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New Novel Raises Awareness Of Medical Marijuana


Bettys Little Basement GardenA Tender, Romantic, Funny Novel of a Conservative Middle-Aged Widow’s Awakening to Medical Marijuana

Laurel Dewey, a Colorado writer best known for her Jane Perry mystery series, has written the first mainstream novel to take a serious look at medical marijuana. Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden (The Story Plant; June 2012; $16.95 Paperback; ISBN-13: 9781611880380), introduces a dynamic heroine–58-year-old Betty Craven, elegant former beauty queen and recent widow–who finds herself getting involved with medical marijuana.

Driven by memorable, colorful characters and packed with intrigue, humor, romantic tension, and enlightening facts about the healing properties of cannabis, the novel gently raises awareness of a timely subject matter while drawing readers into the story. Betty gradually comes to question her long-held beliefs and principles, let down her facade, and rediscover her true and amazing self.

Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden keeps readers riveted and rooting for Betty through every startling twist. In Betty, Laurel Dewey has created a captivating activist for not only medical marijuana, but also for women’s liberation, especially in midlife and after crises.

Laurel Dewey writes this powerful and compelling novel partly based on her own experiences living in rural Colorado, and partly on her own extensive research and knowledge. While Jane Perry fans may not realize it, Laurel Dewey has written two books on plant medicine (Plant Power and The Humorous Herbalist), along with ten booklets and hundreds of articles on alternative health.


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  1. I’ve read Laurel Dewey’s books and really love them. Great characters and the stories always make you think. Can’t wait for this one. Thanks for posting. 

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