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New Mexico Medical Marijuana Program Under Attack



We Need You to Send an Email TODAY!
New Mexico HB 593 calling for the Repeal of the Medical Cannabis Program’s Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act
Will come up THIS WEEK to the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee for a Hearing
If Approved, the HB 593 will go to the House for a vote

27 State Representatives have already signed on to the Bill – if it goes to the House, it will very likely Pass! We need to stop it in Committee NOW!
NORML has put up a web page that will automatically send your email to the Committee Members and your own Representative.

Click this link to get to NORML’s site
and FILL OUT the Email Form

You Will Make a Difference!
We Will STOP this Attack on our Medicine!


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  1. Javier Torres on

    I am hoping and praying the public will FINALLY open their eyes and realize that MONEY is the driving factor for keeping Marijuana illegal. The Government could care less about us in any way other than how to get more and more funding for whatever their reason is at the time. I have Hep-C, suffer from Chronic pain, depression, and have a hard time falling asleep. Cannabis helps tremendously with all of my issues. At my age, I do not want to get into legal trouble and want to become a LEGAL user of cannabis as I know I already qualify but, I have a doctor born in another country and simply will NOT even talk to me about this issue. So, guess what I have to do? Well, I think you get the picture.

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