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New Study: Marijuana May Treat Addiction To Hard Drugs


cannabis marijuana addiction study addictionCourtesy of The Joint Blog

According to a new study published last week by the National Institute of Health, cannabis may be an effective treatment in curing people of addiction from hard drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines.

According to researchers, this study “presents an up-to-date review with deep insights into the pivotal role of the ECBS [endocannabinod system]in the neurobiology of stimulant addiction and the effects of its modulation on addictive behaviors. They state that; “A growing number of studies support a critical role of the ECBS and its modulation by synthetic or natural cannabinoids in various neurobiological and behavioral aspects of stimulants addiction.”

For the study, researchers found that “cannabinoids modulate brain reward systems closely involved in stimulants addiction, and provide further evidence that the cannabinoid system could be explored as a potential drug discovery target for treating addiction across different classes of stimulants.”

The study, which was conducted at the Psychiatry Research Unit at Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal in Canada, can be viewed by clicking here.

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  1. Hi this is my first time here. I looked this up because I have been addicted to crack for most of my adult life. I was a homeless daily user. I came home to my family about 10 years ago when I was 35. Since then I have used periodically. I can go long periods of time clean but I am still tormented with drug dreams and cravings. I use to smoke pot when I was a kid and…I don’t know I am just looking for some peace. I don’t sleep well. I don’t like pills. I just need need some help. Please don’t tell me to go to meetings. LOL most of my relapes happened after them. My family and I are about to sell our home and travel around America. I plan on trying to get a medical card in Cali. I have a few other medical issues and I don’t think it will be a problem. The biggest problem is my parents judging me. All my kids smoke pot so I am sure they will be on my side. I’m just miserable and I don’t want to go back to the horrible life I use to live. I struggle everyday.

  2. Short-lived, like the strongest effect only lasts about 15 minutes, and then a weaker effect lingers for about an hour after that. Some say two hours. If it’s bunk, then you don’t even get your 15-minutes worth.

  3. I can say without any doubt, marijuana cured my alcoholism. I was dying from alcohol and pain till I tried Marijuana. It worked for me

  4. Yeah, I saw that story, not really much to it since an experiment with 6 people doesn’t say much. But cops giving research subjects “illegal” pot seemed rather… irresponsible. My experiment would include the whole cornucopia of drugs people use while driving. And all the different mixtures. I would also compare pain patients who drive without medication versus those who drive with some pain relief. Since drugged driving is such a concern, you would think all these studies would have already been done.

  5. A police department around the North side of Chicago did a little field experiment a few years back…It involved 6 people.
    1 male and female sober, 1 m&f tipsy, and 1 m&f high. They put them through a driving course, and on the road(in a closed course). Results: the Stoned drivers performed better than all the others, often driving slower and with more attention to conditions and others on the course. The purpose was to expose how dangerous drinking, or smoking weed while driving is. They weren’t prepared for the results they got. YES!! The department got in a LOT of trouble. But they had the opportunity to have the results aired on the local news with interviews of the leading officer.

  6. Perhaps you didn’t read the posts above mine. I was translating naro’s post, not giving my own opinion.

  7. Some aren’t just to get “high ” it’s called medicine u get a headache Tylenol break a bone vicodin norco I mean come on man my 60year old grandmother had to eat hand fulls of pain meds everyday now she smokes a dab and boom pains gone there are things called cbd’s it’s pain meds from marijuana

  8. Here, let me help, I’m good at translating… People shouldn’t get high. Addicts shouldn’t switch hard drugs for marijuana. Why don’t people just stop getting high?

  9. What you hear from your patients are not arguments, they are excuses. Almost all cannabis lovers know how to use it responsibly, especially while driving. And for those who over-imbibe of any substance and then get behind the wheel of a car, well you’re right, that’s wrong. But I would be more worried about the drivers hopped up on caffeine and in a hurry to get where they’re going, than anyone driving under the influence of marijuana.

  10. Nope never been anti-legalization. Alcohol is deadly and is legal. Pot should be legal I one hundred and ten percent agree. But like any mind altering substance, it should be regulated. No one should be driving under the influence like alcohol and other drugs. No one’s life should be placed in the path of a dangerous driver. And I saw you like the article I posted so I could see you just don’t have a pothead argument. If you support this new pot and if it pushes through…there won’t be any argument for I am all in on it. I work in the medical/psychiatric field where I have admitted literally thousands of patients in my career. But like I said…I hear “pothead arguments” every damn day.

  11. Aaron Kade Patterson on

    I haven’t Smoked for a year && a half… lmao. && Even when i do pick up another joint.. ill be able to stop whenever i want. I just dont want to stop haha. Only reason i have for this long was to prove a point to my wife. Point proved now im gonna start participating again.

  12. It isnt legal because of.the reasons it was first brought into the war on drugs-it.cured cancer and many other illnesses and is a threate to the governments corupt plan. Do you really think our government cares about us truely cares about us? Obvisously not. Without. The government making their brainwashing drugs they cant make money, keep America sick and make more money and they cant control unbrainwashed americans . I have seen first hand cannibis cure stage 4 cancer from death bed to best dad and husband and i have seen it turn a tweaker clean and an alcoholic to never drink another drop of alcohol. Beleive what you want but we’ll have the last laugh when you are under the governments controling body ravishing drugs on your death bed with a disease curable with cannabis

  13. That would be ideal to the hard drug user. The brain function off of being high. They are just subing for another highness. But could they stop get high in all thats the real question.

  14. But, do they actually stop for the week you suggest? You, or they, won’t know until they try. Actually get one of your pot smoking friends to quit for a week. I’ll bet they will be totally fine.

  15. Another anti-legalization argument. Another excuse to call cannabis lovers potheads. Why not kick the habit of assuming pot is bad for you?

  16. This weed they got goin on these days is fucking phenomenal. Started smoking herb when I was 14.. Picked up a wicked heroin addiction at 18. Stopped smoking at 21 ish. Kicked heroin at 34(age now), with the help of smoking herb(that I just recently started smoking). Been off heroin for about 7 months thanx to the Indicas’.. =)

  17. “It’s all in your head not in the body” lmao I would love to hear this from someone who stopped smoking entirely after smoking 28g a week ha ha ha. If it’s not addicting then why are you still smoking?……drum roll….”coz it’s fun” but “Im not addicted”. I smoke cigarettes and I a knowledge my addiction. It is an ADDICTION.

  18. Another rationalization. Another excuse to smoke weed. Why not kick the addiction entirely. Ok let’s say this is true…use it, utilize it and then after you kick your addiction entirely, stop smoking it. Unless you can do so it’s just another pothead argument.

  19. I love hearing statements like “marijuana is not addicting”. I hear that a lot from regular users so I just tell them dont smoke for a week then talk to me lol.

  20. Glad it works for you. As a doctor I don’t drag people into my office to prescribe them narcotics. Nothing would make me happier than to never write another Rx for Percocet. If the doc “wants you to take narcs” it is because you are repearedly complaining about a pain that is mechanical or neurologic in nature which either a. Needs surgery b. Needs to be lived with and dealt with by exercise yoga ect or medicated to mask the symptom.

  21. Cyndi Smedes-Sanchez on

    Even if it does help someone off of any kind of hard drug, or opiates or whatever, it is still helping them in a safer way. I know this personally have had my battles in the past with alcohol or opiates, and it has definitely helped me stay away from all the pills the doctors want me to take for pain, etc. Im all in favor of helping anyone make lifes quality better and safer.

  22. Ian Mackenzie on

    so totally BS, been smoking for over 40 years daily, with a 5 yr break because my second wife didn’t like it in the end i didn’t like her. it’s kept me off pain killers for chronic pain. don’t spew the old BS about THC get educated

  23. Ian Mackenzie on

    my gateway drugs was classes with movies on drugs in 8th grade, I grew up in N.H. what drugs it was so backwards in the 70’s. . then the US Army in 1975 to 1978 tried it all except needles. what kept me off all of them was Cannibus. now it keeps me off the pain meds the Va prescribes, they prefer i was addicted to Vicodin

  24. Over at AA, a bunch of people work at staying alcohol-free, and yet a lot of them just switch to smoking cigarettes. Changing out one addiction for another. Which is worse, alcohol or cigarettes? That might be a tie. But there is an immense difference between an addiction to meth vs. smoking pot everyday. Which is worse? Not even a contest… But I’d like to hear a story about someone who kicked a habit like this with the help of cannabis, without switching one drug for another. Would anyone like that log into The Weed Blog? Maybe not…

  25. in my opinion,yes this is the truth,i was a hard core cocaine addict.ive never like smoking pot.until these past few years.marijuana has helped me to this day stay away from cocaine.i love to smoke pot now!!

  26. After 8&1/2 years clean of Meth I totally agree. I was the only speed freak I ever knew who just wanted to smoke a joint come down and chill a while. Weed gives you Peacefulness when you need it most. And it allows us to remain peaceful even if we run out.

  27. ryan latterell on

    I just said the other day, that since its so hard to get on the Suboxone program around Rutland Vermont, that doctors should be able to assist u in getting your marijuana card, and instead of bupe, or ANY narcotics, we could be prescribed…….marijuana. Ryan Latterell

  28. Because the effects of cannabis are, unfortunately, short-lived. And not everybody smokes for the sole purpose of getting “high.”

  29. Shut up fools. Its natural…& it doesn’t turn ppl into idiots! I can’t say that it helps idiocy either.Wish it could then maybe you dumb-asses out there that know nil about the weedage would ge a clue! Smoke a joint & start focusing ya dweebs! Weed is a beautiful thing! A God-Given Right!!

  30. 28g a week? why so much? i don’t understand when people say they smoke so much. after a certain point, you don’t get any higher. 28g/week could get expensive.

  31. Theres no addiction related to weed, stop saying that! I smoked 28g a week for 4 years and i stop one day randomly and I havent smoke for a month… Its all in your head not in the body…

  32. What people don’t understand that medical weed is different from the weed that people smoke everyday to get a high doesn’t have the THC. Weed is a drug that if abuse can be addictive because of the THC.

  33. showmebettermedicine! on

    Works well for addiction as well as alcoholism. I know, 35 years suffering! Marijuana is the MIRACLE DRUG!

  34. This is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of NIH published studies that show the medical benefits are at hand, yet cannabis remains on the Schedule 1 list. I am baffled.

  35. I know many people who claim without marijuana they would not have been able to make it through the detoxifying process, myself included.

  36. Totally agree. I mention that to people all the time, and all I get is a shoulders shrug.

    Let’s face it: marijuana is illegal because state and local governments make a gold mine on seizing assets, and fining/incarserating people.

  37. Marijuana is…the anti-drug? But the definition of Schedule 1 Drugs (which includes marijuana) is, “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,” according to the DEA. Wait a minute, there seems to be a discrepancy somewhere…

  38. The biggest aid of all is not mentioned. I’ve known MANY people who have been saved from the destruction of alcoholism by switching to marijuana.

    Set the kind herb free!

  39. There goes the old gateway theory down the drain. It helps with addiction, not causes it. :)

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