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New Poll Shows 69% Of Florida Voters Support Medical Marijuana Initiative


united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaThis November Florida voters will see Amendment 2 on the ballot for the second straight election cycle. As in 2014, Amendment 2 would legalize medical marijuana in Florida. The 2014 effort was defeated by just two percentage points. This election cycle’s initiative has been tweaked and improved, and the campaign team is working hard to not let the 2014 result happen again. A poll was recently released by Gravis Marketing which found the following in regards to support for the initiative:

The Gravis survey asked all voters that participated in this poll; ‘If you were to vote today, would you vote for or against this constitutional amendment?’ 69 percent of those asked indicated that they would vote for the amendment, 23 percent stated they would vote against the amendment while eight percent were unsure.

“Another surprise in this poll shows the rapid changing of the voting segments opinion on medical marijuana,” concluded Gravis Marketing President Doug Kaplan. “One year ago when we asked a similar question, the state constitution measure was in danger of failing, as less than 60 percent of those polled would vote for it. Today, it appears that this ballot initiative is fairly on it’s way of passing. It’s amazing to see how much the public sentiment  has changed in the last 8 years.”

To be fair, polls were all over the place in 2014, with most of them showing the Florida initiative winning. I’m seeing the same poll results coming out this election cycle as well. The main takeaway from the poll is that there is very strong support for the initiative. However, that needs to be tempered with the knowledge that anything can happen between now and election day, and opponents are likely to pour enormous sums of money into Florida again to try to defeat the initiative. Get active in your area. Arm yourself with facts and statistics and educate voters. You can find out more at the United for Care campaign’s website.


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  1. Don’t forget that Adelson supports research in Israel on Cannabis and MS.

    Maybe besides all the rest you have pointed out he is having one or two pangs of conscience. I note that references to cannabis have been removed from the pages of his foundation.

    They were easy to find at the beginning of the 2014 campaign.

  2. Polls said the same thing about Amendment 2 in 2014. Everyone thought it was safe and guaranteed to pass. Whats gonna happen when Sheldon Adelson spends millions to defeat it again.

    Look at all the examples of other marijuana ballots failing to get 60% in other states. Amendment 2 is likely to lose unless the rules are changed. Most states that voted on medical marijuana didnt get 60%.

    Guam: 56% (2014)

    Massachusetts 63% (2012)

    Arkansas 48% (2012)

    Arizona: 50.1% (2010)

    South Dakota: 36% (2010)

    South Dakota: 47% (2006)

    Montana 61% (2004)

    Colorado: 53% (2000)

    Nevada: 65% (2000)

    Alaska: 59% (1998)

    Oregon: 54% (1998)

    Washingon: 59% (1998)

    California 56% (1996)

    On top of that, all the campaigns listed above had NO ORGANIZED OPPOSITION. This one, just like in 2014 DOES. Sheldon Adelson promises to spend millions of dollars to defeat Amendment 2 again.

  3. Putting this in a spreadsheet yields 58.1% in 2014 and with the same yes/no breakdown but 2012 age group percentages it’s 58.9%.


    1st Project SAM is a creation of Betty and Melvin Sembler, actually Maia Szalavitz has confirmed that as well


    Melvin Sembler should be in Prison along with the staff of Straight Inc who refuse to apologize for the suicides they caused, 50,000 people abused is in no means a small number, its a massive number. Also Mitt Romney should also be investigated along with the whole Republican Party for their involvement in the troubled teen industry

  6. When polls promise a win, only some of the time does a win happen. Whenever polls promise a loss, it always losses.

    Prop 19 (California 2010), Early polls showed it wining with 56% support. It LOST.
    Ohio Issue 3 (Ohio 2015), Every poll had it winning. One with 53%, another with 56% and another winning by 44-42. It LOST big. 35-65.
    Florida Amendment 2 (Florida 2014). Same as last year. Poll after poll at this time of the campaign showed support in the 70s and 80s. I knew they were bunk when seeing how out of place they were compared to the voting results in other states. It needed 60% to win and LOST with only 57%.

    Theres never been any examples of marijuana initiatives losing badly in all the polls but then end up winning on election day. Campaign money on the “Yes” side is useless.

  7. There’s also a full legalizing amendment on ballot. With the thinking that medical would be favored then recreational.

  8. I have changed your name to protect your virginity. Your new name is
    ” SERGEANT STEDENKO “. Everyone that responded to you Sgt. Stedenko is spot on with factual information, from real reliable sources. Not Walt Disney World pictorials. You sir are in dire need of cannabis. As you may not choose to use it, then go see a Psych. and ask for some meds that will change your brain into soft scrambled eggs as your mind drips out of your ears (just ask any Vet.) Just to add ,, As per Casino Magazine, Adelson stated screw Florida, the legislators did not back me on my Destination Casino plans. As noted by wowFAD. Also the other character Mel Sembler only donated $100,000 in 2014, every other dime came from Adelson @ 6 Mil. and the Stewart family $425,000 (Publix’s Supermarkets’) (They lost a child to heavy drugs, I’ll give them a pass on that one, it’s their mindset). Also,, You are hereby ordered to report to the Re-Orientation Camp # 420, on Friday 27 May 2016 at 0900 hrs. In Denver Colorado, for a period of 60 days of intocturnation. As you can see you are not the only one that can speak stupid, I can too.

  9. “Gravis Marketing president Doug Kaplan offered the following analysis of the Florida polling… ‘Another surprise in this poll shows the rapid changing of the voting
    segments opinion on medical marijuana,” concluded Kaplan. “One year ago
    when we asked a similar question, the state constitution measure was in
    danger of failing, as less than 60 percent of those polled would vote
    for it. Today, it appears that this ballot initiative is fairly on it’s
    way of passing. It’s amazing to see how much the public sentiment has
    changed in the last 8 years.'”

    You are wrong again, Troallio. Showing how much of an idiot you are is getting to be too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe try a little harder next time.

  10. Reaching back to 1996 (California) and 1998 (Oregon) for voting results to make predictions about medical marijuana in 2016 is laughable. Is that really the best you can do, Troallio? The relevant poll is the one referenced in the article, which finds once again that your side is so badly underwater that you’d need a submersible to survive the pressure at those depths. And then there are the national trends I posted for you in that Huffington post article, trends that are not going your way, and are only going to get worse for you as the younger generations come of age. You prohibs are getting clobbered by 60 percentage points and more among young voters. Better get used to losing a lot in the next several years, because the numbers are looking absolutely ugly for prohibitionists these days.

  11. I don’t think Adelson was ever “anti-cannabis” as much as he was “pro-gambling.” In 2014, most of his Florida spending was in support of conservative state legislators who pledged to give his policy changes a chance so he could bring Vegas-style casinos to Orlando and Miami. However, Adelson couldn’t compete with Disney, who (along with Indian Casinos and other tourism companies in Florida) vehemently opposed his efforts.

    If Adelson were truly “anti-cannabis,” then he’d be spending money opposing Nevada’s adult-use initiative. But he hasn’t. Not one bit. I’ve checked. And I think it may be for precisely the reason you suggested — he’s trying to get Trump elected President and he can’t do that by opposing cannabis in Nevada or Amendment 2 in Florida, given this poll, 2014’s turnout for Amendment 2, and the polling in Nevada (consistently in favor of cannabis legalization). After all, Amendment 2 received 10% more support at the ballot box than any gubernatorial candidate in 2014, Republican or Democrat. Given that liberal turnout is significantly higher in general elections, that margin will be much greater, this year. Honestly, Mel Sembler was foolish to believe Adelson would fund him in 2016, but I suspect “Mel the Moocher” believed Trump when he said he was self-funding his entire campaign, so he must have thought Uncle Shelly would have millions of dollars to spend in this election cycle.

    According to the exit polling, 40% of self-described conservatives supported Florida’s initiative in 2014, which was higher than I expected. So basically, there’s no mathematically or ideologically consistent way for Trump to win Florida AND for medical cannabis to fail in a general election. Certainly not if you tie the two efforts together, which is what would happen if Adelson donated to both causes. And like we’ve established, he’s already backing Trump.

    This isn’t strictly cannabis related, but as an aside, now that Trump is taking “special interest” money from the likes of Sheldon Adelson, has hired paid lobbyists, and has hired a Goldman Sachs veteran as his campaign finance chairman, the people who supported him while he pledged to NOT do these things during the primary are dropping like flies. In other words, I strongly suspect more conservatives will be driven to the ballot in Florida by green, not orange. As it is, the establishment GOP still doesn’t trust him and he’s broken his word to his “grassroots” supporters who said he couldn’t be bought. I just don’t see him winning Florida when his chances here in redder-than-red GEORGIA are looking “iffy” these days. The more money he takes from big donors like Adelson, the more the support he enjoyed during the primary erodes. Add his difficulties among “his own” to his deficiencies with women, young people, and several different minorities, we’re looking at a landslide victory for *fill in the blank*.

    But IMO, in terms of cannabis law reform in 2016 and onward, a Trump loss is only just slightly preferred than a Hillary victory. For us, it’s truly the lesser of two evils. Trump has Chris Christie on his short list for Attorney General. Chris Christie as AG would be an unmitigated disaster for cannabis law reform and could undo a lot of progress for us. Trump is currently hedging his cannabis position, but we’ve observed how quickly he can switch from “medical is Ok, but recreational is bad” to “all of it is bad.” His current position is already a step in the wrong direction — in the 1990s, he advocated for legalizing ALL drugs and taxing them, heavily.

    None of this is meant to imply that I’m jazzed about Hillary, either. Her assertion that there needs to be more research is, to be frank, asinine. Radical Russ just wrote an article pointing out that there are over 23,000 journal articles on PubMed about cannabis, but only 188 articles for Adderall, which is prescribed to children on a regular basis. Cannabis is the most highly studied substance on the planet, and they have yet to pin down a single, solid, knock-down piece of evidence that it’s harmful. We know this is true because, had they found one, Scoliosis would be posting it over and over. Hillary’s fence-sitting for cannabis reform, insisting we need to do “more research,” to me, means she doesn’t want to support us and is actively looking for reasons to not do so. She stopped taking money from private prisons, but only after Bernie pointed out she was taking it. That’s not comforting.

    Fortunately, Hillary (like most Democrats) will stay on the fence because she’s unsure how safe it is to take a firm stance. Meanwhile, we’ll keep reforming laws, state by state. Obama was laughing at cannabis questions in his first term. When he came up for a 2nd term, he avoided the issue almost entirely, demonstrating he feared what open condemnation would do for his 2012 chances. Today, Hillary is too nervous to take a firm position, hedging her odds by suggesting she’d change the current scheduling of cannabis. The fact that she’s not treating this issue like a joke is proof of the progress we’ve made *despite* the White House over the last +7 years. Hillary is a political weather-vane, so we just need to keep public opinion blowing the same direction and we’ll keep making progress. With incompetent foes like Kevin Sabet, we don’t need friends in the White House to keep the momentum going.

  12. Here’s the exit poll data from the 2014 Florida medical mj vote. Young voters turn out in greater numbers in presidential election years, and FL was no exception.

    The 18-44 group accounted for 33% of the FL electorate in 2014, and in 2012 it was 39%. Voter 45 and up were 67% of the FL electorate in 2014, and 61% in 2012.

    The first column is age group, followed by the Yes/No breakdown, followed by the % of the FL electorate in 2014 and 2012.

    18-29 => 79/21 14% (2014) /16% (2012)

    30-44 => 65/35 19% (2014) /23% (2012)

    45-64 => 60/40 42% (2014) /37% (2012)

    65y + => 38/62 25% (2014) /24% (2012)

  13. Jimmy Carter isnt the only one. When Patrick Kennedy was in congress, he was one of the biggest lobbyists for medical marijuana. Then Kevin Sabet messed his mind up. Now looks what happening! If the brainwashing worked on Patrick Kennedy, it works on pretty much anyone. Marijuana smokers alone arent enough to win a election. If Kevin Sabet brainwashes enough people, soon every state will be under 50% for legalization.

  14. LOL. Nice try, but I still saw this. Sheldon Adelson has not promised to spend a dime in Florida. You’ve clearly confused actual facts with wishful thinking. You can check Florida’s campaign finance reports for yourself. Adelson hasn’t given one cent to any group or organization opposing medical cannabis in Florida this year. Oh, and as for your polling numbers, we already know Florida is more “pro-pot” than those states because Amendment 2 got 58% of the vote in 2014.

    And again, for the third time, midterm elections are significantly different from general elections. I will keep repeating this for you. Medical cannabis isn’t reliant upon the “youth” vote in Florida. The demographic differences between midterm and general elections extends beyond age. Liberals turn out for general elections in far greater numbers than in midterms. That’s also a verifiable fact. Florida will clear the necessary 60% and pass their amendment, easily.

    As for Kevin, I’m pleased to announce that the University of Florida has forced him to change his official title to “Courtesy Faculty” in acknowledgement that he’s not actually a professor of anything. You see, he was granted that moniker because of the grant money he donated. It appears he’s done pretending he’s a legitimate member of the faculty (at least the University of Florida is done pretending). I’m guessing REAL members of the faculty pointed out how he was dishonestly using his purchased title as if he was an actual academic and demanded the school change his title appropriately. Seeing as how he has no students, teaches no classes, conducts no research, doesn’t publish in any type of respected peer-reviewed journal, and never underwent any sort of academic or professional vetting for his “office” (he bought it), it’s only appropriate that Kevin’s title was revised. Kevin’s “pay” was only $3k per semester and came out of the grants/gifts budget, not the education budget from which all REAL faculty members are paid. It’s absolutely hilarious he paid *himself* less than $10k a year — that’s not even minimum wage!

    It pleases me that Kevin is now publicly recognized as the paid lobbyist and policy wonk that he is. The irony is that he was a terrible fake scientist, but he’s not much better as a policy wonk, either. Despite publicly acknowledging that our current policies don’t work (Kevin admits this fact all the time to make himself appear reasonable before he tells a lie), he never *actually* presents any policy alternatives to the status-quo of prohibition. To date, Project SAM has not authored or publicized one single policy alternative. Project SAM doesn’t even vaguely suggest any alternatives to prohibition. Their only consistent message is “vote no” to keep the current policies in place — policies Kevin keeps admitting don’t work!

    When you insist Kevin is making a difference, it just makes me laugh! Kevin recently gave a talk at a conference for addiction specialists for which only about four dozen people attended. It’s funny because he gave his talk in an AUDITORIUM that had the capacity to seat over 500 people. He’s not even effectively “preaching to the choir” if his speeches are so woefully unattended at an *addiction* conference. I’d be sad if it happened to *anyone* else. I’m guessing that nobody cares about “that weed guy” who cannot attribute a single toxic fatality to his drug of choice during an epidemic of opiate overdoses. Or maybe they forced him to register as “Courtesy Faculty” member from the University of Florida. LOL

    As for the “millions” of yes votes converted to no, you’ve yet to give me one single person other than Jimmy Carter whose vote as of April of this year is a fervent YES. Have you ever eaten a peanut on weed, Scoliosis? Jimmy Carter has. And he highly recommends it. I’ll issue the same challenge I issued last time: give me one verifiable convert from yes to no, from cannabis proponent to cannabis prohibitionist, that can be attributed to Kevin’s efforts. You won’t (because you can’t). I just enjoy reminding you how wrong you were about Carter.

    So… Here we are again, same moon, same music, same dance. You’re wrong, we’re right, and you’re simply making a fool of yourself. So here’s the same question: why do you troll TWB?

    No joke, you are terrible at it. You’ve been terrible at it since 2014. By the way, you were wrong in 2014 when you said “none” of the 2014 initiatives would pass. You assert nonsense by fiat, as if we cannot verify that you make this stuff up. You were wrong then. You’ll be wrong this time, too. Kevin’s money will dry up, shortly. I suspect he’ll switch to some other policy focus, once DuPont stops funding his efforts. After all, DuPont can’t keep making money testing urine once cannabis is legalized. Given Kevin’s rate of failure, he’ll be unemployed very soon.

    Gonna respond, or just delete your comment like you did last time? LOLOLOLOL You see, it’s hard to even feign respect for you when you delete your comments. That’s the Internet equivalent of tucking your tail and running away.

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    Several encouraging pieces of information here, like the FSA not taking a stand. I’m wondering if Sembler will be vulnerable to attack for his history of child abuse, I’m also wondering if Adelson has bigger fish to fry this year, like getting a Republican president elected. Repubs need to win Florida badly and may conclude that attacking medicine that voters are currently supporting 69% to 23% is too risky.

  16. “NO” vote wins. Repeat of 2014. Polls for this year’s medical marijuana amendment are doing worse than 2014. The election is months away. Sheldon Adelson promises to spend at least $10 million to defeat it. Most states that vote on this never never come close to 60% and the few that do barely break it.

    Voting results on medical marijuana in other states:
    California 55%
    Oregon 55%
    Arizona 50.1%
    Washington 59%
    Colorado 52%
    South Dakota 36%

    There’s no way in hell is Florida more pro pot than those states. Too many old people and Republicans. Even under a best case scenario of no opposition, its still likely to lose. Kevin Sabets propaganda is having a huge impact on public opinion. He’s converting millions of yes votes into no votes through conferences and sales of his book. There is no advantage with presidential elections. Any increase in young voter turnout is offset by higher turnout across the board.

  17. What’s worth noting is the noticeably absent opposition this cycle that *was* there in 2014. The first time medical cannabis was submitted for the ballot in 2014, there were around 3,000 pages worth of legal briefs objecting to the initiative submitted to Florida’s highest court. This time, there’s none — not a single objection filed. The 2016 initiative sailed through ballot approval. Secondly, the person who drove the Florida Sheriffs Association’s opposition in 2014 is no longer the president of the FSA, and thus, they’re not taking an official position against the initiative, this year. Individual sheriffs may be unhappy about it, but they’re not using the FSA as a platform to voice their objections.

    Third, and most important, Sheldon Adleson has yet to donate to the opposition, Drug Free Florida, despite Mel Sembler (the nefarious businessman behind Straight, Inc.) pledging to raise $10 million against the 2016 initiative over a month ago. Since Sembler made that bold declaration five weeks ago, “Mel the Moocher” has failed to come anywhere close to achieving that goal, according to the most recent Florida campaign finance reports. Adleson hasn’t given Sembler *anything* at all.

    The 2014 initiatve failed by less than two percentage points, garnering over 58% support in a *midterm* election. Adelson donated $5.5 million of the $6.4 million DFF spent in 2014. Adleson knows it will cost a LOT more to defeat it again in a general election year. Not only is Adleson busy backing Donald Trump, he has done almost nothing to oppose the recreational legalization initiative appearing on the ballot in his home state of Nevada. He hasn’t spent a dime there, either. The likelihood that he’s going to spend big (big enough to defeat medical in Florida in a general election) while he’s not actively opposing recreational use in Nevada is virtually nil.

    What’s likely is that Adleson spent big in 2014 as part of a larger legislative effort. In 2014, Florida was making changes to their gambling policies and Adleson was anxious to get a foothold for his casinos (opposed actively by Disney). The $5.5 million he contributed to DFF was a drop in the bucket compared to the larger lobbying push he made in Tallahassee. Florida isn’t reconsidering any gambling policy this year, so it’s probable Adleson will stay out of Florida. I doubt Mel Sembler will have Adelson’s backing, this year.

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