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New Study: Marijuana May Treat Schizophrenia


schizophrenia cannabisCourtesy of The Joint Blog

A new study published in this month’s issue of the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, and published online by the National Institute of Health, has found that cannabis may treat schizophrenia.

“Clinical and neurobiological findings suggest that the cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system may be implicated in the pathophysiology and treatment of schizophrenia”, begins the study’s abstract. “We described that the spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) strain presents a schizophrenia behavioral phenotype that is specifically attenuated by antipsychotic drugs, and potentiated by proschizophrenia manipulations. Based on these findings, we have suggested this strain as an animal model of schizophrenia.

“The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of cannabinoid drugs on the deficit of prepulse inhibition (PPI) of startle, the main paradigm used to study sensorimotor gating impairment related to schizophrenia, presented by the SHR strain. ”

For the study, researchers used synthetic cannabinoids, as well as plant-derived cannabidiol.

They conclude that; “Our results reinforce the role of the endocannabinoid system in the sensorimotor gating impairment related to schizophrenia, and point to cannabinoid drugs as potential therapeutic strategies“.

The study can be found by clicking here.

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  1. ummm… where do we allow alternative treatment of an unseen disorder that effects the way an individual individually interprets the surrounding planet…. by allowing them to focus on alternate visions of interpretation 2 b seen by them and them alone… thus forth treating the symptoms of hallucinations that previously had high energy levels associated with active episodes that disrupt there lives… are left with maybe not not experiencing hallucinations exactly(for the thc allows them this opportune release)but operate in a more uniform aspect of normal views of a time to hallucinate… the person with the correct dose most always is in an active state of treatment on the views that effect the most core of views that are used to govern there daily lives… a mor tranquil state of being is the desired effective that we would like to focus on… THANKS…

  2. This was how i got a cure for my son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia 9 years ago when he was 19. He told us that he got messages and he heard people telling him that he should hurt himself. He had a terrible temper with cursing and violence towards me and his dad. The doctor gave him different anti-psychotic drugs like Zyprexa, prolixin, risperidone, Ablify but all this even elevated the condition because he became worse over the years not until last two years that help came our way. I got Dr Joseph’s contact from an old colleague of mine who relocated to Kansas city and he told me about this herbal medicine that can put an end to my son’s condition. I contacted the doctor and i explained it all to him and he told me all will be well. I got the medicine and gave him as instructed and before i knew it he was normal again, no side effects at all. I am writing this today because i needed to be sure the cure was a permanent one which it is. I know what schizo is and how heart aching it can be but i tell you today that there is a cure for it. Contact the doctor on (josephakormah @ gmail. com) for psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, he can help you too

  3. Chance Perry on

    not everythings a conspiracy . Theyve done countless studies and observations on the natures of different mental ilnesses its not all bs go read some nueroscience books and study how the patterns of mental illnesses are usually consistent in thier symptoms and how they are distinct genetic problems each with consistent defining characteristics. Schizoaffective is in the psychosis family. So regardless if your schizophrenic or not they share that commonality of being in that spectrum. because they have psychotic features. And along side those features they have mood problems. If anything you should be saying theres no difference between this and schizophrenia . But guess what there is ALWAYS psychotic symptoms present in schizoaffective. Maybe some people are misdiagnosed. But that doesnt mean the disorder is fake. IF you believe that then you havent considered that theres many people who have both mania and psychosis. Thats pretty much what it is.

  4. Chance Perry on

    hes not stupid . But the last part of his statements are likely bs. Iv found marijuana to be expanding to the mind in many ways. And provide another outlook on things. So basically i dont see how that means a loss in iq. I mean many smart people have smoked pot.. I know from experience

  5. My son had schizophrenia for 8 years. Over the years he has proven to himself that marijuana was the trigger. In his case even if he only smoked very little but on a regular basis, it had an accumulative effect and triggered a psychosis.
    Check our story: http://www.wellnesshealthworks.com or Google Sidetracked by Schizophrenia.
    Best regards,

  6. I’m going to state the obvious by saying; study the differences between Indica dominant vs. Sativa dominant strains and how patients are affected. Most “street people” that are schizophrenic use other drugs along with Cannabis so it gives untrue value to studies. I have known meth causes schizophrenic episodes for years, as i have known many. Most of these people would calm down AFTER smoking a joint or two. Lack of healthy sleep patterns is the number one cause so it would seem Indicas again would truly help, whereas Sativa may not due to it’s headiness. The pharms they use to treat this condition are all heavy tranquilizers. Let’s do alot more study, and not follow old time propagandas while doing so.

  7. schizoaffective= we cant prove that youre schizophrenic, but we still want to steal your freedom and get paid by insurance or the state for it.

  8. iq loss debunked
    suicide rates go down when states legalize MMJ
    you are either incredibly stupid or a liar.

  9. Allan Stellar on

    CBD might help calm schizophrenics; THC causes an exacerbation of symptoms. Overall, Schizophrenia’s first breaks happen earlier in life with those who smoke pot. Cannabis use is now considered an independent risk factor for Schizophrenia by mental health professionals. Other studies (Swedish Army) indicate an increase by the factor of five for depression, anxiety and schizophrenia in those who use cannabis. In addition, cannabis abusers have higher suicide rates. And it seems to be age related (younger use is worse) and dose related. In addition, cannabis use causes a permanent loss of IQ by an average of 8 points.

  10. This has been known for years. It was only the initial observation that many schizophrenic patients were consuming marijuana that created the whole “marijuana-causes-schizophrenia” ruckus in the first place.

    With further study, it was found these patients were actually successfully treating their symptoms with marijuana, and that most patients get effective relief with marijuana.

    Of course, by then, it was too late to take back the scary headlines, and prohibitionists kept the nonsense in their arsenal of lies forevermore.

  11. Now we need to push this into the mainstream. If you go to the doctor with any mental illness, including schizophrenia, they will ask if you’ve ever used marijuana before. They will then blame the marijuana as the source of the patients entire problem, and claim that cannabis triggered psychosis… which is complete utter nonsense.

  12. i belives this cause i have schizoaffective disorder and since i starting smoking again i been doing so much better then when i was just taking the pills i was suppose to take.
    Schizoaffective disorder

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