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New Study: Despite Perceived Risks, Dabbing Is Safe


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A new study published in the most recent issue of the journal Addictive Behavior has found that dabbing – the process of consuming cannabis extracts such as butane hash oil – is safe and causes no more accidents than cannabis in any other form, despite consumers perceiving there being a greater risk.

According to the study; “A new method for administering cannabinoids, called butane hash oil (“dabs”), is gaining popularity among marijuana users. Despite press reports that suggest that “dabbing” is riskier than smoking flower cannabis, no data address whether dabs users experience more problems from use than those who prefer flower cannabis.”

With this in mind, the study aimed to “gather preliminary information on dabs users and test whether dabs use is associated with more problems than using flower cannabis.”

After conducting the study, researchers found that; “Analyses revealed that using “dabs” created no more problems or accidents than using flower cannabis.”

These results were despite the fact that; “The use of butane hash oil has spread outside of the medical marijuana community and users view it as significantly more dangerous than other forms of cannabis use.”

Although more quantitative data is needed before a clear conclusion is drawn that dabbing is safe, the results of this new study are promising.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. AZMedicalBud on

    As long as the end product is vacuum purged (we purge for 96+ hours. Ours is as clear as glass) then it is safe. Those that do not vacuum purge (cloudy, milky) still contain poisonous amounts of toxins. Buyer beware.

  2. Ask Maureen Dowd if there is more risk in concentrates than flowers. You can bet she’ll be telling lots of folks.

  3. FarmindaleRes on

    I think the real danger involved with dabbing is the production of the oil. Too many careless un-skilled hands are at work trying to make the stuff when and where they shouldnt. Often resulting in extreme burns and property damage.

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