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New Study Finds Cannabis May Have Neuroprotective Effects


neuroprotective cannabis studyCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A new study, published in the August edition of Neuropharmacology, has found that cannabis may serve as a neuroprotectant.

Researchers from the University Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, in Madrid, Spain, examined the effect of CBD when applied to a hypoxic-ischemic (HI) brain injury model (most common in instances such as cardiac arrest, when blood flow stops or slows, and oxygen can’t effectively reach the brain). The scientists interrupted carotid blood flow and reduced oxygen intake levels to 10% in animal subjects for 30 minutes. The damage of the HI injury was immense:

HI decreased the number of viable neurons and affected the amplitude-integrated EEG background activity as well as different prognostic proton-magnetic-resonance-spectroscopy (H(±)-MRS)-detectable biomarkers (lactate/N-acetylaspartate and N-acetylaspartate/choline ratios). HI brain damage was also associated with increases in excitotoxicity (increased glutamate/N-acetylaspartate ratio), oxidative stress (decreased glutathione/creatine ratio and increased protein carbonylation) and inflammation (increased brain IL-1 levels).

However, upon administering CBD to the affected animals 30 minutes later, the scientists found incredible results: “CBD administration after HI prevented all these alterations”.

“In conclusion, our findings demonstrate that CBD exerts robust neuroprotective effects”, by “modulating excitotoxicity, oxidative stress and inflammation”.

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  1. I am sad to hear of your son’s medical problems. I hope you find treatment solutions soon.

    I am not a doctor, so I may not be very good at explaining synapses, but I’ve watched and read a lot of stuff about the brain. Especially how the brain reacts to different drugs. I know that cannabis affects certain synapses of the brain, but I think they have more to do with short-term memory. Lapses in short-term memory may sound like a bad thing, but for some, the brain keeps remembering things that it should (perhaps) forget. Because that’s hard to do, some people get caught up in an unbreakable cycle. And that’s kinda how disease works too. Unbreakable cycles. If that makes sense.

    I don’t pretend to understand it all, even experts don’t, but in case you’re interested, Charlie Rose (PBS) did a Brain Series recently that I found fascinating. It covered so many different areas of how the brain works, especially how the brain becomes dysfunctional.

  2. I’m not certain if Autism does or not, but TS is a misfiring of synapses…I’m just wondering if the way it alters the blood flow may also alter the way the synapses fire. It would be wonderful to see my son tic free and no longer in physical and mental anguish every day!

  3. There is a little girl in Colorado that has seizures, sometimes 300 per week, she was on deaths door and she was given the high concentration of CBD and her seizures are almost non existent, so yes it does things for other neuro disorders as well, hopefully they will do some testing with both TS and autism.

  4. I wonder if this has any positive implications for other neuro disorders like TS or Autism…

  5. Regarding The Mayor’s weed in her yard. She stated it was planted there by the Town Sheriff in retaliation to her attempts to discipline him and have him removed from office. You got to admit, she was very original and brilliant in her statement.
    No charges filed. Go figure

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Feds (NIH) already have a U.S. Patient
    stating and proving the same conclusion, “A Neuro-Protectant”. So all of us people out here are not considered criminals. We are all guilty of “Patient Infringement”. If this was an Apple Product, Steve Jobs would reach from beyond the grave and come after us.
    He probably still may have those capabilities when it comes to Apple,,,scary

    Looks like I will continue to protect my vital neurological functions, with disregard to any civil liabilities for patient infringement.

    On another note; Has anyone heard from or any follow up’s about Dr. Sanja Gupta.
    It appears very quite, in light of his documentary. Or has he been sequestered by his bosses (CNN) or the possibly he is still considered as the new White House Medical Adviser.
    I remain hopeful for the White House appointment.
    Please help in Florida, it grows everywhere (even a town Mayor’s back yard), but you cant touch it.

  7. I read this the other day, very exciting advances! A rich CBD strain juiced raw with blackberries should produce a great resistance to brain damage in stroke victims. Especially if your system is saturated at the time of occurrence. A health shake every morning with your OJ will save your life. Oh did the report mention it’s non-psychoactive as well?

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