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New Study: Marijuana May Protect Liver From Alcohol Related Damage


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A new study published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine has found that cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis, can prevent damage to the liver caused by alcohol consumption.

According to the study’s abstract; “Acute alcohol drinking induces steatosis, and effective prevention of steatosis can protect liver from progressive damage caused by alcohol. Increased oxidative stress has been reported as one mechanism underlying alcohol-induced steatosis.”

It continues; “We evaluated whether cannabidiol, which has been reported to function as an antioxidant, can protect the liver from alcohol-generated oxidative stress-induced steatosis. Cannabidiol can prevent acute alcohol-induced liver steatosis in mice, possibly by preventing the increase in oxidative stress and the activation of the JNK MAPK pathway. Cannabidiol per se can increase autophagy both in CYP2E1-expressing HepG2 cells and in mouse liver. Importantly, cannabidiol can prevent the decrease in autophagy induced by alcohol.”

Researchers conclude that these results “show that cannabidiol protects mouse liver from acute alcohol-induced steatosis through multiple mechanisms including attenuation of alcohol-mediated oxidative stress, prevention of JNK MAPK activation, and increasing autophagy.”

The study was conducted by researchers at the School of Public Health at Sun Yat-sen University in China, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and the State Key Laboratory of Oncology at the Sun Yatsen University Cancer Center in China.

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  3. nygratefulfred on

    Wow! what great news!!So all the smoking Pot over the years is keeping my Liver healthy despite my Alcoholism.COOL!!!

  4. Robert Eckerson on

    Amazing story! Sounds a bit like Steve Kubby told he had less than two years at age 29. He’s now in his 60’s and was a big player in getting medical cannabis in California.
    You should be testifying before committees all over the country. Then again if you’re in Canada you’ll be barred from the US if they come across that comment.

  5. Frank Tamburrini on

    When I was 15 I developed auto immune hepatitis. My lover was screwed. i was 2 within 2 days of death according to my doctor. While there my friend would bring some weed and we’d smoke it. Yes , in the room. That’s how free we were. I guess they let me away with it because I was dying. I am now 59 and have been smoking weed since those days. I was quite instrumental in bringing the light to medical weed. Every time that i smoked weed My pain and nausea would diminish. I was told that I would never be active in sports again. One day watching my pals play football I decided that I was going to play. We had all just smoked a couple. I found that I could be active after smoking. My stay in hospital was from October to Jan. Come September I decided to play top level hockey as a goalie. i didn’t really play goal except in ball hockey, I was really good at. I did however play one game in goal when I was 14. The regular goalie was sick. We were a shit team. Every time we played this team, we would be happy keeping the score at 7 or 8-0. During this game , I faced well over 50-60 shots. We lost 1-0. They scored in the first minute of the game. The coach of that team heard about my dilemma and contacted me. I played that season against the best teams in Toronto. The only thing was that I had to smoke a joint before every game. Yes I played top notch hockey stoned. My mother was a nurse and saw the effect that this drug had on me. She tried to get info from doctors and she was laughed at. But she new the truth, she saw her son who got around like an old man turn into an athlete while high. She gave me money weakly to obtain my dosage. My own doctor started to listen to me. I would attend seminars with numerous doctors in attendance. There was mixed reaction, of course, this was 1970. Yes my liver is damaged, but my enzymes are normal. My only problem was that After every activity I would be drained physically. Until I smoked a joint, bam, normal. This drug has allowed me to live a somewhat normal live. I’m still not in the wheelchair that my doctor said I would be in during my old age. This he said when I was being released from hospital. a three month stay. I had my 16th birthday there…

  6. smoke my liver better on

    Ok well I was born with a liver disease and my liver is pretty well screwed up from it. I have been smoking for a few years my doctor said the liver enzymes that were extremely elevated have since lowered and my liver is starting to heal is it possible that the CBD’s are actually curing me? Any outside knowledge would be nice, however they have still yet to determine what exactly is wrong with me as it is q very rare disease

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