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New Mexico Senate Votes No On Marijuana Legalization


new mexico marijuanaThere are a lot of people that think that 2016 will be the year that a state finally legalizes recreational marijuana via legislative action. The most likely states to do so are in the Northeast, specifically Rhode Island and/or Vermont. However, New Mexico was in the race to do so too. That is, until yesterday when New Mexico’s Senate voted against a marijuana legalization bill that had previously advanced out of committee. Per NM Politics:

State senators on Sunday night voted 24-17 against a proposed constitutional amendment that would have allowed people 25 and older to buy and smoke marijuana. The measure also would have legalized industrial hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant, that has myriad commercial uses.

All 18 Republicans and six Democrats voted against the proposal — which, had it passed the Senate and House, would have let voters decide in November whether to legalize marijuana and hemp — after a debate lasting about 40 minutes. Both advocates and opponents of the marijuana measure used crime as their leading argument.

Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, sponsored the proposal and said marijuana would help the economy and lessen the strain on public agencies. Legalizing recreational pot would mean fewer low-level drug arrests, fewer court cases and “increased ancillary revenue” from businesses that would spring up because of the pot industry, Ortiz y Pino said.

It’s unfortunate that the bill didn’t pass, but it’s not a total loss. New Mexico was a long shot, but there were still conversations started, and 17 Senators voted for the bill. That’s a good starting point. If you live in New Mexico, thank the Senators that voted for the bill, and keep the pressure on the Senators that didn’t!


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  1. 90% of the Senators and Congressman are lawyers, former prosecutors and Judges, they made a living off what law enforcement brought to their table.

    Now law enforcement is about to lose half their jobs and funding when cannabis goes legal.

    Good ‘ole’ boys club gonna keep it illegal as long as possible regardless of the science or truth as payback for the easy money arrests from law enforcement.

    How about we stop electing prior law practice/enforcement folks to office!

    You want a police state? Just keep electing law enforcers to write the laws.

  2. Excellent Idea if you think it will make a difference.. Some how if you can link the boycott with the activism..

  3. Let’s be clear.. You have that Ol boy network who are the high holies of Prohibition.. They are in bed with the Prison Guard Unions and the Prison Industrial Complex..why would those greedy Evil bastards want to give that kind of “cheddar” up?!

  4. New Mexico is SOOOO far behind the times, the whole state reeks of political dysfunction, from sick old Gov. Susanna Martinez, to law enforcement, but be sure they break lots of laws, (especially) the Gov, as well as the prohib “pigs” in they’re ability to lie, as only pigs can, & they are all corrupt. I guess we will just have to keep breaking the law, FUCK UM!

  5. Apryl McMennamy on

    Sadly they don’t listen to Colorados reports of crime being down due to legalization of Medical Marijuana. Choose wisely who you elect. This herb has been here since the beginning of time, and you’ll never change “that” or the people who chose to use it! Legalize it already!

  6. The argument that will win over repubs is this: prohibition stops nobody from buying, selling or smoking. It only makes it easier for children to get it. Illegal dealers don’t card.

    Repubs vote it down because they think prohibition stops or reduces access.

  7. Note the party affiliations of those involved: ALL 18 republicans voted against the proposal. Only 6 of 23 Democrats voted against it. I think you have your culprit right there.

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    Time to figure out which of the 24 cannabis haters are most vulnerable and go after them this year either in primaries or in November.

    It can be done. A poll has the notorious cannabis hater, Doc Andy Harris, my Congress critter, losing badly in the Republican primary this April 26, to a much more cannabis friendly Republican, and cites his attitude towards cannabis as the big reason why..

  9. Nether will republicans… They will always have a stick up their ass with regard to MJ. So ignorant and pathetic.

  10. It amazes me how ignorant and/or corrupt our government is. Legalize the herb. It has been in use for thousands of years. That will never change.

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