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New Study Finds THC Kills Stomach Cancer Cells


thc marijuana cannabis stomach cancerBy TheJointBlog.Com

new study conducted by the the Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, and published in the journal Anticancer Research, has found promising evidence that THC may be the best medicine available to treat stomach cancer,especially when traditional medicine has been ineffective.

During the study researchers used cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy, and dosed the cells with a synthetic form of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary compounds found in cannabis. Researchers noted a drastic reduction in the survival rate of the cells that were exposed to the synthetic THC.

When conducting the study researchers found that larger doses of THC led to higher rates of cancer cell death, validating the initial finding that it can be an effective treatment (natural THC is likely even more effective).

Although more research is needed, hopefully this study – in addition to numerous others that have been released recently – will pave the way for cannabis being used as a standard – and not alternative – medicine in treating various forms of cancer.

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  1. How can anybody justify the sale and tax of a medicine that can cheaply and easily be grown anywhere in the world and then put sanctions on how many plants can be grown, its a disgrace… people should be free to grow any number of plants and if some body wants to pay for a sample of the herb then there is no problem with this. the problem lies with money grabbing businesses that are legally selling the medicine at a comparable price to what the “illegal street dealers” were originally selling it and getting locked up for years labelled as criminals. These businesses should be selling the weed at a comparable price to tobacco with no tax at all or even free prescriptions from pharmacies. Tobacco is made to smoke cannabis is grown to cure,

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  3. danijelravic on

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  4. Brown Sugar on

    I have battled H. Pylori for almost all of my life. I have been warned that it can turn into stomach cancer. So, this news is great news to me. Only thing now, is I live in Tennessee and it is illegal here. Sure hope they will legalize it soon for everyone.

  5. Intergalactic Pimp on

    Yep. This drug war, at least on cannabis, is on its last leg. The race obviously isn’t over, but it sure seems We The People are in the home stretch!

    Too optimistic?

  6. But they’ve NOT cured SHIT in decades! It’s too profitable to keep the Cancer patient in a “Comfortable state” while the Chemo therapy just EATS THEIR BODIES ALIVE! If they were CURING diseases with their treatments, I’d say it’s worth while. But we ALL know what they’re doing!

  7. They can dig their heels in all they want. Public sentiment is NOW on OUR side and the American people KNOW the truth!

  8. This study will just cause BIG PHARMA and BIG MED INSURANCE to dig their heels in deeper and fight legalization. They make all their $$$ on expensive cancer cures….

  9. This sounds like a good step in the right direction but just remember that killing cells in a dish is different than when it is in our body.

  10. The more science finds out about marijuana and it’s capability to fight a lot of forms of cancer the more evil the drug policy becomes,,our government has known since 1974 that thc shrinks tumors,,instead of researching further the government turned it over to the Pharmaceutical companies and they have tried to copy marijuana using synthetic chemicals but could not make an anti-tumor medicine that was safe to use. If pharmaceutical companies could be forced to report how many billions of dollars they have spent trying to copy marijuana Americans would understand why they “buy” legislation or protection from legislation.

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