go off all medications. So were my stroke and Cerebral Palsy patients. It did not work as well in mental disorders, but the plentiful Columbian crosses worked just fine with those patients. Iowa may finally produce CBD oils by 2020 while the rest of the nation goes legal. Please help impeach Terry Branstad as he was trained in his political career by Nixon and he still brags about being the one to arrest Jane Fonda when he was in the military police.

  2. stop the madness and join the future, the inevitable future that you KNOW is coming, New Mexico. Legalize. Stop living in fear.

    Show the CUOMO MACHINE how it’s done through THE PEOPLE.
    What’s the matter, Cuomo — no balls to let THE PEOPLE decide?
    Didn’t think so —– that’s not how tyranny works, does it…

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