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New Poll: Over 61% Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization


marijuana legalization support gallup pollThis past weekend I got to attend the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference. At the conference I got to hear former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson speak, and one of the things that resonated with me was when he was talking about the disconnect between politicians and American voters when it comes to marijuana policy. He pointed out that an overwhelming number of Americans want to see marijuana legalized, yet many politicians keep their head in the sand. A new poll was released yesterday by Beyond the Beltway which found the following:

  • A majority of voters agree with lowering the punishment for possession of marijuana. Voters across all major demographics agree (72%) that punishment for possession of small amounts of marijuana should be reduced from arrest and possible jail times to fines of $25 to $100 dollars. Even among Republicans (68%) and conservatives (63%), support lowering the punishment for possession.
  • Over six in ten voters agree with legalizing state-regulated sales of marijuana. 61% of voters agree that state-regulated sales of marijuana should be legal. Republicans are practically split on legalization. However, 59% of GOP voters under the age of 50 support state-regulated sales of marijuana across the country.

Only 39% of Americans think that marijuana prohibition is working, and that number dwindles with every day that goes by. Only 28% of Americans think that marijuana possession should be a crime. That number also dwindles every day. It’s way past time for politicians to wake up and get on the right side of history.


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  1. While I’m not a big fan of the word “marijuana” as a rule, given its racist origins, the “Marijuana Majority” is just too catchy a phrase to ignore. 61% now. 63% by November 2015. 66% by November 2016…? The reason I believe this trend will continue is reflected in the finer details of the poll. The obstinate opposition, simply put, are mostly socially conservative seniors. Seniors who keeps aging and dying. That’s the only demographic in “the lurch” as far as cannabis is concerned, and it’s dwindling.

    There’s just too much poetic symmetry in the legacy of the “Silent Majority” being stomped out of existence by the “Marijuana Majority” — the truly silent majority in the United States. The members of the “Silent Majority” who are still alive have not been a majority (or silent) for decades, if they ever were. That’s why 2016 is going to be such a great year. When 2/3s of the country agrees with us and not them, maybe the Silent Majority will earn the first half of their designation and finally STFU.

    I fully expect a 2/3s majority by November 2016. I also fully expect every anti-cannabis candidate to be summarily defeated at the ballot in November 2016. That will only happen if we agree to force every candidate to take a position on this issue. No more pot-jokes and dismissiveness from our candidates. Not with these polling numbers.

    It will also only happen if every last one of us is registered to vote and DOES. In the last few months, I’ve taken a personal head-count, and I’m ashamed to admit how many of my friends (and family) did not vote last November. That must change. The first step is to show up at the ballot — the Marijuana Majority needs to turn out in droves in 2016 or we’ll never get the respect we deserve from local, state, and the federal government. If you don’t vote, nobody cares about your opinion. That’s why the Tea Party was so successful and respected politically, despite their idiocy — it wasn’t because they were right about anything, they were feared/respected because they were organized and actually showed up to vote in 2010. A non-voting majority has no power.

  2. Jean Anne Lewis on

    I’m one of those 61% of Americans that want to see marijuana legalized. Are You?!!!! :-)

  3. I think it also helps that people finally feel comfortable talking about it, because the mainstream media is. Sad, but true, I’ve always said that without the media talking about it in a respectable way, (read as – other that covering huge pot busts), legalization wouldn’t happen. The numbers are going to get better and better. Finally people understand that it really is medicine, and then begin to question all the other crap they’ve heard about weed.

  4. It’s coming around. Slowly but surely the demonization of cannabis is being replaced with science and actual facts finally.

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