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New Study Finds Cannabinoids May Treat Panic Disorders


marijuana panic disordersCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A new study published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found that cannbinoids may treat panic disorders.

“The present study investigated the effects of systemic or intra-dorsolateral periaqueductal gray (dlPAG) administration of CB1 agonists [meant to mimic cannabinoids]on behavioural changes induced in rats by predator (a live cat) exposure, a model of panic responses”, claims the study’s abstract.

After conducting the study, researchers concluded that; “These results suggest that modulation of the cannabinoid system could be a target in the treatment of panic disorders.”

The study was conducted by reserachers at the Department of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, and Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Applied Neurosciences at the University of São Paulo. It can be found by clicking here.

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  1. “Direct confrontation, direct conversation is real respect. And it’s amazing how many people get that.”
    Penn Jillette, brainyquote.com

  2. do you actually have Panic Attack Disorder that we are talking about or just regular paranoia? Sativas make ya think too much and that’s really bad sometimes for some of us.

  3. It is hard to understand why you don’t think potency has anything to do with panic attacks. In my experience, it definitely does.

  4. They also have several times the content of the other remaining cannabinoids also. What is hard to understand about this?

  5. Words for old people to live by :D

    “Old age is an excellent time for outrage. My goal is to say or do at least one outrageous thing every week.” Louis Kronenberger, brainyquote.com

  6. At the same time, I’m smoking on Harlequin shatter (oil), which is sativa dominant, and has more CBD than THC. It all depends upon your starting material, has nothing to do whether it’s flower or oil.

  7. If “legit” is what you are, then why do you send messages like this? Go put flyers on windshields at walmart or something

  8. I live in the middle of nowhere so I’m not sure what you mean…purple diesel is ok but i don’t like most diesels. if you mean AK47 it makes me fearful that i’m having a stroke LOL if you have a popular strain name and want to know more about it go on leafly and look it up. they have a lot of great info on strains…or you could ask the Weed Blog since they always send out articles that show picts, hype. & info about great strains. I try not to experiment with fancy made up names for hybrids, i stick to what i like best and if its not available i will wait for it because i’m not an addict that needs it immediately. and i can’t afford another bunk dispensary wet purchase that they say I will like. I’m just someone who chooses to try to feel better about life with good ole Mary Jane and have managed to succeed this far

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  11. I think that’s Mother Nature’s way of saying don’t pick it apart…let it work magic just like it is…but nobody listens to those of us who use it.

  12. Give me Indica any day every day! It keeps me normal most days and when I’m not able to cope i can always smoke more! No valium or zanax, librium or antidepressants or mind control pharms for this girl. No panic can last when you are sleeping sweet with INDIE! then you just wake up hungry and sleep again tonight. A family member takes pills for panic attack disorder and constantly adjusts her dosages. I have known cannabis was the only control I would ever need. I have functioned more than 25 years now with Indica… but yes stay away from Sativa because it makes you think too much

  13. From the study: “However, the biphasic effects of these compounds could limit their therapeutic potential.”

    I guess this means the different phases of effectiveness for the drug (compounds)? Actually, I don’t know what this means. Looking at the information on the study’s authors, I cannot tell who funded it. Big pharma’s ties to Brazil, anyone know?

    If you think about it, marijuana’s ability to calm the panic response would be a good ability to have as a driver. :)

  14. Robert Ireland on

    also consider taking sativas with chicoline, known to mitigate the anxiety from THC high strains. also, consider honey for any upset stomachs, too

  15. People with panic disorder should stay away from sativa strains and sativa dominant strains. Stay with an indica to avoid panic attacks.

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