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New Poll Shows Washington Marijuana Reform Initiative ‘I-502’ Carrying a 23-Point Lead


washington state medical marijuanaSaturday, the polling firm SurveyUSA released the results of a recent statewide poll that showed 55 percent of Washington voters supporting marijuana regulation in the form of Initiative 502 while only 32 percent opposed. The poll, conducted July 16-17, surveyed 630 registered voters and carries a margin of error of +/- 4%.

In Eastern Washington, traditionally more conservative than the western regions of the state, 54 percent of voters support the proposal while only 34 percent oppose. New Approach Washington, the committee supporting I-502, announced the endorsements of state Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D-Spokane), Spokane City Council president Ben Stuckart, and Rev. Percy Happy Watkins of Spokane’s New Hope Baptist Church on Tuesday. The measure also has the support of former U.S. Attorneys John McKay and Katrina C. Pflaumer, and 21 state lawmakers in addition to Brown.

Under I-502, adults 21 and over would be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Private Washington businesses would be licensed to grow, process, and sell marijuana. A new per se DUI limit for marijuana’s psychoactive component, THC, would operate like the state’s per se limit for alcohol. Advertising and marijuana store locations would be restricted, and public display would be prohibited. The state would have one year to develop rules for security, quality control, and other matters relating to public health and safety before licenses would be issued.

Press Release From New Approach Washington


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  1. ‘Enviromently’ sound has nothing to do with the desire to use the “current” phalinx of fibers. Rotation of revenues do, have everything to do with it.
    Your thinking like a soldier in the field, not as the progenators of what is used as commercial products, think in terms of market domination.
    What are forests of commercial lumber worth if something can come in that produces 4x as much fiber as your trees do on the same land?
    What is the land valuation then.
    These pro-prohibition corporations control 1/2 the food supply, 1/2 the clothing material, 1/2 of everything that is used in the construct of a home. They ‘manage, ‘Free’ Trade Agreements, conditioning other countries workers.
    The MJ movement is needed. To the most part it is all we have-moral indignation. But make no mistake, no one has Dupont on the run. That is ludicrous. Why is it so misinterpreting.. because Dupont’s cash flow has not been affected, nor Dow, Monsanto, ADM, Weyerhauser or the host of other companies whom wish to not interupt revenues, make further mass investments in ‘new’ technologies, affecting margins and Stock prices and Bond prices and profit sharing and buybacks, Primary Dealers wish no threat to CDSs or CDOs used to justify industial loans nor do they wish a deflation in valuations
    with an attending devaluation on consumables-lower prices to the consumer.
    Make no mistake, your indignation is justified on moral grounds-Drug Wars. But make no mistake, you have obviously no idea of the proportion of importance of a financial order, as is today, where leverage of finance has made the issue of competing products a terrible threat.
    If MJ was ‘legalized’ tommaro, it would come in the form of a contained commercial endevor. ‘Grows’ will be administered and Hemp will still have it’s own fight. If Hemp was legallized tomarrow, the majority of those private industries would care less about MJ, other than use of, in the workplace.
    Pointless to discuss further if you wish to ‘Hur-Rah’ like a soldier, while the generals(Titans of industry), make the decisions about the ‘War’.

  2. Sorry, but you’ve puffed up the hemp issue WAY out of proportion. Hemp is not the only environmentally sound fiber, and you exaggerate the “great savings.”

    We have got the corporations on the run with the marijuana issue. That’s why polls show public support for ending the monstrous witch hunt has now passed 50 percent, nationwide – with around 60 percent in the Western states.

    Colorado, Washington and Oregon all achieved re-legalization initiatives on the ballot for November. All it will take is just ONE to succeed and the decrepit, discredited prohibition will crumble.

    And all this will happen without a word about hemp. Sorry, for your pet peeve, but re-legalizing marijuana will also free your hemp, so be glad.

  3. In pure money terms, the vast underground river of money created by marijuana prohibition makes the nebulous hemp issue pale in comparison….
    Keep believing that, if it suits you. But the private interprise created MJ prohibition, and keeps it that way.
    If you think it is nebulous, then those same private enterprises have accomplished their goal. Selling twice as many articles of cotton clothing, covering the land in twice as much fertilizer, using twice as much chlorine(most goes into the enviroment combining with other molecules and are then fat soluble), creates the impass of alternative fuels not based in food(corn) thus more strangleholds on Oil need, Covering the land in twice as much pesticides,,,, well,,, the list is as endless as described in the New Billion-Dollar Crop appeared in the February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine. Just as this article went to press The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 happened.
    If you wish to believe that the sorrows of the drug situation are anything but sideeffects TO THE PRIVATE INDUSTRIES, that keep the status quo, then so be it. Just realize those Corps have no problem setting aside 20 million people.

  4. I will never put the 20 million Americans aside who have been made second-class citizens for life because of the fraudulent marijuana prohibition. That’s what it’s all about. Americans are waking up to this state terrorism. Polls show a majority of Americans now want to end the monstrously destructive witch hunt.

    In pure money terms, the vast underground river of money created by marijuana prohibition makes the nebulous hemp issue pale in comparison.

    Why do we still have this barbaric persecution?
    Because police, prosecutors and politicians build their careers and empires on it. Because industries like alcohol and pharmaceuticals don’t want the competition. Because other interests like the drug treatment/testing industry and the prison industries depend on it for their life’s blood. Because many shaky corporations couldn’t exist without the laundered money. And because government uses marijuana prohibition as a means of controlling minorities and the poor.

    Of course, the TRILLIONS of dollars made by the drug gangs have not been buried in the ground. They have been invested in legitimate business, causing another huge support of this persecution of millions of innocent people.

    For a good view underneath the iceburg, see Catherine Austin Fitts’ excellent article: “Narco Dollars For Beginners.” – keeping in mind that while Fitts employs cocaine because it best suits her metaphor, FBI statistics show marijuana sales comprise 80 percent of all “illegal” drug transactions.


    It’s time to dismantle the marijuana-prohibition-industrial-complex!

  5. my name is froggie im from NY. & im paralyzed from waist down n have fibromyalgia
    i been confined 2 a wheelchair 17 yrs now a double amputee from above the knees
    marijuana helps with my pain n muscle spasms so me n my woman started a group on facebook called legalize new york i think the usa shud legalize n regulate marijuana n not spend billions of $$$ fighting against it

  6. I’m well aware of your facts, been an activist for 40 years lol.
    You see, there are 2 sides two every coin, a winner for every loser. You know whom both the winners and losers are. Or at least some of the winners. Till you and others realize Representatives take money, from lobbers, from commercial interests, your fighting shadows-morality.
    When a truley disruptive threat is seen, money flows.
    As you probably know, the owner and central news at the time was a man in N.Y. with L.A. papers, his complete future depended on monitization of timber forests he had purchased. He was not happy with Mexicans as Zapata beat him out of a 100,000 acre tract the said New York publisher attemted to purchase for fiber for the L.A. news papers he owned. Why do I bring old news up?
    As representative of the initial and still used demonization of MJ…. and for the same reasons….money. Yes the Drug war has become an institution, yes it is a social program(There is no risk for the programs investment). Meanwhile there are huge risks to leveraged commercial interests that do not want a fiber that lasts twice as long as cotton, takes 1/2 the pesticides(Monsanto), 1/2 the clorine bleaching(Dow Dupont), 1/4 the land need (every pine tree farm and building material plant).
    (Dupont worked with the publisher as their ‘assumed patents/rewards for WW1-supplying gunpowder’ taken out of Germany for synthetic fibers-Rayon Dacron nylon ect).
    When people realize saying ‘fair’ about the Drug war, empowers the megacorps gaureenteed profits from sub par products and allows them to realize a fixed noncompetative market, perhaps they will understand just who buys off congress. Cry all you want about morality-drug war.. your fighting an immoral object/money.
    Not saying I wish things to be the same, or remain the same… that includes what the public percies as their ultimate enemy in the Drug War- Corporations that have trillions in revs that can be afected by hemp. We both know that the threat, like all, is a percieved one, but the ave Rep only gets 2.1 mill a year(averaged out) in lobby dollars. This means for a little, one can get a lot, from a representative.
    So put the 800K incarcerated aside, Corporations don’t care, but they do about money.

  7. Sorry, but that’s totally misguided. Hemp is a very small side issue.

    More than 800,000 innocent Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession each year and made second-class citizens FOR LIFE. They will forever face huge obstacles to decent employment, education, travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with one strike against them. They can even have their CHILDREN taken away. 20 million Americans are now locked away in this very un-American sub-class. That has a horrible effect on the whole country, being an incredible waste of human potential.
    Further, the fraudulent prohibition has never accomplished even one positive thing. It has ONLY caused vast amounts of crime, corruption, violence, death and the severe diminishment of EVERYONE’S freedom. There is NO domestic issue more important than ending what is essentially the American Inquisition.

    You will be surprised in November. At least one state will pass their re-legalization initiative, and that’s all it will take to collapse the monstrous war on millions of American marijuana consumers.

  8. yes. At best, 8 years more. History shows that a 20%(net) is needed to stand a chance when MJ voting actually happens. When it does come, just like with alcohol, it will take decades before resonable laxing of restrictions of ‘grow your own’ happens.
    Which is why my comment about horse before cart(Hemp growing for seed and fiber benifits).
    Also, in that observance(hemp), one can watch hearing on the Hill where the question of Hemp growing comes up during discussions on the drug war relative to MJ prohibition. Each time it’s easy to see the near panic of the DEA,,, and other panel invitees sworn in(to lie! lol) to present Factual(???!!) evidence on the MJ concerns.
    This ‘panic’, is NOT just based on the MJ usage concerns presented by those invitees(Should Hemp commercial grows start, what effect does that have in maintaing the status quo on MJ). The panic is a loss to the real promoters of MJ prohibition… the power behind the throne so to speak. Those powers are the economic engines of America.
    For example, 1/3 of American exports is food. Hemp seed is, by a small margin, better than corn or soy. Think about everything involved.. including the Govt. subsidations, including actual free money for those products-in distributing food for the poor… to say nothing about Stocks and Bonds. This one small example likely matches the entire possible revenue stream that would be possible
    for MJ taxation.
    It is always about the money and it will(money) be seen as there is only so much to go around. That is capitolism, that is America. Unfortunately, throw in the corruption modern governance operates under… and better products don’t come out.
    Take the Hemp fiber/cotton instance…
    Take Hemp seed oils instance…
    Take the MJ prohibition and control of other contries economies concerning the above instances.
    Keep in mind ‘Free Trade agreements'(where America disenfranchises large numbers of farmers) where people cannot compete against mass dumping of American subpar Corn And soy(Subpar to the visable asertainment to the average American consumer) and what it means to unemploy a million(Mexico case in point) subsistance farmers.
    So yes, Mj is a well vocalized talking point. But as in the case of it’s original demonization for the purpose eliminating competion for fiber for newspapers, Mj is not the issue today. Hemp is, it’s just not what the powers that be, wish to allow discussion on.

  9. No. Marijuana reform is on the cusp of victory. Polls show public support for ending marijuana prohibition has now passed 50 percent, nationwide, with around 60 percent in the Western states.
    Even the DEA, NIDA, the Drug Czar and the mega-corps cannot prop up this monstrously destructive fraud anymore. As soon as the first state passes their re-legalization initiative, the doddering, horrific war on marijuana consumers will collapse.
    The American Inquisition is finally crumbling.

  10. BangingPots&Pans on

    Drives me nuts when the Top Hat Squares lower themselves to invite all those concerned to another hearing or discussion. We don’t need further discussion or study on this subject of marijuana
    prohibition. It isn’t a little bit wrong or naughty. If we forced
    alcohol users to admit to a broad range of psychic and bodily ailments
    in order to beg an excuse to get a drink…well it would just be plain
    silly. We’ve discussed this to death for over forty years.

    People like Marc Emery get incarcerated for it. People like Istvan
    Marton die on a hunger strike for it. Adult use of marijuana is innocent
    behaviour and reflects no criminality at all. Stop putting our
    marijuana using politicians, lawyers, judges, doctors, guidance
    counselors, first responders, sales managers, teachers, chartered
    accountants, court clerks, grain handlers, shippers, receivers,
    plumbers, welders, line workers, taxi drivers, skiers, cyclists,
    snowboarders, weight lifters and city administrators in a black mail

    Destroying people’s lives by upholding a law that
    never should have been passed in the first place shows the
    intellectually, morally and legally indefensible position of
    Prohibition. It’s that simple. No more discussion. We’re the adults now.
    We’re the grown ups and the land owners. Legalize it. It isn’t a

  11. Things will not change dramaticly till the horse is out before the cart. Hemp growing will become a viable economy again one day…MJ will fall to second in the importance of needed resourses… and finally, smoking MJ will be of little concern. Monsanto is creating pesticide resistant weeds and ADM markets the Corn and soy from the market domination of these two products. Domination in the protien/carbohydrate markets. When finally people understand that model, based on Round-up pesticides, will no longer feed America, then Hemp will be brought out the closet. Til then, competition (Mega-corps) will relie on excluding said competition by the use of extending the drug war. Understand people, MJ prohibition started on fundementals of Hemp exclusion, this has not changed. Everything else is a mask, designed to redirect the possible uses of the cannibis plant. Those uses entail a threat to companies with totals of trillions of dollars of market cap. The ‘Drug war’ is small potatoes in comparison. No one makes long term profits in better products as consumption actually goes down, deflation in values happens, leveraged operations are at risk. But one day all operations that violate basic science come to a cliff. Poisoning the plant life, land and consumers will be that cliff, then change will happen, for Hemp, and its far less financially affecting MJ/cousin.

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