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New Mexico Medical Marijuana Program in Danger


I was sent this e-mail from NewMexiCann Natural Medicine and figured I would pass it along. If you are in New Mexico, please send me more info if you need to help get the word out:

A Special Request

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Needs Your Help!

New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis program needs your help! Recent developments have brought our program under fire and needs the active participation of its patients and supporters to stop this assault! The very end of the program could be orchestrated if we do not take action now.

9:30 a.m.
In the Harrold Runnels Auditorium in Santa Fe

The New Mexico Department of Health will hold a public hearing at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 30 in the Harold Runnels Auditorium in Santa Fe to review proposed changes to the regulations that oversee the Department’s Medical Cannabis Program.

Changes include:

Additional 7% Tax Sales by Producers

All Dept. of Health decisions FINAL with NO APPEAL process permitted

The right to remove already approved conditions

The right to add more requirements for existing conditions


Show our support and go on record. The DOH, by law must recognize the opinions recorded at these hearings. These opinions can then be used to fight this deadly assault on our young medical cannabis program.

Thank you from all of us, in the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program


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  1. I know Susanna Martinez personally. She had been after me for a long, long time when she was District Att. Now that she is Governor, Unless she has learned the “ropes” concerning large-scale political deals, promises, favors, etc. she WILL put an end to this life giving program. The N.M.Medical Marijuana program is the STRICTEST in the country, what more does she want? She has the same “War on Drugs” mentality that most Republicans have. Stupid. Never worked, never will. New Mexicans might as well educate themselves and trust the words of patients whose lives have been made so much better by the responsible use of Cannabis. I am trying SO hard to become “Legal” but, my Doctor is from Pakistan and is very paranoid concerning this issue. He does not want to rock-the-boat concerning Cannabis use. I am literally the poster child of Med. Mar. but, I am stuck and need a doctor who will listen and trust me. I have chronic pain, Hep-C, insomnia and depression. I am prescribed mountains of Morphine and Klonopin. These are certainly much more harmful to my liver than a plant PROVEN to alleviate these problems. Will we ever learn? If anyone still thinks the U.S. Govt. cares about it’s people, SORRY! You are gravely mistaken, it is about the almighty dollar and Big Pharma. always has been, always will be.

  2. I live in NorCal region and wondering if there is any interest in traveling to NM. and help our brothers. I do have a son in S.E. NM. so I think I personally can maybe shoe some sort of residence.
    If anyone wants to contact me, Please post here and I will check back every few hours and go from there.

    Prayers would also help!

  3. Some fucking bullshit, hope the almighty dollar prevails here, ’cause I would guarantee these fools benefit more than it can hurt

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