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New Study Reveals Cannabis Consumers Seek Out And Better Understand Health Issues


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new study conducted at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, and published online by the International Journal of Public Health, has found that those who consume cannabis are typically more informedabout health-related issues than non-consumers, primarily because they look into these issues at a higher rate and have a better ability to understand the information.

The study is one of the first of its kind to find that cannabis consumers examine the potential benefits and risks of cannabis at a higher rate than non-consumers; the study concluded that the heavier someone uses cannabis, the more likely they are to seek information related to substance use.

The study “included 11,930 Swiss males participating in initial screening from August 2010 to July 2011. Self-completed questionnaires covered use of three substances and three components of health literacy.”

The study concludes that cannabis consumers “reported better knowledge of risks associated with substance use and a marginally better ability to understand health information than abstainers.”

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